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Ron Paul: There's Still a Strong Anti-Romney Element in the Party 4-13-12

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Let's face it, folks

Cavuto is one of Ron Paul's few friends in the media. You know darn well that he's a Paul supporter. Of course, he does not wish to lose his job and does what he's told, even though he makes it plain that he respects Paul. He's going to say what he's told to say. But on the other hand, Ron Paul's successes have NOT come from MSM reporting. People who listen to this stuff and think he's out of the race will not be motivated to support Romney, but Paul people will continue to get their information via the internet by us circulating the truth far and wide. Romney has a ton of money to work with and that's the only reason that he has a delegation at all. But as we're seeing over and over again the Ron Paul people are beginning to overwhelm the delegation process, which is exactly the only way we stand a chance. Paul's giant crowd in California and now Texas proves that people are still getting the word, but advertising is now paramount. Paul can only get truthful air time by paying for it, and that's why this money bomb is so important. Spread the word and dig deep, everybody. I'm maxed out, myself, but my wife can still do more and we're going to contribute till our bank accounts bleed.

i would love to agree with

i would love to agree with you, but i don't think you're right about cavuto, keep in mind he runs the business network, meaning he had a hand in the judge decision almost certainly (senior vice president and managing editor of business news for the Fox Business Network, and oversees content and business coverage; wikipedia. he probably could have said they didn't need 3 hours of re-runs, two would do fine...), also see the expression on his face when RP mentions the obama poll, and he also never misses a chance to say he almost can't win, and he's done so from the beginning. regaurdless of the way he treats him at times (more like he's impressed with RP, as a man, than actual agreement on issues other than fiscal) i really think he doesn't care to see him as president.

Loved this answer

"I could more likely see his family and our family playing a baseball game together rather than going to the convention together." Ron Paul

Damn Ron... Neal said "you

Damn Ron... Neal said "you have 51 delegates..." and then went on to talk about what a long shot Ron is...

Ron then basically agrees... why doesn't he stop him and correct him on the delegate count?????

The MSM is perpetuating this myth over and over and the one time Ron is on air while the do it just reinforced it :(

It sure keeps us motivated,

It sure keeps us motivated, doesn't it? Look, we're beginning to benefit from people thinking this is over. Paul people know better. Romney people think it's all wrapped up for him; they don't think they need to fight any longer. The elite are scared. They're in a checkmate. No matter what they do - ignore him or show him as a threat - they can't win. For Paul not to correct Cavuto on this is a strategic move, and it's working. We've got the perfect balance of not being too hopeful or too hopeless, and we need to keep it that way.


Just a horrible interview...

I agree with you, either we/Ron Paul are right in this or the MSM is, WHICH IS IT?

...and if Ron Paul can't define for us/them, then what now?

I am sure he is tired of hearing the same questions but then he should have some rebuttles that knock it out of the park EVERYTIME!!


When the MSM, The Republican Establishment

and the PTB are all against you, you don't broadcast your position to them. I agree, it would be nice to set the record straight, but if it gives away ground, it may well be better to allow them to see it from their own perspective.

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At the very least..

Dr. Paul could say that we are a lot closer to Romney in delegates than MSM has been reporting. Also, name the states where they believe most of the delegates will go to Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul needs to exude confidence and know that he is right on the issues. Call out the media on the blackout of his campaign every time he is on one of these shows.

Lastly, when is the campaign going to take the gloves off on Romney. We are in the midst of economic armageddon and they are allowing this fraud to skate by without challenging his views. I mean he supports bailouts, thinks Bernanke is doing a fine job and would have voted for the NDAA to name a few issues.

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They'll be watching but not reporting!

Cavuto has so must nerve. He says they'll be watching ... but that doesn't mean they'll report on it. If they showed the large crowds, people would find out that Ron Paul is not out of the race! Cavuto just wants Ron Paul and we who love freedom to disappear. I guess I need to be emailing the media and blasting them about their not reporting anything about Ron Paul's large crowds.


Was about to comment the same

Was about to comment the same thing.

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Faux News will watch Ron Pauls Campaign closely???

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START THIS YOU LYING SOB? MSM makes me sick..so sick that they ONLY way Im going to feel better is by donating AGAIN to the In It To Win It $ BOMB!! I hope and pray that EVERY DP follower does the exact same thing...GIVE SOMETHING TODAY!! We must do everything in our power to keep the R3VOLUTION steam rolling forward..it takes MONEY to do this..GIVE TILL IT HURTS AMERICA!

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The last thing Neil says

is "Have a SAFE weekend". Freudian slip?

On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.

Cavuto has always been

Cavuto has always been respectful to Dr. Paul, but this is an annoying interview. If I had a nickel for every time Fox showed that dishonest delegate count graphic, I'd be a wealthy man.


You can't blame them for failing at math, they're made to think 2+2=5.

Facing O'Brien and his rats...

...I might come up with five, myself.

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Ron Paul really needs to

Ron Paul really needs to dispute those numbers whenever they are shown otherwise it just sounds like he is agreeing with them. It is hard to motivate people if you admit you have no chance of winning.

He was on the phone. I

He was on the phone. I highly doubt he knew they were being shown at the time, but I agree with you in principle. The campaign has watched that pitch go by many times, only bunting at it on occasion. Maybe that's still their strategy. Lie in the weeds until all the caucus votes are counted, then hit the media hard.



Final Words.. "We'll Watch Very Closely Congressman"

Ya think?