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Mitt Romney Watch Thread

New Romney Scandal a Major Campaign Threat


The problem with Mitt Romney is he appears to only do those things that will enhance his public image or personal fortunes. A guy like that will never let ethics stand in the way of a good payday. No matter who gets hurt. Take this latest scandal, which started on the Daily Beast and then was quickly removed.

"SALT LAKE CITY — A new report raises questions about one of Mitt Romney's sources of campaign money, who was also a key figure in the Olympic bribery scandal and the subsequent trial.

The Daily Beast reports the donor, New Jersey travel-company executive Sead Dizdarevic, became an immunized witness during the 2003 trial stemming from the Olympic bribery scandal.

He testified at the corruption trial of Salt Lake Olympic directors Tom Welch and David Johnson that he and his sister-in-law had delivered $131,000 in cash contributions to the defendants in hopes of securing an exclusive Olympic hospitality contract.

The report says after Romney took over running the Olympics, Dizdarevic was awarded an exclusive, elite travel package contract anyway. The Daily Beast says now Dizdarevic, his family, his company and his business associates have donated more than $1 million to Romney's campaign." More at above link.

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Ouch, I guess a Democrat just never learns ay.....

Well its an honest mistake. I'm sure he's a good guy with bad judgment.

Oh wait, I spoke too soon


It looks really, really bad right here. To the point where it seems Romney may be one of the most corrupt Dems besides Chuck Schumer and there has to be no wonder why Santorum really wishes to stop this guy.

Mormon Church Slush Fund and Fraud


Money attracts the most interesting characters, that is why there are so many barriers to entry. In most cases, anyway. Consider the curious career of one R. Matthew Tullis. Mr. Tullis was Vice President at Ensign Peak Advisors and an adjunct instructor at LDS (Latter-day Saints) Business College.

Ensign Peaks, it will be remembered, is the massive slush fund that Mormon Church leaders created when they sold off the Church's numerous business holdings.

Reportedly, Tullis has the dubious distinction of having been sanctioned by the United States Office of Comptroller and Currenc