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Real Clear Politics Listened to my Complaint

Real Clear Politics latest polls did not show the Rasmussen poll where Paul was beating Obama, but only the Romney part. Outraged I sent this message to the website.

"Dear Webmaster,

Real Clear Politics has become a great source for me for all the latest polls and helps me get up to date with the latest election statistics without any media spin. However I noticed on Rammusen Reports daily presidential tracking poll you are now only showing Romney vs Obama when all the candidates are polled against Obama. Even though Romney is viewed as the front-runner I think it is biased and unprofessional to not show parts of polls when other candidates may even do better than Romney against Obama. I would have expected the latest polls section to show all the questions it did before and that means every candidate against Obama not just one. I hope you can fix these mistakes to regain people's trust in the polls section of you website.



They are now showing it on the latest polls. Just goes to show if you are polite and professional you can make a difference! Ron Paul 2012!

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well done sir, it's important

well done sir,
it's important that responding in a Paul-like manner you helped to get something done haha =P
kill people with kindness when asking for something can work rather well.

Link please?

I can't find the poll you are talking about. Still only see Romney, Obama and Santorum.



Who knew that people would listen?


Enough chinks in their dam against truth, and the dam will break! :)