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Ron Paul Infomercial on Google TV

What would it take to edit videos of Ron Paul, his speeches and events, etc. into an infomercial and air it on tv and cable through google tv's discount process?

I would like volunteer help to:

1. Decide on our target audience(s) and during which shows or time slots it/they will air;

2. Figure an airing budget and time length for which to edit the video(s);

2b. Plan to raise the funds;

3. What types of authorizations do we need, from whom, and how do we get them?;

4. Position knowledgeable Ron Paul supporters to answer any responses forwarded to an advertised website and/or email;

5. Create a central email list to inform people of "true" Ron Paul news, updates, money bombs, etc.

Please post input and other ideas.

Does anyone have knowledge for doing 1, 2, or 3 above?


How quick can this realistically be done?

Please post your responses, or use daily paul profile contact if a registered user. If there is ample interest, I will post an email address.

Thanks very much! Please vote up and bump.

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Ron Paul Ad via Google TV

I'm going to register an account to get more info.

I'd like to do 3 things-

1. Small snippets, 30 seconds or less, to get our feet wet;
2. Mid-size ones - a few minutes to 1/2 an hr.
3. Full out - 30 min to an hour or more, possibly with an airing of one of Ron Paul's upcoming events.

This has been brought up before, but still a WONDERFUL IDEA

Original post: http://www.dailypaul.com/129420/how-i-ran-a-national-tv-ad-f...

Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peqnSTBnTVk

Check out my videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/BetweenUnemployment/videos.

These are about as good as I can make them given my limited editing tools and skill set. We need something that grabs you, but, in my mind, not overly cartoony like the Ron Paul ads.

I've thought about this a lot too. We need someone who can put an awesome video together. I know someone who might be able to help, but probably not for free. If we could find a supporter, then they might. We should come up with a good story board for it.

Focus on everything, a few things, one thing? I was thinking of showing him talking to pro-life crowds and him talking about his religion and putting that on one reel for the 700 Club (and Romney saying pro-choice things) or...the possibilities are endless.


isn't this basically what a super-pac does?

I suppose it could be a way of supporters who have hit the max donation to continue to support and I know there are plenty of highly skilled film makers amongst RP's support...so why not?!

The problems are:

1. money
2. money
3. money

Especially since the ad market is about short advertising and you mentions speeches etc. Sound bites are better. One Trillon Dollars - No More Wars - Bring them Home - end the Fed etc.

Personally, I'd use the money from my anonymous superpac to do a load of hit pieces on romney/obama. I'd equate the two but as RP is in the gop with Romney he's probably reticent about attacking him.

Anyway, good luck.

Romney/Obama Hit Piece

Thanks for the chuckle! ;D

And the input.

Ron Paul Voting Demographics

What I need to know first:

Who votes most and gets their info mainly via a television?

Age Brackets

Then, what shows/channels do these people watch most, and in what geographical areas? Times of day most in front of television?

Things like that. Thanks.

I'd volunteer time and effort

I would like at least some of the focus to be about the corruption of the process and how the establishment cares nothing about truth, but only about their power and how to perpetuate their power.

Volunteering and Input

Thanks. Noted. :)

I have been proposing a telethon. However, to answer ...

your questions.

1)In most cases, I wouldn't edit the videos. I would invite the creators of the videos to talk about them via Skype or in studio.
I'll also start with "Bonbs (End This War)" and have Golden State perform live and interview. I would do the same with "Ron Paul: The Forgotten Wounded," "Ron Paul: 45th President of the United States" and "Ron Paul: The High Tide". Boom, you have 30 minutes. I would also provide a toll-free number and a website for pledges.

2) By doing this, you have not only enlisted the talent who created the material, you make them responsible for obtaining any additional authorization.

3)Rather than raising funds, I'd solicit sponsors, such as THE DAILY PAUL, Antiwar.com, Rom Paul Flix, Revolution Broadcasting and some of the Ron Paul superPACs.

Start today and you might be able to pull this off before the end of April.

TV Ad Ideas


Will refer back to your post repeatedly.