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Why Liberals (and everyone else) Should Support Ron Paul

Hopefully advice that is not too late for liberals...


Really, in all honesty, there is only one candidate that actually has a consistent and clear record of opposing the dangerous and unconstitutional attacks on human rights and liberties perpetrated by the Bush and Obama administrations over the last decade.

Ron Paul may face diminished chances to unseat the Republican frontrunner, but citizens can send a clear message that enough is enough with the burgeoning national security state by participating a popularity surge in favor of Ron Paul.

Doing so is crucial if we are to arrest and reverse the American security state’s embrace of tyranny and rejection of the Constitution. And that’s why liberals (and everyone else) should get behind Ron Paul.


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States rights

Liberals can have their own states while conservatives have their own and libertarians have theirs. than the liberals will find out it sucks to be a liberal and will become libertarian and same for so called conservatives, let them find out in their own ideological states.