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Did J.P Morgan Sink the Titanic?

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Take your infowars crap

Take your infowars crap somewhere else.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

From the late Sherman Skolnick, "Skolnick's Report"

The Russians have specific details of the sinking, off Newfoundland, in April, 1912, of the British ship, "Titanic".

The producers of the movie supposedly about the tragedy leased a specially-designed Russian submarine, that took them to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. There they photographed, as best they could, the sunken hulk of the ship. They noticed that the plates of the ship were punctured OUTWARD, contrary to the accepted tale in history books that the ship sank because of having scraped alongside an iceberg.

Either the ship set sail on its maiden voyage with its coal bunkers already somehow known to be smouldering. Or, explosive devices inside the ship blew out the sides of the ship. Over the years, European experts on censored details have quietly discussed among themselves, but not published, how the Germans and others had an interest to damage if not humiliate the British in advance of the expected Great War in Europe, that started August, 1914. And the sinking of the Titanic was part of that scheme.

The producers of the movie did not want to endanger what was already incurred of their expected two hundred million dollars to produce the movie. They were not about to create a movie with a different view of the sinking of the supposedly "unsinkable" Titanic.

The Russians became aware of what the movie makers had discovered. Furthermore, the Russians, over the years had compiled other highly explosive information. Key members of the American aristocracy greatly opposed the creation of a secretive, PRIVATE central bank in the United States. Somehow, each of these opponents of such a conspiratorial type financial arrangement, were steered into getting tickets for the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Others of the aristocracy, favoring such a bank, decided not to go on that voyage.

So the opponents of what became late in 1912, the Federal Reserve, died in the sinking of the ship. Those who at a secret meeting arranged the Fed, used it to put the expenses of the Great War, in Europe, 1914 to 1918, on the backs of the half-awake Americans who had no real political or financial interest in paying for and dying for Europe's war.

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