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The ONE thing Ron Paul needs to say in EVERY interview (which would expose the bias in the MSM)

Ron Paul: 'I have a question for you, If Rick Santorum (while he was still in the race) had been shown to be beating Obama 44 to 43 in a Rasmussen poll wouldn't that be breaking news?'

MSM talking head: well yes, that would be important...

Ron Paul: Well why then would it not be important or breaking news that I am BEATING Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll? Have you in the media already picked the republican candidate?

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He wouldn't say that; he's

He wouldn't say that; he's too humble. I'm not saying I like it; if I were him I would say it, but it's reality. He might briefly mention something along those lines but he wouldn't try too hard to make a point about it I don't think.


Jesse Benton

Had the chance...HE BLEW IT !!!
Not to worry...I'm in it to win...GRASSROOTS !!
CAMPAIGN PEOPLE ??? Get your act together!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Benton isn't a promoter, and we need a damn PROMOTER!!!

Doug Weed is a PR man, but he too isn't a promoter. I think the only one who can promote in the campaign is Jack Hunter. They need to put him out there to promote Ron Paul in the media, and let Benton supervise, because sad to say, he's not good at much else. Hunter is a guy who will get in the trenches and fight the estblishment neoCONS, and make Dr Paul the only logical choice to beat Obummer. Either that, or bring Tom Woods in the game to be the promoter.

That interview was painful

He just sat there as she wiped the floor with him. She mocked the campaign and mocked Ron Paul, and Benton says nothing. Why aren't they beating the pundits over the head with stuff like 'were pulling crowds ten or twenty times the size of Romney' or 'were beating Obama in the polls' or any number of things?

The campaign needs to get aggressive and fast. These people aren't our friends.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Can someone forward this to

Can someone forward this to Doug Wead? He is the man and would have been on top of this.