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Are you guys focusing on the wrong digit in your delegate math?

Going after a couple delegates in Colorado might affect the ones' place in the final delegate count. Doing that in every state caucus and convention will affect the tens' place. But to stop Mitt Romney, Ron Paul has got to start affecting the hundreds' place. I'm struggling to see what the ultimate strategy is there.

I could understand all of this excitement if we were down to 3 candidates and it was December or January. But at this point, what is the real strategy to stop Romney from hitting 1144? Winning the delegate total in Missouri or Maine is not going to affect a thing (outside of the wrong digits). What is the plan to win some of the states on April 24th, for example? You might celebrate 5 delegates tomorrow in Colorado, and Romney is going to celebrate 200 delegates a week and a half from now, unless someone really steps up their game. Is Ron Paul going to do that?

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Hello Laurie/Sally we were

Hello Laurie/Sally we were wondering when you would show up again, you pulled this same bull$hit last election. It won't work this time, people have become educated on the delegate process.

I encourage everyone to ignore her posts and downvote every comment she makes to drop it off the page.

Why did this move to a different forum?

It was in the "delegate" forum, and is now in the "off topic" forum. I don't care if you disagree with my opinions (I expected you to), but what's with moving it out of the forum that it quite obviously belongs in? This is all about delegate strategy and the viability of Ron Paul's delegate plan.

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it's obviously on topic, though

and has certainly generated a lot of discussion. Too bad they moved it. Oh well.

Feeding the wedge.

As in. Dr. Pauls' plan is the same of every free-living, liberty loving individual: To strive for excellence and virtue while securing the freedom for ourselves, children & grandchildren by peaceful means through our electoral system.

Other than that, there isnt much else to be said about the details of the grassroots effort. In that, we are individuals so you will need to ask the millions of supporters and not a random message board on Nystrom's website.

Feel free to discuss policy and opinions while you are here. Doubtful you could change a vote as successfully as sowing doubt while mining for intel.

Its not just winning delegates and having a fervant grassroots following; its about education, discussion & philosphy.

The most important question on this thread is: What is your take on the proper role of government and why?

Peace & Liberty

So I'm at -71 votes right now?

Is this like golf, and does that mean I'm in the lead?

Thanks for responding everyone. I'll continue to try to respond to the things you've said.

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Shazad is a mitt romney supporter

He/she ignores the fact that the same shdowy backers that elected Obama into the White House in 2008, are now backing Romney...you know...the Money Trust.

So either way, Mitt or Barak (Oromna)...their shadow government....Goldman Sachs (or Old Man Sacks) and the like..wins.

Yeah yeah we get it we understand Dr. Paul has a hard road to hoe.

However, crazier things have happened.

Neither Romney nor Obama talk about the Military Industrial Complex, the Federal Reserve, sound monetary policy, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Food, Agriculture & Chemical Complex, etc.

They are clueless to them because they are bought and sold by them.

Neither will Barak or Mitt repeal all of the unconstitutional executive orders or move to reverse the other diabolical and unconstitutional laws just passed such as the NDAA, and HR347 and older ones such as the PATRIOT Act.

This whole forum is bogus because its poster, just like Obama and Romney, is clueless to the fascist/corporatist darkness that is about to have this country by the THROAT!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I'm a he

And just a word to the wise, because I like you guys....

Even if there are really these "shadowy backers", the "Money Trust", the "Bilderbergs" and "Rothschilds" controlling the world and the election, continually talking about them really does drive people away from your message. You should really cut that out of your vocabulary. It leads people to think that Ron Paul supporters are all wacky conspiracy theorists, even if you are not.


Are you saying that these alleged conspiracies maybe true, but we ought not discuss them? If so, that's an odd way to proceed. Don't ya think?

Or are you saying they aren't true, so those who spout off about them are looney and turning people off? Which is it?

