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Ron Paul gets a boost at Yakima County GOP Convention

from the Yakima Herald-Republic

If the race for the Republican nomination is winding down in favor of Mitt Romney, it appears no one told that to Ron Paul’s supporters here.

A coalition of Paul organizers and anti-Romney conservatives came out in force at Saturday’s Yakima County Republican Convention and left with a majority of the county’s delegates to the state convention.

At least 27 of the 44 elected state Republican delegates from Yakima County were on a slate of candidates circulated by the grass-roots coalition of Paul supporters before voting took place.

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Did they get a majority vote

Did they get a majority vote for adjournment????

We may be dumb as sheep, but we herd like cats, and are more clever than monkeys. What sane person would think us cattle?

Majority Vote for Adjournment?

Ah.. in a word No. At 3:00 the 3rd district adjourned on time, most headed for the parking lot.. The 2nd dist. continued to finish their voting until about 3:15 and came back to the main room after the chairman had adjourned the 1st dirstict and the convention around 3:10. There wasn't a quorum, or vote, much less a majority. In fact, someone pointed out that the motion to adjourn wasn't even seconded. I think someone muttered a second as the gavel fell. The chairman mentioned that he would check with the state. He said something about appointing the remaining 5 delegates and 21 alternates. There was no vote on the platform (not really a big deal) and no votes for our people to the state committees. Leadership members had confided that our people will be included in the committee work and we were ok with that. It wasn't all done fair and square, but we got what we came for. Romney will still get 38-39% of the delegation, similar to caucus results. We just got the rest.

My favorite remark overheard: "We're being infiltrated by Constitutionalists." Correct. For the sake of the first sentences of the state platform.


I wondered the same thing - since they lost the battle

to extend the time I wondered if they were a minority - I guess getting as many delegates as they did is a great thing but I hate to see 3 left on the table

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

We were the minority...

We were slightly outnumbered in 2 of three districts, and heavily outnumbered in the other. During the request to extend the convention from 3:00 pm to a later time we lost by 120 to 60 as a pooled caucus.... so assuming it was only paul folk interested in this idea (which it seemed to be the case) we were outnumbered 1:2. The fact that we came out with the numbers we did was solely on the efforts of our leadership. Our slate was clearly defined, we all stuck to it, and we got some delegates. The Yakima leadership kicked ass. Looking back on it, it was probably a good thing the convention quit when it did. There was a good chance all the remaining seats could have went to Romney

Uplifting story.

The more of these stories I see the better I feel :)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.