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Barack Obama versus Reality - A new ad for Ron Paul

This one focuses on Obama's positions on Guantanamo before and after his election and the NDAA:

I'm making these ads to highlight Obama's civil liberties failures which are or should be a huge disappointment to his supporters.

I'm not completely satisfied with the way this one turned out for a few reasons. It was originally intended to have a lot more in it: The Patriot Act (FAST program), the Anwar al-Awlaki assassination, the anti protest bill (HR 347) and the Yemeni journalist who is being kept in jail at Obama's request but it was getting too long (over ten minutes) so eventually I ended up chopping all that out.

I'll probably make individual ads for those other topics. It's still a bit too long I think and I couldn't find a powerful and concise statement from Paul on the NDAA which would suit (not that his position isn't clear).

Nevertheless, here it is:


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"Has lost credibility amoung many, especially young,
democrats for not fulfilling his campaign promises.
Polls show a shift in support from swing (indepen-
dent) voters to Ron Paul."

"Among" was misspelled, and "Democrats" should be capitalized.

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Its a good length because ...

That amount of information is about as much as many people can handle. They hear it. The message is clear and simple. It does not get cluttered with additonal issues or facts. It is easy to understand and remember.

Brilliant! Well Done!


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i like em keep them coming

i like em keep them coming make a sieres comparing Ron and Mitt too especially on the gun issues we could really kill him there. http://www.nationalgunrights.org/pres_files/Romneyflier.pdf


I'd make ads comparing Ron and Mitt but I figure there aren't many Romney supporters on the internet. They can only really be targeted via TV. It would just be preaching to the choir.

These Are Better Than The Campaign's Ads

The campaign should just run these.

What's sad is that without the Judge, the Turks, Rachel Maddow, and RT, we'd have NO MEDIA covering the real issues. The rest of the media is nothing short of treasonous.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Youtube freezes about half of my videos

and I have yet to figure out why..

It sounds good lol

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truth 2012

truth 2012

Also make clear his..

Also make clear his robust support for AIPAC, ATC, Friend of Syria and Egypt PAC. There could be a brief video that shows what he voted for.

I think it should be clearly articulated that he's a flat one hundred percent Red Socialist, and endorses enforcing Sharia Law on the Americas as well as endless war for AIPAC & forging a Pakistan dictatorship. That means Obama is a confirmed traitor.

He is in league with the Federal Reserve, which supports this and I believe the video should shout that fact. This would galvanize even wider support among the whole Evangelical base, because I do not think this President is going to go away quietly.



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Front Page!

Excellent!!!!If I could vote this up 100 I would!Thank You for sharing!

Very Good


"Insert wise comment here."