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ATTN: To all delegates who were at a convention yesterday

Let's see if this guy will report in Politico what happened this weekend. E-mail him your reports. You don't have to give him exact numbers, just get him to see this race is not over yet.

No tweets. He takes e-mails: jmartin@politico.com.

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Keep delegate identities secret as if witness protection program

In 2008 McCain spent 2 million to make sure he has 'loyal delegates'. You think, now when so many are covert Ron Paul delegates, Romney and the whole Establishment is just gonna play ball? No! This whole delegate business needs to be kept hush-hush within Ron Paul supporters. Don't get short-sighted thinking that some mediocre article is gonna bring Ron any more votes. And especially Politico in this case. Delegates are now under special 'delegate' protection program!

This is NOT a good idea.


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Curious to hear your take on it.

Spokane County results weren't great or even good, afaict

I was at the Spokane County (Washington state) convention yesterday, and we didn't break into our individual district caucuses until after lunch at 2pm. I'm in the 4th, which is the largest district. I don't want to re-hash the whole thing, but the 'Unity' slate (i.e. the 'abp - anyone but Paul' slate) carried and they got the majority of delegates and alternates going to the State convention at the end of May. At least we made them work for it, it took 4 ballots to get all 41 delegates selected and 2 ballots to get all alternates selected. We didn't get out of there until about 1 am.

I think a couple of the smaller districts had slightly better results, but I'm not positive. Maybe some others will come by with a report.

Then obviously, you shouldn't write to him a report

I think she meant the people who were at conventions where he swept up the delegates.

Now why in the hell would we email a Politico

reporter what happened? So he can spin it for their paper and their candidate? So they can bash Dr.Paul in some way? So they can extract emails and names and maybe use them against us?

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Good idea

Hopefully I can give him good news next weekend from Texas. I know some Texas counties went yesterday. Does anyone have good news about their Texas county?

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delates in all states could send first person

reports, with corroborating recordings.