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Paul delegates sabotaged by last minute campaign slate

This video shows how grassroots level RON PAUL PLEDGED DELEGATES felt about being shafted by "The Unity Slate" at the last minute with only delegates pledged to Santorum or unpledged on the slate. CORRUPTION EXPOSED!


This other video exposes even more of the corruption. Matt Holdritch, the Colorado Paul Campaign Director and the architect of the plan to give Paul votes to Santorum delegates, has a LOT of explaining to do.


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Do not assume

anything about unpledged delegates. They are not working against you. Remember that all delegates have a role to play.

I agree that communication is not strong sometimes but there's only Matt H. here and the volunteers, so they trust that the grassroots activists stick with them when they ask things like voting your slates. It's critical that you don't work against them and dilute your votes.

I know it's a mental high to see our guy with wins but there is no way to get the good doctor 1,144 delegates. If we don't have certain things fall into place, all this work will be for nothing in August.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Page where there is disinformation regarding delegates


Some people are giving out false information here...

two sides of the coin

on the other hand the campaign (not matt) has stated that they are convinced they can get some of those santorum supporters over to the Paul side. Although Ideally it would have been better to do a clean sweep. With the delegates won by Paul and those that will be coming in according to them it still is a good effort by the campaign in it's outcome.

That doesn't take away the fact that it has been extremely poorly communicated with the people on the ground who had zero knowledge.. Those mistakes need to be prevented with perhaps these few simple points

1. Make sure to contact the campaign last minute to check on national campaign strategy changes for your particular convention
2. Have an effective notification system in place for alarming people of these changes or warn them against fake slates (think paul revere ;))

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

We had the majority, we should've had ALL the DELEGATES!

I've been hearing all this news about CD5, but a very similar thing happened in CD3. When I arrived at the assembly I visited the Ron Paul table and was given a "unity" slate with 2 unpledged & 1 rick supporter, and immediately dissappointed to see santorum people listed.... WHY? There were Paul supporters Everywhere, and the Romney table was near bear. On the way into the CD3 assembly, I was handed the "red slate" which read "There are some blue republicans who have infiltrated the party in an effort to nominate a candidate that can be easily defeated by Obama. To ensure that these blue republicans do not have a say in our party's choice, please only vote for the following carefully vetted RED republicans. This followed by a list of 6 names (mostly people I knew or had heard of).
The ONLY thing that saved us in this process were that the first 2 names on the unity slate were the same as the first 2 names on the red slate. Had we only been given the red slate we could have easily passed it all completely. The official unity slate SCREWED us out of 1 delegate and alternates. I don't know who is responsible for such a poor "unity slate" and I do understand they were trying to get santorium people to join Paul people but it BACKFIRED & COST US delegates.
The next day at the state convention, the "unity slate" (once again with santorum people) only gave us 13 to vote for, so a group put together the grassroots slate to provide an additional 10 names for paul people to vote for. This was also a very POOR way to do things IMO. If we would have had ALL PAUL delegates (whose names we knew or at least recognize) then we could have swept the entire convention.
I only post this to help AVOID other states from making the same mistakes. Should'nt our state Paul campaigns have a pretty darn good idea how many people for Paul are showing up? If they would have had the organization in CO, we could've easily seen that we had the majority and didn't need the santorum people "unity slate". The santorum people would have still split the vote between Paul & Romney regardless of the "unity".
SO for future conventions, PLEASE make sure People are aware of what's going on before they walk into the assemblies and GET RID of this "unity" crap before it totally bites us in the butt. Ron Paul supporters turn out in HUGE numbers!

I was there.

Hey DP'ers. It's been some time since I posted, but I thought I'd throw my two bits in.

First of all, I agree with the posters who feel that the results here in Colorado were a solid WIN for our side.

I actually had a short conversation with the young woman from the video. On a philosophical level I completely agree with her conviction that we should be "out and proud". I argued for taking this position within my county's group, but the campaign felt differently. The idea was that it would be strategically smarter for those of us who weren't already outed to remain covert and unpledged. While I had some doubts about this I've learned to trust Dr. Paul. I've not been disappointed yet by trusting the most successful liberty minded statesman of our time.

Concerning the whole "unpledged delegate" thing. We discussed, at the county group level, whether to pledge on the National Intent form or not. The campaign strongly suggested that we not overtly pledge to Ron Paul on the form. Instead the campaign vetted those unpledged people we were to vote for during the Congressional and State assemblies and provided the slate for us at the assemblies. In the County and Congressional Assemblies we personally knew most (if not all) of the unpledged people we were voting for. The State Assembly was a somewhat different animal. My understanding is that the our campaign formed a strategic alliance with some people in the Santorum Campaign and the result was the Unity Slate mentioned in video. We achieved our goal, which was to help assure a brokered convention in Tampa.

We should confirm this but I believe those National delegates who are unpledged have a deadline to pledge to a candidate (BEFORE the convention) or the chairman THEN has the opportunity to proxy their vote.

