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VOTE UP: I sent this email out, and it brought in $350.00 in donations OUT OF NOWHERE!.

Use this letter. It works. Email it out to get more donations. Change it, anyway you want. You may want to take out the SB component. Look at the two responses I got only TEN MINUTES after sending it out:

"$100.00: Done"
"I will give 10% of my weeks earnings"

And then, there is this (a half hour later):

From F. I., 11:29 AM, a few minutes later:

"Hi Dr. K:,
I just made a $25 donation to the Ron Paul Campaign. I am a registered Democrat but believe in what Ron Paul trying to do."

One more: "$100. From R. Shelton."

One more, 12 hours later: "What a wonderful email!I sent $100 donation today for his fight. He is everything that is right for us. Thanks for the email! My Best to You"

Note: I only sent out about 200 emails, so the response rate was high

Here is the letter:

To everyone from _______________

RE: Tax-Free, Freedom-Empowering Money Bomb

Let's help the good doctor in every way we can. He's helping us. He'll help us get 10-times more money than whatever we give through reviving our economy.

How much help will he give?

* End the Fed
* End the IRS (keep the fruit of your labor)
* Stop the Bail-Outs

It's HUGE. Let's help the fiscally responsible doctor stay in the black.

The man who stays in the Super-8 and eats modest food.

The man who is responsible with every penny of our money.

The one who AUDITED the FED, and revealed all the hemorrhaging.

The only one who stands up against tyranny.

Help him.

Send him what you can. The man who has bravely stood against the income tax tyrants!!

Now, we must stand up for him. Just go to the link and hit the button. Fill out the credit card info and donate. Let me know the amount. Note: those who know me, tell me your commitment.

Because I will buy Super-Brochures and bumper stickers on your behalf and get them out to the people.

This is our last chance for liberty and justice for all, the chance to do our great God’s work and save lives—and our future, the future of our generations.

We're in this for the win. And the doctor needs your help.



To donate: http://www.dailypaul.com/

See this important article: Ron Paul is Really Serious about Transparency By Kim Barker, ProPublica – Mon, Apr 2, 2012...

"...when it comes to filing expense reports with the FEC, Ron Paul beats everyone.

His campaign’s hyper-vigilance is notable, verging on fanatical.

Every bank fee, every 22 cents at a FedEx, every $1 toll on the Florida turnpike, every $5.09 pit stop at any Starbucks anywhere, every doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts and Dough Nutz–it’s all right there, itemized in the Paul campaign’s copious expenditure reports. In 160 instances so far, the campaign has reported purchases costing a single dollar or less."

Read more: http://www.ashlandcurrent.com/article/12/04/02/ron-paul-real...

WSJ Quote is found below:


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Yes and use that FreedomWatch clip

I do not understand why end the IRS and the WSJ guy's comments have not been used in the campaign.
I would repeat zero tax or end the Fed EVERY 3-5 minutes in EVERY speech.
I just do not understand why this has not been done.
I put that as my number 1 suggestion to improve the campaign back in January.

Voters are selfish. It needs to be made plain what's in it for them.

Your Yahoo link does not work.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

For anyone who wants to get this link on Dr. Paul's incredible

fiscal responsibility and transparency, see the post below by GeraldCostello.

Sent out to the 100 people I have been working on...

Thanks for the tip!


This is a really powerful tool, should be getting more attention :-)

This article always gets good attention and impresses many

About how he tracks and reports every penny he spends on campaign.


Good to add to letter.

Thanks for this: it is added to the post

You may alter this and then post it on the Internet. Link helps. Note the other link from the WSJ about economic revival of his no tax plan.

What WSJ link?

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Results are the bottom line; thanks