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25 Years in Prison if You Offend Someone on the Internet?

Get 25 Years in Prison if You Annoy or Offend Someone on the Internet – Will Brewer Approve? Arizona


source - theintelhub.com

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I'm offended there are idiots

I'm offended there are idiots proposing idiotic statutes that violate the 1st Amendment - where raw reactionary emotionalism supersedes common sense and the Constitution.

Get some Hispanics

and tell them to set up a case against Jan Brewer and some of the Arizona legislators who have used the world "illegal immigrant" instead of undocumented worker and get them put in prison with the law. but they have also used worse rhetoric than that.

It's totally ridiculous.

Anybody could be "offended" at anything.
The whole state would be in jail within one week.

The first thing I'd do is be "offended" at the governor's press release of the law on her website, and put her in jail.