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Minnesota CD 1 Convention call

I received my Congressional District Convention call in the mail today, 4/13/12. Here's what the second paragraph says:

"It is therefore very important that we get all this work done that we will come prepared to work fast and work hard. The proposed rules require that ANYONE WNO WANTS TO RUN FOR NATIONAL DELEGATE OR ALTERNATE MUST first choose which position they want to run for and also FILE WITH THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE CHAIR...(name withheld here)...NOT LATER THAN 8:00 PM ON TUESDAY APRIL 17TH of your intention to run. All candidates must then complete a questionnaire. All such candidates filing will be placed in nomination but nominations from the floor will not be allowed. Bill can forward an explanation sheet of what is expected of a national delegate/alternate, the projected costs, and time commitments. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTOR CANDIDATES ALSO MUST SIMILARLY FILE IN ADVANCE BY 8:00 PM TUESDAY."

Notice the short notice given to those wanting to run for National Delegate or Alternate!

It's obvious that the GOP is going to play real dirty in shutting out Ron Paul people. It's going to be even worse than four years ago. We had nothing like this sent to us in the mail then.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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... for Minnesota delegates!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

How did this actually turn

How did this actually turn out?

Focus on the...

..questionnaire. You have to weigh your options. But always be prepared for some surprises. Hopefully pleasant ones. Contact your local organizers and prepare a contingency plan. If it is possible to unseat the chairperson, do so and start building from there. Collective minds work wonders. Good luck and GO RON PAUL!!!!

Good luck Nothstar Freedom!

Please let us know how things turned out at your convention. I would appreciate all the information I can get.

Minnesota Mary

I forgot to add... I hope you are already talking with your

coordinators as they should have the people that want to go on to the National Convention... Good Luck!

Our coordinators have called a meeting this weekend.

Northstar, have you seen this questionnaire? If so could you let me know what is in it. I am not running for National Delegate or Alternate, but I want to help those who are running.

Minnesota Mary

Hi Mary. I will check tomorrow and get back to you..

on the details of the questionnaire. I have not seen ours as only a few people have, my time is making sure my BPOU shows up and it looks like they all will be coming plus our alternates.

Will post tomorrow the results..



Bump for awareness.

Bump for awareness.