I'd also like to put out a BIG THANK YOU to all the hard working folks who're participating in the process - all over the country. We listened to the good doctor and we did what he said. He said; "Become a Republican, go to Caucus and become a delegate." We became Republicans. We went to Caucus and became delegates. He said; "Vote for our people and our ideas and never feel like you have to compromise your convictions." After we became delegates we did just that. We voted for our people and our ideas. And forming a temporary strategic alliance with folks who have a common goal is NOT compromising our principles. Dr. Paul does this ALL the time with his fellow lawmakers in DC. We are simply following his good example.

I became my precinct's PCP in 2010 and was reelected this year. My personal observation is that we are heavily involved in local Republican politics here in Colorado. While we are still very much a minority within the party as a whole, when it comes time to show up and VOTE we number between 30 & 50 percent of the quorum. This is where it counts and this is where we are making the biggest impact. The two biggest vote-getters for nominations to our County Commissioner positions went to two good solid Constitutional Republicans. These are just two examples out of perhaps hundreds here in Colorado, perhaps thousands across the country. Every one of these WINS belongs to US and happened because of our dedication to the cause of Liberty.

One last word about the young woman and all the folks who went off on their own way during the process. Thank you. You stayed true to your convictions and stood tall and proud - in the finest example of Dr. Paul. This stubborn, contrarian individualism is one of our greatest strengths as a group. Because we are ALL dedicated to the same ideals AND because we don't ALL sing to the exact same tune it makes us uncontrollable and very unpredictable. This is scary to the bad guys - and should be. That young woman is my hero.

More details

Does anybody know if what the

Does anybody know if what the guy on the video said is true, regarding that if they are unpledged delegates then for the 1st round the RNC votes for them? This in itself could give Romney the 1144 votes he needs in the first round.

Romney's people think the same thing

but I don't think thats true.
They seem to be referring to RNC unpledged member delegates.

The whole unpledged delegate thing scares me, as I can't find any confirmation as to who they support.

I wasn't there and don't live

I wasn't there and don't live in Colorado, but all I can say is trust the campaign. They might not do the best job at times but they would NEVER intentionally sabotage us.


hard to argue

its hard to argue with that first video. grassroots is what drives this campaign, and you could see the passion in the video. they all felt let down. if your gonna lose, lose with who brung ya and keep the team together.

Okay I have an an idea...

Okay I have an an idea... Looks like we need some grey area tactics in the same manner- just because. wouldn't know how to do it but there it is.

Sometimes a team can win with trick plays.

But we have numbers and are motivated to restore lost liberties.

At our GOP State Convention in 2008, Huckabee supporters were everywhere. Only Delegates and alternates were allowed on the Convention floor. Although they were invited in when Mrs. Huckabee spoke to the convention. They had signs and balloons and streamers and confetti. They were a party onto themselves.

We need delegates who support Ron Paul. We need liberty minded supporters for our delegates. Starting with precinct, County, District, State and finally the national delegates.

Free includes debt-free!

I'm calling your bluff

I was at both CD and State. You are making a big thing out of nothing Fellow DPer (for only 1hr and 50m). It sounds like you both are novices at the politicking. Hey, it happens... I was philosophically smart and politically ignorant at one point in my life too.

The majority was either Romney or Anti-Romney (Paul/Gingrich/Santorum). In my CD (CD2), you would never have been elected if you were openly Paul. Santorum supporters at that level still wouldn't have supported us.

Furthermore, you see the 3 delegates in your CD? 2 Unpledged and 1 Santorum... well you were able to vote for up to 6 delegates; therefore, you could have caucused with your fellow revolutionaries at the CD and come to a consensus for your 3 pledged Paul supporters-- which according to you and the "biggest" "conservative" congressional district. So if you had the majority... then did you elect 3 pledged Pauls on top of the 3 unity?

Rookie mistake or are you being divisive here because you're pretending to be RPers. I apologize to call out you as such, which I may be wrong, but our goal was a brokered convention if Paul has any shot. No?

on 4/13 at our districts the total was 9 Paul, 7 Santorum, 5 Romney.
on 4/14 at our state we had 4 additional Paul delegates and 1 Santorum and 7 Romney. 21/33 delegates went against Romney (he'll most likely get the 3 establishment super-delegates).

Colorado was successful and divine intervention is still in play. God Bless you.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

You don't know what you're talking about

Out of the 3 delegates the campaign told them to vote for in CD5, NONE OF THEM were Ron Paul supporters, not even the ONE unpledged!

Looking at other Santorum delegates elected from the "Conservative Unity" Slate, AT LEAST a few of them are planning on supporting Romney now that Santorum's out.

They were completely disenfranchised, and despite being the majority at the State Convention, I'm willing to bet what happened was the Ron Paul vote was split so the Romney people were able to take advantage of that.

Don't believe everything the campaign told you, just because they told you to. There were some BAD DEALS, and instead of getting the majority of delegates from Colorado it looks like Romney is getting the majority (at least 1 unpledged is a Romney supporter + 2 of the GOP leadership delegates).

