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Why does the media hate Ron Paul?

Why do the media hate Ron Paul?
Because he is anti war.
It is as simple as that.
The media needs power and they get that power from the government, as long as they report what the government wants. Why does the government want them to black out Ron Paul? Because if he is elected, he will stop these wars, and wouldn't go to war unless we declared it. This scares them because the big businesses that make military equipment who also fill out the paychecks of many congressmen so that they will pass their bills to buy their military equipment. If Ron Paul wins, theses lobbyists lose, and so does the media, and the businesses that support these wars.
So, why do the media hate Ron Paul?
Because the military industrial complex hates Ron Paul.
Why? War is profitable.

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See this. Even though some

See this. Even though some info there may be dated, answers to your question are ALL there, it's self-explanatory:


Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

There owned and operated by

There owned and operated by the elite and the Fed pressures them in everyway. We need to make our own network but that would prob be hard and costly.

Media likes Romney and hence hates Paul.

The two are polar opposites among all the gop rivals that have come and gone in the past year.

Paul and Romney have nothing in common personally and professinally. Romney is the same personally and professinally. Romney views Paul as a professional relationship that he needs to manage and get under his wings.


The major media are owned by the status quo

Their interests are in the continuation of corporate/government partnership in the Wars, bailouts, stimulus plans, power-brokering, ...

Ron Paul is outside of their paradigm. They cannot grasp, or cannot stomach, a world without a coercive and intrusive government. He is therefore a non-entity.

Because the Democratic Establishment hates alot of Americans...

Since the Democratic Establishment owns the MIC, and loves giving away everything to Banks, industrialists & tossing it all the problems under the sun they think they have to fix.

And they fix it by forced Government intervention, whether that's spreading Democracy under the banner of many a flags - or giving children tendonitis shots - or endorsing GMO poisoning the food - or Bailing out everything in sight including NBC to promote more war.

Or providing forced vaccinations on animals, vietnam vets, hospitals & school yards across the U.S.A. Its a industrial machine.

They believe there's a Big Government answer to everything....!

I disagree. Sure being

I disagree. Sure being anti-war is a factor, but they hate him MOSTLY because he's anti-FED.

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Yep. The military-industrial complex...

and the media are both owned by the banksters. Without an endless supply of money, neither one would function for very long. The media hates Ron Paul because the Federal Reserve owns the media (and everything else), and the Fed is the one that really hates Ron Paul for his exposure of them.

I was go with something simple like

cause we hates dems and dems hates usses.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

It's more than war. The media

It's more than war. The media is owned by companies that used the government for all sorts of things. Ron wants to shrink government & reduce spending. Cutting foreign aid alone is enough for the media to hate Paul, because all foreign aid goes out with the stipulation that it must be spent with American companies. That's corporate welfare, for the biggest of the big corporations. Only 5 companies own ALL of the media, Ron Paul is an enemy to them on every single front!

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Wait A Minute

I had no idea foreign aid came with the condition of being spent on U.S. companies. Isn't that just "stimulus" along the lines of the oft-bemoaned stimulus bill that the Republicans love to hate?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Its mentioned by the good Dr.

Its mentioned by the good Dr. himself in End the Fed (and I believe Revolution: A Manifesto), and I have seen it mentioned on the DP as well. Israel for instance gets billions in foreign aid, provided they buy weapons from US manufacturers, among other things. They also get the special privilege to "review" our weapon's technology. It is indeed corporate welfare for politically connected companies.

Foreign aid is treason as far as I am concerned. Giving our tax dollars (through the unconstitutional income & inflation taxes) to a foreign country and leaving our own people in debt can only be defined as treason. Even if it is an "ally", you're still putting their sovereignty and prosperity ahead of the American peoples'.

Ending foreign aid, and ending the fed, would put us on the fast track towards American prosperity. Why is Mitt Romney not talking about this, he's all about "Restoring America's Greatness" right? Or is that just his tagline? Me thinks the latter.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

Exactly. Basically it's

Basically it's because of corporate greed.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

And if you want to look at it

And if you want to look at it in a broader scope, it is about globalism. Ron Paul wants to protect the sovereignty of America, and the individual liberties of Americans. The bankers and the government, want to take our rights away as individuals, bankrupt the country, and bring us all into a more controllable American Union, with one currency, that would include South, Central, North America and Canada. They accomplished this with the European Union and the Euro, and we're next.

If they succeed in taking America down, the rest of the world will fall right into place. One currency, manipulated by ONE bank, with the power to destroy anyone who gets in their way financially. That's why no one (but Paul and a few others) talks about the gold standard, while the Fed and World Bank continue to buy up gold all over the place.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I was a little taken back yesturday......

In short my 7yr old wanted to play a game online. He came to ask my permission and get help signing up. The site asked for his location and out of several to choose from, the united states choice was labeled, "The Americas", and in perenthesis, was listed all of south, central North America and Canada. I thought it was odd.

Don't look too much into

Don't look too much into that, that is the way video games are classified by region. NTSC is Canada, North American and South America. PAL is Europe, and JPN is Japan. The reason for this is that the marketing/localization of video games falls into those 3 categories.

Doesn't change the globalist schemes to draw us into an American Union, destroy the dollar so that it can never again be backed by gold, and put us on a global or at least regional ELECTRONIC currency that they have complete control over. That is the reality we face if we keep electing supporters of the global elite.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.