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Donate TODAY! CAUTION: Adults Only ~ Fight on! Fight Hard! [VIDEO Embed Please]

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Don't just vote this

Don't just vote this up...
Don't just bump this...
Forward the link to your list...

I have never doubted

I have never doubted Robamney's ability to screw over Americans and drive them into the arms of Ron Paul. I've always believed in the criminal politicians to eventualy cause the revolution.

freedom 101


You are welcome

My 8 year old says its a great video !

Remove the adult only warning

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

I meant "grown up" not

I meant "grown up" not un-adult as in adult movies.

I should have said rated R

for Revolutionary

I sure loved this video! Come

I sure loved this video! Come on you facebookies! Cough it up!

i'd want to meetup with local

i'd want to meetup with local ron paul people in tampa to spread the word and encourage donations too if i didnt friggin work 24/7 lol soon ill be mon-fri though and can do weekends handing out flyers and brochures to old people and save them from their televisions and/or fox news! my parents were right watching too much tv does turn your brain to mush haha

Liberty Rang Yesterday in Minnesota and elsewhere!

Folks please broadcast this video out to your email contact list and others to Donate to Dr. Paul. We didn't advertise much in Minnesota we worked our "****" off canvassing our neighbors. Your neighbors want the same things as we want on Daily Paul, but their eyes haven't been open yet because of the media. Its your job in the remaining states to take long walks with fellow Liberty Lovers and canvass your neighbors.

Lets raise the $2.5 Million Dr. Paul needs this time ,but lets also get out and walk the streets!

We are winning and people are starting to understand what we are about at the conventions. I know we passed on 3 delegates to Tampa that will represent us well. I talked with these delegates and I said please don't be silent on convention floor and let it be known that people in Minnesota and else were are fed up with the status quo. They said they will be fighting on the convention floor for us.

Its up to you folks in the remaining states to talk with your neighbors and bring them to the polls.

Keep fighting to become a delegate.

In Liberty!






Why adults only?

I didn't see or hear anything offensive in it.

It was talking about Freedom.

Freedom is a dirty word.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.