It's people who blindly followed the official campaign that screwed this up for the grassroots.

Ok 4 weeks


In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.


Don't be a dumbass and completely ignore what I said and instead point out something completely irrelevant.

My registration on DailyPaul has nothing to do with how long I've been in the movement. I didn't register on DP until I saw a member I needed to communicate and coordinate with. I've been at this for more than 4 years, mister.

Piss off.

Your assuming

that the 4 unpledged delegates are all Paul delegates.
How can you be sure?

Had to be authorized from national

Otherwise Holdridge would not be adding his signature to that slate. Holdridge works for Benton and Dr. Paul ultimately.

Beyond that, see if you can speak with the campaign directly. I understand the passion, I share it. But please consider keeping the discussion and debate in-person rather than in a public forum - IMO.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


Are you the cowboy with the black hat that was disgruntled? I didn't watch your video, but you know what, we ROCKED the CD Assemblies. And please learn to spell Matt's name correctly. It's Holdridge. I think you were the only one who was upset by the slate. Everyone else was cool with it.


deleted comment

Most effective way to stop the corruption is to join the GOP

Running away from the GOP and yelling, "Corruption", isn't stopping the corruption, or preventing corruption, but actually, it's abetting corruption, because the only way to stop the corruption is by joining the GOP and getting on a Republican Central Committee, and being involved in government on the local level.

You must make a stand and be counted to stop the corruption.

Seems the sorry part of these corruption stories is how they unfluence apathy among us. They do not create or establish leaders who are working to end corruption, but rather expose the weakest among us, in thinking they are willing victims for the right to "expose" but do nothing about the corruption. The solution is getting in the GOP and FIGHTING the good fight FOR RON PAUL, FOR the Nation, For the world, FOR ourselves.

JOIN Ron Paul and all of us who joined the GOP to STOP the corruption.. That's how we end corruption. That's the only way to end the corruption.

i couldn't

agree more.

it's very simple, he did not have the numbers to win for Paul

Would you rather have Romney win the whole thing?

The goal is a brokered convention, not allowing ROMNEY to get the needed delegates.

Class Action Lawsuit is in order

This is fraud against the American people. Time to stop letting these people off the hook. If I understand this, state level delegate selection was presented fraudulently -therefore, should be null and void in the eyes of the law. I'm not sure where voter fraud intersects state law, but the right to be represented is a law that has been represented.

Get more disturbing each day

How can the Nationals think this is good for building the GOP brand?

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

ummm....this happens all the time, it's not corrupt it's smart

If Paul's Colorado campaign director felt he did not have the numbers to win, but adding Paul votes to Santorum would Prevent Romney from getting delegates that is what we want - a brokered convention.

We don't always have the numbers, sometimes it was Romney folk helping us to stop Santorum, now it will be Santorum supporters helping to stop Romney.

Good point

you're making. CD5 in Colorado was unique, the other districts seemed to either not have nearly the grassroots organization (e.g. their own slate) or were in close contact with the campaign. My district is well organized and agreed to follow whatever the suggested slate might be and gave zero to Romney. We had 3 on the official slate and had a secondary list in the event we were able to vote 6. Our CD rules got changed in secret Thursday night and the campaign had no idea the number of votes would each delegate get.

I can't say what happened in CD5, but if you did not uniformly follow a single slate the result was that Romney got 3 delegates and 1 alternates. That is the textbook result of diluting your vote. Other districts got at least one undeclared or/and one Santorum delegate, such as CD6 and CD7.

If your local organization knew more about RP delegates and you guys just ignored the campaign's slate, it might have worked better. Probably it would have been smarter for Matt to delegate your CD's slate lead to someone local, I dunno the nature of the relationship. It might have been unavoidable if the numbers just weren't there. That's the logic in the slate selections, if you don't compromise to get some of what you want you might end up with none. In this case getting one pro-Santorum would mean one less pro-Romney state-wide.

I'm also sympathetic to the reasoning that to lose on principles might be better than a tainted win. But elevating delegates within the party is a lot different than being asked to vote for Romney in November.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-- Arthur Schopenhauer

One of these days, I would

One of these days, I would like to buy you coffee ! I'm "in the book" or e-mail to dallascounty@live.com

Keep up the GREAT work on the ship Mighty Mo.

Email bot spammers...

Just giving you the heads up - if you stick your email on there just as it's typed into a client you will get more spam in your inbox. I know you can't change that now but... for the next time.

Many Thanks.

If you dig hard enough, you can find all my contact info on the D.P.

I have been very surprised at the LACK of communications I get. Must say, the few who have called me had good reason and still stay in touch. As has been said befor, "we are family". (some times even family needs a brick up the side of the head). :)

You are one of the members here who I would like to send a thumb drive to and get some/all your research work from....I collect FROM all and send OUT to all ("In a multitude of coucil there is sound wisdom")I seek wisdom...