But what I'd really like to learn from you is why you support Romney over Ron Paul? What would make him better as President? If you say his electability, then is the fact that Obama is electable a valid reason to vote for Obama over Romney? If not, then why not? My point is that you need to have something more policy based in your answer for who would make a better president between Paul and Romney than the electability issue. By that sole criteria, one could have been justified in voting for Hitler.

its funny that we're called

its funny that we're called crazy for telling the truth, especially when the truth is so obvious and easy to find. even the mainstream media admits that the same backers of obama are backing romney too.... what else is there to think except that the big spenders know who they want in the white house and will spend as many millions as they need to to get their man in. what more proof do you need of a sell out? i dont get how the same arguments republicans used against obama in 2008 aren't immediately being used for romney when he has basically the same stance on all the issues.

i see how you are keeping this conversation going and i hope that you will start to look at this more openly. all i see is a really good argument about someone winning up against your really bad argument that the people on the t.v. told you mitt romney had it in the bag so you guys are crazy for thinking anything else. despite not having big bank, big business and big government backing like the other candidates, we do have a chance, and that chance is very interesting when you realize Ron Paul gets more votes than any other man running. the fact is, we are not going away, no matter the results of this race. this movement is not about ron paul the man, it is ron paul the message that all of his supporters hold in their hearts. we are voting for him because we believe in personal liberty and true freedom, not to keep someone else from getting the presidency. in another ten or twenty years, no one will care at all about mitt romney and barack obama, but the supporters of ron paul will still be fighting the fight because its more than an election. it is our life and our right to own our lives and not have the government breathing down our necks.

this race isn't over and the delegate count is close. we wont know for sure for months who is really winning so that is a bad argument. we have to wait and see but i feel like things are closer than anyone wants us to think. and in a fair three man race, Ron Paul wins it.... what an interesting thought.

Ron Paul doesn't get more votes than other candidates

He has received around 10% of the vote so far. If Ron Paul was getting a lot more votes, then he'd have a chance.

I'm not saying these things because of something I've seen on TV. I've looked at performance in past contests. I've looked at sites with estimates of the actual delegate count (not places like CNN that are completely guessing). I've followed how the conventions are playing out. I'm looking at the polling. I'm looking at the states that are coming up. I've concluded that unless Ron Paul finds a way to win the primaries in some of the remaining states, Mitt Romney will win the nomination. I have seen no evidence that Ron Paul would be capable of winning a place like California, which will be necessary to stop Romney. Romney will get nearly all of the delegates in that state.

as i was saying, in a fair

as i was saying, in a fair three man race between romney, obama, and Ron Paul, i think its pretty obvious who would win. romney can't beat obama but Ron Paul can.... i don't get the confusion.

That's neither what you were saying nor accurate

In a choice between the three (Obama, Romney, Paul), Obama would unfortunately win.

But you were saying that Ron Paul is getting the most votes, and that's completely untrue. Do you disagree?

haha umm yes, that is what i

haha umm yes, that is what i was saying, that's what i've been saying the whole time, and from all the polls i keep seeing and have been seeing for weeks, that is the outcome. that's why there is so much fear in the republican party that Ron Paul will run third party. No Ron Paul supporters are going to vote for flip flopping sell-out Mitt Romney. you obviously agree that mitt will never win, so i don't really get what your whole argument is.... if you know your man isn't going to win, how can you give us flack for supporting someone you think can't win?

well the primary outcomes show a different result

Based on the outcomes so far, Ron Paul isn't getting the most votes, and it's not even close. But I guess I won't let that get in the way of your narrative.

Yes, there are Ron Paul supporters who will support Romney. I know plenty. Maybe you're not one of them, and that's ok.

