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April 15th MoneyBomb - John Tate Needs A Lesson in INSPIRATION - How's this?

Ron Paul is in it to win it! He's committed to take his campaign to Restore America NOW to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida and secure the nomination. He will then be the real conservative alternative to Barrack Obama's disregard for our constitution.

But to do so, our campaign must have the funds to educate the masses with television ads to combat all the free advertising the "main stream" bestows on their selected and presumptive nominee. We must also continue picking up delegates all across the country.

Ron Paul has fought tooth-and-nail against the establishment for over thirty years! Now it's time for ALL his supporters to step up and make their voice heard, with their wallets!

Dedicated Ron Paul supporters have been turning out at their local caucuses and conventions to run as delegates to their Congressional District or State Conventions - where National Delegates will be elected. They are having spectacular results! There is much more work to be done however and if you aren't already, you MUST be part of that process.

That's why we need to make the April 15th Tax Day Money Bomb a massive success. Let the ground rumble. Don't let the establishment owned "main stream" media put the headline out that Ron Paul's support is dwindling. Are you committed to restoring limited constitutional government? If you are then you must understand the establishment won't fund our campaign. It's up to you. We are the ones we've been waiting for!

Those of you following this campaign and seeing the massive rallies with thousands of supporters, are seeing a crack in the establishment dam of disinformation and outright lies. We have a historic opportunity to let the masses know we're here for the long haul and we're not going anywhere!

Let's show the deniers we will not go quietly into the night. Let's instead show them we will continue to stand up and fight, for Liberty! So for the next generation's sake, please dig deep and contribute as generously as you can AND commit to calling at least three of your friends to urge them to contribute, as well!

Note: I have edited John Tate's message.

John Tate
Campaign Manager
Ron Paul 2012

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Now remember when things look bad...


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Sen. Richard Bluementhal(D-CT) promotes forced immunizations..

Senator Richard Bluementhal (D-CT) enforces forced immunizations on students, school kids & children.

Just to add some extra motive & incentive, in case you needed anymore!

just received my $2000 hospital bill...

and $1400 ambulance ride lol the dangers of motorcycles my friends ...but i think i'll donate a $100 to the bomb right now instead...


get your wallets out!

it's time for ALL his supporters to step up and make their voice heard, with their wallets!


Reach into your pocket and grab whatever is there. Hopefully it has money in it.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com