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How Ron Paul Can Beat the GOP Nomination Fix

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You probably have seen my post. We are growing and growing

We need to seriously let them know we mean business:


Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Well you always start out by

Well you always start out by identifying the problem so we need a list of those first.

I'll start with

1. Media Bias and Omission equals listeners being misinformed and led to false truths which we must overcome locally
2. Knowing When to place responsiblity on campaign on sensitive issues such as vote fraud etc and having a system to identify when to switch to ourselves and grassroots by default

Hope my first post, works right?

A hot topic that would affect, both obama and romney might be , romneys/newts pro gun rights speechs at the NRA conferance. Which is good in its self too affirm our rights. But i believe with obama passing the NDAA he has all ready laid claim too our weapons. I think that romney should be pressure too recind NDAA.Since it is a back door executive order too confiscate, not only our property but weapons. If romney does not come out against NDAA he in facts wants the same powers and condones the unconstitutional executive order. Bring it into the light of day .So in essance two birds with one stone affect. Which in turn makes Ron Paul shine Brighter and Brighter. Also its sorta a hobby of mine too prowl the yahoo comments and expose those too the truth. Today its the Capital of jerusalem.and Ron paul's stance. Well people think jts his opion and selling out too a lobby, BUT it must be Pushed too the fore front that it's not Ron paul's Opinon. It is the Lawfull Constitutional approuch that is be applied . just some thoughts for a long time lunker , RP12 Peace brothers and sisters , $ bomb

Some really great political

Some really great political ammunition...