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Romney will not have the nomination, even with 1,144 delegates, not even close

Suppose for a second Romney secures more than 1,144 delegates before the national convention. Does that make him the official nominee? No it does not.

He only becomes the nominee after the first vote at the convention. He needs 1,144 delegate VOTES at the convention to become the nominee.

What everyone is afraid of is that they think if he secures 1,144 delegates its all over when its really not even close. They think that once you have a bound Romney delegate you are forced to vote for Romney. You dont.

If a good chunk of Romney delegates are really stealth Paul supporters they can all abstain on the first vote thus keeping Mittens from acheiving the nomination altogether and creating round two - aka brokered convention.

Once we have that its an easy victory.

Right now our main focus should be to make sure all stealth paul supporters who are Romney delegates know that they need to abstain for the first round.

We can still very much win this. We just need a small chunk of them to abstain and we have a brokered convention. Romney will need way more than 1,144 delegates to win.

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You are wrong my friend

It has already happened where a delegate did not vote for the candidate they were bound to, he voted for the other candidate. Look it up. It was 2008 and the delegate switched to Romney on the first vote. The reason there have never been any fines is because no state would touch that with a ten foot poll. Especially since now the lawyers for RP are crawling all over them for voter fraud.

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Wrong thread, darn tablet.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.


How are votes counted at the convention? Do they have the opportunity to rig it? My greatest fear is that we'll have the delegates and it won't even matter.

It will all happen on the convention floor

It is up to our delegates to take charge on the floor there. We will be going against the establishement and it won't be easy.

Speeches, motions and arguments will have to be voiced by any and all of our delegates. The win can happen if we have the majority, stealth or not.

Do NOT vote romney in no matter what. Do not let them move the rules to their favor. It will all be a matter of voting, and voicing arguments to attain the majority votes on every motion. Truly, if we have enough, we can unbind the delegates...literally, anything can happen. We need to make it happen! :)

"Once we have that its an easy victory."

Ha, we wish. Perhaps by some act of Providence we'll get to see a second vote, but you better believe it will be close and the GOP will be doing EVERYTHING/ANYTHING to ensure that that "mishap" doesn't mishappen again. I remember reading here last RNC that Paul had in the neighborhood of 700 stealth delegates being reported from someone at the convention. We ended up with 4 or 5? This will not be easy. Also, someone needs to confirm this, but a vote can be put out unbinding all delegates in the beginning of the convention, can it not? Very important!!

All Delegates

Need to contact the campaign's state coordinators or the campaign itself as to what to do at the convention. DO NOT read posts for an answer or take advice from ANYONE regarding how to vote unless it is officially coming from the campaign, or a campaign sanctioned entity. This can be very dangerous and possibly fatal to our effort to post information about this at this point.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I am a delegate to the National Convention

and I can tell you what will be fatal and that is, if we don't do this. Any RP supporters who are Romney delegates have only one choice and that is to abstain from voting on the first ballot. I am from Ga so I am good to go but these Romney delegates have to step up at the National Convention. If they do not and Romney gets the 1144 then we can all go home. The Romney delegates need to make up their minds before hand that they are going to abstain no matter what. What people do not understand is we have no choice because if we do not do this then we will be beat before we get there. Just use common sense. I do not care what you hear or who tells you what you best abstain or we are done and years of hard work is down the drain. Even if they threaten to take you out side and hang you from the first tree you still abstain.


That is what I have been saying. We need correct information. This is too important to screw it up

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams


If people are involved enough to be delegates I'm sure they know all of this information.

I have yet to find any

I have yet to find any current rules stating that a national delegate from any state can abstain. Before people keep spreading the abstain thing that comes up every week or so can we please verify this.

I challenge someone to find a link and quote from a current GOP rules standpoint saying that abstaining is a valid option.

You just don't get it do you.

If you do not abstain or vote RP first ballot it is all over for us. Forget about the laws if there were any in the first place. Just freaking do it. I mean look at it this way. I we abstain or vote RP first ballot and they throw us all out and cancel our votes then we are beat. If we do not do this we are beat. Beat is beat but at least if we try this we might have a chance. If we do anything else we do not have a prayer and I can absolutely guarantee you that.

If you go back to past conventions abstaining has happened many

times in the past. It's just that THIS TIME it would be on a larger scale. I am not good at history but it has happened in recent conventions...even (I think with Reagan)


Go up and read

you do not have a clue. If we can not abstain then we may as well pack it in right now. I mean how do you think we planned to win this in the first place? If the RP supporters who are Romney delegates can not abstain then how would you expect us to win? I mean this is not rocket science. If we go into that Convention and all the Romney delegates vote for him on the first ballot then we are done right then and there. Why can not people get this into their heads.

