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Calling All Troll Smashers! Wead could use your help!

I've start catching Doug Wead's blog as its been posted a few times here over the last couple weeks. Mr. Wead has an insufferable troll camped out on his blog. Normally I wouldn't bother to motivate troll smashing, often its just a waste of time, but this will not stand, Mr. Wead's traffic is NOT high enough to support a troll this pathetic and without more patriots on that blog he's taking it over, so I am calling on all of you to step in and leave Mr. Wead some love, if you're not willing to join in the troll smashing. This guy has no intention of debating you or recognizing truth in your words, he simply must be buried under RP love! PLEASE HELP A PATRIOT DEFEND ANOTHER!


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Only His Freudian Psychologist knows

Obviously TEX2 has lost it. How can anyone spend that much time on a blog, day in and day out rambling and attacking people??

I suspect he definitely is mentally ill. Was he abandoned by his dad or mom and has some sort of identity crisis going on???

What a waste of a life. Truely sad.

Or this is his job?

I mean he must be getting paid enough for him to spend all that time online...

I just don't know why he isn't banned?

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Oh man

As I shake my head and soak this in....

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

He's a case

Tex2's opinions are not fact, tho he thinks they are.
He is an antagonist who loves contention and argument for the sake of his ego.
He is too arrogant to ever get over himself.
He should be ignored.
He will eventually go away and bother someone else...
He may eventually grow up when someone finally beats the sh!t out of him

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

can't let trolls run rampant

can't let trolls run rampant in our front yard tho! what would the neighbors think? :)

Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!

That dude has some serious problems! He keeps talking about the Bible, but then does some of the worst name calling right to Paul and his supporters. He is probably one of the most vicious neocons I have ever seen on a blog! Wow! He is an very angry person...arguing with him seems pointless from what I was reading. Don't understand what kind of a life these trolls must have to even bother. They have no life I suppose! People are so afraid of truth also! The guy seems like a Mark Levin listener...Levin acts that hateful to Paul. Check it out.

he's a special kind of troll,

he's a special kind of troll, i've never encountered such a levelled up troll lol

Admin should just ban him.

Admin should just ban him. It's one thing if you're being factual. It's quite another if you're just being an insufferable troll.

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Yeah, why is he not just banned??



wish i knew, might be

wish i knew, might be pointless though he'd just change location and come back... 'this guy's got a vendetta' is the only way it adds up to me.

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Homeland Security....

...calls that terror mongering.

Has anyone checked to see if Doug has filed an fbi report on him?

ok i don't think it rises to

ok i don't think it rises to that level, but i dig your enthusiasm!


People who do that stuff are paid to do it. Low level MSM people I believe.

It appears that Tex2 hates

It appears that Tex2 hates Jews. Go figure.

"I’m sure some of your jew-boy friends got ripped off as well, and I’m not a redneck, a hillbilly, or a loser. Other than that, you’re a moron who didn’t answer the question. I think it’s hilarious you’re going to rot in hell. How’s that?"


He failed at Amway and got mad when Doug Wead didn't pay enough attention to him. What a loser...

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Let it go

The trolls aren't worth your time. Ignore them completely. If you get worked up about it they have achieved their goal. Just let it go and focus on what is important.

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
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Is doug wead not worth a few

Is doug wead not worth a few a few minutes? just saying, we should leave some love for the people working out there

CoIntelPro: What you should know

CoIntelPro: What you should know

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Tex2 must be overjoyed with

Tex2 must be overjoyed with all the fuss people are making of him.

really not about him, just

really not about him, just not right whats happening on Mr Wead's blog, day in and day out this guy trashes DW, i thought it would be nice to fuss over DW



Be forewarned...

I went on Doug Wead's website, and there is some nut on there by the name of Tex 2 and Tex 3 who must sit night and day on that website for the sole purpose of irritating people. I get fifty e-mails several times a day from the website all because of that nut. I hope I have managed to get myself disengaged from that nut.

Minnesota Mary

haha yeah never ask for

haha yeah never ask for updates by email that could be tragic

2 Choices

Option #1)
Mr. Scott E. Johnson of good'ol Collin County Texas.
Read this letter he sent to the head of Amway (page 2 is so ironic its sad)
Then read the subsequent Restraining Order Libel Suit and resulting gag order they slapped his ass with for even more laughs, LOL!

Option #2)
It's one of Obama's 220-person strong team of in-house trolls (ain't kiddin) using a rather elementary
COINT disinformation tactic. If they feel cocky they might even add some symbolism to the ruse.
Mind help to be mindful of the fact that Scott E. Johnson was also the name of a (now) famous slave who lived in Texas in the 19th century.

Scott E. Johnson aka TEX2

Wow! This guys bitterness goes waaaaaaaaaaay back. I found a pdf that he wrote to Amway owner Richard DeVos that goes way back to June of 2005. Then I read his statements on Doug Weads pages from 2009.

This guy is wacked out, bitter, anti-semetic and obviously a real kook.


Bottom line: He's just a plain disgruntled nut job. Pure and simple.

I wonder if that's the same

I wonder if that's the same guy who was writing very bitter Ron Paul posts on DIGG all the time back during the 2008 campaign.

Wow...good find

When you are strapped with a restraining order against yourself and your known aliases are your internet handles, you know you've reached the big leagues of internet trolldom. Unreal.

It makes you wonder if he has an actual mental condition or his life is just so sad, this is the only thing he has to do.

Ten minutes in that dude's mind,...

the definition of Hell, would be.
Assuming he's a (heaven help me) legit troll
and not a shill....Tis sure on there alot...

Troll is too nice of a word,

best if you start calling them for what they are. Gnomes!

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

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below troll is troglodyte

(that word even looks ugly!)

Gnomes tend to gardens.

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ooo are you jon the troll

ooo are you jon the troll killer? someone said we should sic jon on him lol