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Early Facebook Report From Bryan, Texas Convention... "Ron Paul almost has a majority. We REALLY REALLY need your presence here"

"The county convention is going on NOW, and Ron Paul almost has a majority. We REALLY REALLY need your presence here to give us a majority!! Please come ASAP if you can!! We can register you, etc. Its at best western in Bryan!"



*** NEXT WEEK ***

Texas Senate District convention for Senate Districts 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, & 18 April 21


Harris County (Houston), Texas SD convention:

Grace Community Church

14505 Gulf Freeway , Houston, TX

April 21, 2012

Resgistration begins at 8:00 am. Please attend if you live in any of these Senate Districts. Delegates to the State Convention will be elected.



BREAKING! Voters Registered Anywhere in Texas Can Vote in Current County of Residence! Rule 25a. Clarified!



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bip boop beep


Galveston County Tomorrow As Well!

Date April 21, 2012
Time 9:00am

Creekside Intermediate School
4320 West Main St.
League City, TX 77573

Contact me to get on the approved delegate list that wants to get to state.


keep it up, bump!

Support your local delegates with your presence.

Make sure everyone knows that they are not alone as they call for liberty.

Free includes debt-free!

Bumpedy bump bump


☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁☁☁☁
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need to be bumped several times a day!

its gold to get active! Take everyone with you.. sounds like fun :)

Neighboring Burleson County, Next weekend!

Any paul people in Burleson??

Don't stop believing

Texas bump!!!!!!!!

Hello Texas???? Beuler???? Beuler???

Another Bump

Calling Texas Ron Paul supporters to the rescue!





They say Everything is BIG in Texas..

How about another BIG BUMP for the Delegates who are going to kick some butt down there!! GOOOOOOOOOO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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..bumpin' . GO TEXAS!!!!!!

Come on Texas!

Help Ron Paul win his home state!

bump it

bump it

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


Front page

No offense but..

Why is this on the front page of Daily Paul for days;

"Jonathan Karl of ABC News has no position on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq!"

and this cry for help is not?

"Ron Paul almost has a majority. We REALLY REALLY need your presence here"

Just wondering

bump this!

all out activism is what we need now.


bitty bump


good luck!

bump bump bump

bump bump bump bump...well, you get the idea

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


We simply must win Dr. Paul's home state. Get in there and become a delegate, guys.


For my fellow liberty loving Texans!


Bump! Stay on front page!

getting texas on our side

getting texas on our side would be sooooo freakin huge!

ha i was in such a hurry to

ha i was in such a hurry to bump i had to sign it and put bump as my username. BUMP!

Last Update...

Texas A&M Youth for Ron Paul Page...

Youth for Ron Paul - Texas A&M University
5 hours ago via mobile
We are in serious need RIGHT NOW for more people to come to the county convention at the best western in Bryan. We NEED to get the majority!!!! Please, please come help us! Just your presence is needed!
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Tyler Edwards When?
4 hours ago · Like

Youth for Ron Paul - Texas A&M University Right now! Best western in Bryan on hwy 6! Please come and PLEASE bring friends!
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Youth for Ron Paul - Texas A&M University We are 10-15 people away from a majority, we believe
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Samuel Congiundi Did y'all get it?
3 hours ago · Like

what SD?

is this?

This is awesome


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Front page please.


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