The only thing

I've found so far is rule 37 (c) of the 2012 RNC. And it says pass. That is why we need information from the campaign itself.

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

I have no idea what the rule is on abstaing.

There are so many convoluded answers here that I'm more confused than ever.

Plus - The rotted RNC can do all kind of funny business at the national convention. Consider...

In 2008 at the convention in St. Paul, when Ron Paul delegates were announced they started turning off the microphones.

I saw it happen live.

Do you remember who was chairing that convention?...John Boehner.

We'll probably get cheated again, but this time it will be much more visible and the country will see how divided this party is.

Romney WILL NOT WIN in November without US.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I've said before our delegates need to come with their own bull-

horns....we need a full-on BULLHORN MONEY BOMB.....I bet it would go over just because....


Not sure this will work for Oregon delegates at least...

From the Oregon Republican Party bylaws, Section XVII, Section B (http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/sites/default/files/ORP...):

Section B. Delegate Conduct at the Republican National Convention.
Candidates for delegate and alternate to the Republican National Convention must state which Presidential Preference Primary candidate they favor, and will be listed as running for one of the delegate positions assigned to that presidential candidate. Each person selected as a delegate or alternate shall sign a pledge that he/she shall vote at the National Convention for the candidate for the President of the United States he/she favors until the candidate is:
(1) nominated;
(2) receives less than 35% of the votes for nomination at the convention;
(3) releases the delegate from the pledge; or
(4) until two convention nominating ballots have been taken.
Should a delegate or alternate refuse to cast his/her vote in accordance with this pledge, as required by both the Bylaws of the Oregon Republican Party Central Committee and the Oregon Revised Statues, the Chairman of the Oregon delegation to the National Convention shall report to the convention floor that delegate’s vote in accordance with such laws and rules until such time as that delegate is released from his/her pledge.


Don't sign any pledge !
A pledge is a contract, and any contract that is forced on anybody is illegal. It's called "Under Duress"!


Yeah right

There will be 1 million Ron Paul supporters in Tampa including me. I really do not think that the RNC is going to put up a big fight when a majority on the floor breaks the RNC rule book to do the right thing and save this country from tyrannical rule. I really do not believe that people who care about the childrens future that are going to tampa for Ron Paul care about a stupid rule. Their nUmbers count for nothing in the tunnel. This is the last time we will EVER see a caucus. They will never let it get this close again. This is where America lives or dies. Ron Paul put him and his family's lives on the line for us. It's time we stand up to the criminals and make our OWN "rules". Any state where we believe there is vote fraud we should declare all delegates to be unbound from those states.

And...Rules are voted on

Rules are voted on before voting. So...

Make a motion to unbind the delegates
Second the motion
Voice vote
Call for a division

Can this be done?

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Start a thread.

Doing the right thing is much more important
then obeying the rules or laws.

Oh My God, YES

Any state where there is vote fraud we should declare all delegates to be unbound from those states.

Interesting strategy

but can it be proven?

Still learning about all this...

...so am open to your arguments. I wonder, though, when the above talks not only about GOP rules but also Oregon statute being involved -- can statutes just be cast aside like that? I need to investigate further on what the statutes actually say...

The above conflicts with the RNC rules

stating that the unit rule shall not be enforced. Further stating that any delegate who believes their vote was recorded in error can have the parliamentarian or secretary change their vote on the recorded rolls.

Once a credentialled delegate hits the floor it's the RNC rules in play, not state rules.


Give me a break about rules. . They get away with rape of teenage girls in Virginia and u guys are talking about rules? Wake up

If we do not forget

about the rules then we are beat. We only have one shot at this and we best take it. Do you think our Forefathers were thinking about King George's rules when they went up against him? You know we either hang together are will will each hang separate.

that's not the unit rule

The unit rule says that a state can't force all delegates to vote for the candidate the majority of delegates prefers. That's not what they are doing in Oregon, and they are not in violation of that rule.

All we have to do

is throw enough of a monkey-wrench into the works, that Romney doesn't get it on the first round.
That's all we need to do.

Then, we'll take the 2nd round when the delegates become unbound.
Or, since there may be enough of us, there can be a motion brought to the floor to unbind all delegates, and we can pass it with the numbers we'll have there.

This is real, and it's gonna happen.
Romney is gonna lose.

you make it sound so easy

How many delegates do you currently believe the Paul campaign has? What's the difference between that number and the number that are left? And what is the plan to get all of these remaining delegates?