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Take A Stand And Fight For Ron Paul! NOW IS THE TIME!

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GLOVES OFF! Expose Romney's Massachussetts gun ban for the win!

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Ron Paul 2012

I want my money used to heavily attack Romney. His record on gun control alone can dq him. Knock him out. We've got the spot we've wanted now throw the knock out punch. The gun issue is something that resonates with millions of single issue voters. Millions who haven't yet supported Ron. This must be capitalized upon. The campaign must communicate the gun ban issue to the Fox/talk radio/newspaper crowd. This combined with Santorum dropping out is the greatest opportunity we've had thus far. Grassroots Youtubes on this to all of our neocon family and friends need to make the rounds for the win. I really believe this has the potential to take us beyond being just a convention force. This makes Romney untouchable to voters in a state like Texas and to many in the remaining states out West. Finally a break.

Just $5!!! From Everyone Who Has Voted For Paul To Date

And the goal would be met or exceeded. Youh 4 Paul has to work the ground on this one!!!

Rising up!