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New and Final GOP Debate Set For April 24th

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April or May?

The title says April and the video says May

Oregon debate cancelled


“At this point in the race, there has been a shift in the flow of the campaigns from the debate environment to a strategic state-by-state approach,” said Chairman Alley. “It is clear that the Republican Presidential Campaign has entered a new phase where the candidates do not want to debate each other,” Chairman Alley continued.

No it's not clear and you can quit being presumptuous. Ron Paul will still want to debate Romney but Romney will run away.

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Mitt may have

to accept. If Ron Paul keeps getting the number of DELEGATES and kicking Romney's @SS, then he'll have to try to stem the tide. I say - good luck with that Romney.

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Chicken Outfit with Sign "I'm Mitt & I Refuse to Debate" walking

on the debate stage the night Ron & Newt debate if Romney declines. Something to this effect would be funny and get the media's attention maybe? It might be hard to get on the stage but at least maybe we could have a dozen chickens out in front of the debae walking up and down the sidewalks with signs "I am Mitt & I Refuse to Debate" "I am Mitt, Have Money, Your Money = Goldman Sachs, I Don't Need to Debate" "I am Mitt, I am bought and Paid for, I don't need to Debate" , etc. Then if media doesn't cover it we can Youtube it and make it go viral. The chickens could be dancing to the "Chicken Dance" and isn't there a chicken dance song? Title video Mitt Doing the Chicken Dance" Just some ideas.


You mean pull a

South Park at the debate? I'm okay with that. Any people in the Houston area willing to volunteer?

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Clarification NEEDED!!

Headline states debate is APRIL 24, video and video article headline states MAY 24. I thought it was April 24. PLEASE clarify!!

Thank you for promoting!

Definitely MAY 24

This headline is the only place it's been listed as April, must be a typo/brainfart.

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If Romney signs on and this debate does happen, then

I hope Dr. Paul doesn't get any excercise time in on the day before and the day of the debate. I want him to be grouchy as hell, so that when they all ignore him he will uncharacteristicly interupt whoever is speaking and rip into all of them. When they act so vile towards him, when they condescend to actually direct absurd questions to him (like, "Why don't you just drop out?" or "Will you support the nominee?") that he will rip them to pieces on national tv.

The sheeple have seen (but, not heard) the gentleman doctor. Now they need to see, hear and feel the bulldog in action!

Listen up campaign people, get him ready to take center stage, because even though he will be positioned on an end, he must FINALLY TAKE COMMAND of the other candidates and of the moderators! Nothing less will do this time. Do your jobs and make it happen! Our future lives depend on it.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I'm not picky about how he motivates himself, but this will be

his final chance in the nomination race to look and act "presidential." He needs to show he can take charge and take command and stand up for himself.

If he can't stand up for himself, there are too many voters who will think he can't stand up for America.

He has to do it in Ron Paul style, but he has to do it.

He's always looked and/or acted "presidential" in the debates.

People have become so conditioned to the reality show mentality, that imo Dr. Paul has to go against his natural goodness during this debate and go in for the kill. I also think it is pathetic that he has to resort to such a tactic but, that's how he must do it to reach the sheeple at this point in their conditioned mentality.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Get out the Romney chicken suit

Lets do a SNL skit of Romney in a chicken suit ducking and hiding from a debate because he is not really a conservative put it on you tube.

Romney wont

there is nothing to gain from it for him, so i doubt he would go for it.
but Dr.Paul vs Newt should be fun in itself !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

If Romney declines to debate he is toast...this is

great for RP if it happens. So let's make it happen!

Romney declines...

...and there will be no debate.

Dr. Paul gains nothing from debating Gingrich alone.

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Why would he be toast?

The media has already anointed him, I doubt there would be any negative coverage. He'd actually get more negative press if he accepted it. It would be viewed as one of the worst political moves ever.

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Because if he refuses he is a coward...if he accepts he will

be humiliated. At least if he debates it shows some guts. And who cares what the media says? Do we?? No.

I don't

see how the GOP would ever let this debate happen....there's no way they want to let Ron Paul have any type national platform to speak from now. Praying it happens though.

This should be great for Ron

This should be great for Ron Paul..

unfortunately that's why I think Romney would never agree to it. Unless he's worked on his debating skills since Arizona, but that's not very likely.

Matt, I'm still waiting to be "sent."

You promised a link but never gave it.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Only Need 150 More Votes for change.org/petitions for TX Debate



Thanks for the Link-Everyone Click Here-Vote for a Pres Debate!

I just voted. We are only several hundred away from reaching amount needed per Matt at top of this post.


"Ron Paul: New GOP Debate Set For May 24th"

He corrected the date, I don't know if there will be a debate or not.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Unfortunately, this debate has no chance of happening.

There is a better chance of Karl Rove endorsing Ron Paul than there is of this debate taking place. MattLarson10 I'm starting to feel like you just love hearing yourself talk.. Haha joking obviously but yeah this debate has no chance. Not even worth talking about it.

The Debate Can Happen & Pressure Put on Romney Will Make It

happen. If he wants to be President then he will debate! If he does not debate, then the message he sends to millions of Americans is he is incapable to debating and being the President of US. If he chickens out, then let the debate be between two men who will debate which will allow them to show the Americans who have yet to vote what they can do to save America for us Americans!


Keep dreaming.

Why do people on here insist on living this fantasy life where they refuse to accept realty, only setting themselves up to be let down. There are other things to look forward to, and this is not one of them. Let's think this one through logically, Romney has no reason to debate two other GOP primary candidates when he is already the presumed nominee, no one is expecting him to. His sole focus, even right now, is on Obama. No matter how much you try to convince yourself that it makes him look bad not accepting the debate invite, it just doesn't, because frankly no one would even slightly care about it besides us. Now stop being dumb, this debate will not happen I am 100% positive.