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Strike While The Iron Is Hot - Help Me Get Pastor Brian Jacobs Seen And Heard In Christian Media!

Pastor Brian Jacobs, quoted by Doug Wead in this article http://www.newsmax.com/DougWead/Ron-Paul-Christian-evangelic...

Wants to do more interviews like this one that I lined up for him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeWvnd6pyds

Pastor Jacobs of the Metroplex Family Church http://metroplexfamilychurch.com/#/something-for-everyone used to work with Rev. Billy Graham and is a spokesman of Christians for Ron Paul http://www.facebook.com/ChristiansForRonPaul?sk=info It was Pastor Jacobs that introduced Rev. Graham to President George W. Bush during the 2000 election - It's Huge that he's on our side now!

Please send email/faxes and make phone calls with me asking Christian media for more Pastor Jacobs! Share my contact information with producers, editors, reporters and show hosts, and I'll line em' up! zakrevolution@yahoo.com 206-501-9221

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very worth while effort :)

(also don't forget to donate April 15th https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

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The difference between being Pro-Israel and Pro-Lobbyist..

I think it's vital for pastors and Churches to push a key element here to congregations that really is missing so far....that being, there is such a strong difference between being Pro-Israel and Pro-Lobbyist.

It also really defines the message - makes it so much easier to reach the wider masses. That's why Sarah Palin also came around to supporting Ron Paul, once she understood the issue.


The main issue that Ron Paul is addressing here, is we can be Pro-Israel and respect Israel's sovereignty by not interfering with their lives or meddling with them through Lobbyists. That very thing that's forbidden under our Constitution Sections 3-10.

For a while, the globalists have had us believe that we need to be messing with Israel, Egypt or Saudi Arabia when the exact opposite is true - its dangerous & counterproductive to get involved.

Supporting an illusion of freedom while marching in lock step with the EgyptDS PAC, PLO, the Saudi PAC or the AIPAC just makes us more unsafe overall and puts Israel in harms way. We send all our $ to these countries, which goes to Defense Contractors and ends up causing civil war & bankruptcy.

When flat out we don't need to support endless war for AIPAC, EgyptDS, or try to enforce Sharia Law in places we have no business in. That is exactly why Ron Paul's position is to flat end Foreign Aid subsidies - & divorce ourselves from this nightmare so countries can resolve their own problems.

Much like his son spoke, we just make everyone less safe by giving away these subsidies. Thus Paul is more Pro Israel and overall more Pro Freedom than the others. That is the message that they all need to hear.

Good luck...

I'm all about these types of efforts. I wrote and produced a video series for YouTube titled The Bible & Ron Paul specifically for Christians who are ignorant of Paul's Christian foundations. I sent out press releases to Christian media to try to get it attention, offering myself for interviews, etc. To no avail. Even the administrators at the Daily Paul refuse to feature it on the front page which would ensure more exposure. I was blessed that RonPaulFlix featured it on his site, but very discouraged over the refusal by the DP.

I agree that now Santorum is out, God has given us a prime opportunity to use this to our advantage and get the Christian vote. Here's the problem: Ron Paul and his campaign refuse to speak openly about his Christian foundations. Sure, he'll admit he's a Christian but he never expounds on the fact that his platform is compatible with the Bible. Sure, he talks that way at Christian events - but only a small minority of Christians even go to those events. All Paul has to do is talk like he did at the Value Voters conference, but on the national stage. Debates, interviews, campaign events, etc. But nope. He won't. It ain't gonna happen. It's so simple, and it should be second nature to him. But forget about it. Even if they did try to implement that angle now, I'm afraid it is too late. He should have been doing it from the start during the debates. Santorum supporters will think he is merely pandering, as they don't know that side of Paul and will not do the research into his books and speeches to see that he has held those beliefs all along.

I'm still for Paul all the way, I still advertise my videos, I still make myself available for interviews and public events, but I personally feel very discouraged that the Paul campaign has not used this angle to their advantage. It wouldn't be dishonest or deceptive on their part, either - if Paul truly believed his platform was compatible with Christianity (and we know he does).

God bless your efforts! May you be used to reach many for the cause of liberty!

Thank you!

And I'd love to see your videos and help promote them!

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Bump for importance. It does make me a little sad that only after Santorums suspension, do folks give Dr. Paul recognition for his strong faith. This is nothing new, I just hope people don't see this attention to his Christian faith, suddenly, as a strategy to get Santorums voters. If it does lead to that, WONDERFUL, but its very important for people to realize that this has been the case ALL the time, nothing has changed except the absence of Santorum allowed Dr. Paul the opportunity to be noticed. I know the author here didn't suggest this, its just simply my thought.
I am glad for the support from new voters, ecstatic. I just want to keep it clear to others considering Dr. Paul as a candidate based mostly on a Christian based belief system, that Dr. Paul is not claiming his Christian faith to attract you, he has said all of this all along, I'm glad for whatever reason, you are finally listening, thank you.

Also, thanks for your hard work getting the message out!

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Thank you Paul Drockton!

Preaching to the choir, but Paul has a very big choir and a ton of media contacts!

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