And I don't "agree" that Mitt will never win. I don't think he's the favorite, but he can certainly win.

the problem is we're talking

the problem is we're talking about two completely different things. of course mitt Romney is the 'favorite' of the republican party if that's what you want to call him, and of course his chances of winning the republican nomination are high, but winning most of the republican vote doesn't a president make. if Ron Paul ran third party, his chances of winning would be high because more republicans, democrats, and independents would vote for him than Obama, and hardly anyone else but the dying republican party would back Romney. plus i would bet that if Paul did run third party, a lot of people who wouldn't have voted for anyone would vote just to try to get a third party in the white house. polls point to Americans being ready to boot republicans and democrats out completely if they had the chance. Ron Paul's popularity is only growing.

a third party would have no chance

Ron Paul would not win the election if he ran as a third party. He probably would finish with fewer than 20 electoral votes, if not 0.

no one is arguing that this

no one is arguing that this is an uphill battle, we're working against the establishment. but it is a battle that must be fought to keep tyranny at bay. nothing is impossible and there is a first time for everything and who knows what will happen from now until then. i guess there is a difference between people who think in absolutes and those that fight for what's right no matter how bad they say our chances are. i believe Ron Paul has a chance to win, it may be slim and may seem impossible but times are changing. you can embrace the change or try to reject it but its coming. again, you keep missing the point that this isn't just the white house, people's hearts and minds are changing. and you can't make a legitimate case for anything because it hasn't happened yet, we'll have to wait and see. crazier things have happened. but we will keep fighting until the end. the end of this election and the end of our lives because our eyes have been opened to the truth. the message is Life, not politics.

i will always be optimistic

i will always be optimistic that the people can make a difference. without knowing that, what's the point in anything?

So I guess what you are saying is...

...all people in the great U.S. of A. should continue to live in a land full of corruption and continue to pretend like nothing is going wrong, that the government has in mind the best interest of the American people, that we should continue to kill people in every country for no reason, and we need to continue to have all of our freedoms taken away because there are creepy terrorists hiding under our bed. Seriously now! And people might think we are nuts? We are thankful that we have been woken up to the facts and truth. We don't think you are nuts, but simply cry out the truth to you all because we do care! We want to see things made right! Aren't you tired of the nonsense that has been going on for years no matter which party is in control. Can't you see that things are getting worse all the time? The policies aren't changing. We need to reverse the corruption. The only thing we can do is wake people up! If only you could see!

believe me...

Believe me when I tell you that this will help your cause. If it makes you feel better, tell yourselves that everyone who disagrees with you is crazy but also very fragile and that you shouldn't destroy us by telling us the truth. First help us to no longer be crazy. Then reveal the true conspiracy. Talking about the conspiracy only convinces those who are already convinced.

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If it makes you feel better....

it is YOU who are accusing US of being crazy. Not vice versa dude.

No one said you were crazy.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.



you put words on his keyboard

you put words on his keyboard (or in his mouth). I don't see the word "bilderberg" anywhere in his post; you're trying to make us come off as crazy. You've pretty much exposed yourself here and your responses are beginning to look a little ridiculous.

no I didn't

I'm speaking about Ron Paul supporters in general. Do you not agree that Ron Paul supporters talk about the Bilderberg group quite a bit more than supporters of other political candidates? Someone else in this thread mentioned the Rothschilds.

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...so what?

Just because you are not educated enough to put the terms into a search engine and learn the truth your self, does not mean that 99% of the rest of the world isn't.

You should go and play on your motherboard place. We are having more fun there that you are here hateful shill.

The price you will pay in israHell, is worse that than the efforts you put into looking and coming off as not only stupid and asinine, but also of obvious low dark energy that should be cleaned out of the DP site as they do over here.


Catch a snitch and what does anyone want to do with them?


you don't have to comment

if you don't want my dark energy to rub off on you

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So??? Should they not be mentioned?

What are YOUR answers to them?

Please explain the Bilderbergs. Please explain the Federal Reserve and justify its merit?

Thought so.

You can't do it.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

you just need to build to that

Don't start out a conversation with the Federal Reserve. Bring it up later. And leave out the Bilderberg Group. No one cares.

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Oh...OK....so you will discount young bright people across the country in EVERY SINGLE ONE of Dr. PAul's multi-millenial speeches where the chant "End the Fed" arises.


Go ahead dude....just keep your head in the sand.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.