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Jack Hunter: The Revolution will not be Televised

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Shout it Jack Hunter!!!

Attack the Democratic Establishment's horrid agenda!

And make no mistake, it was the Democratic Party who started this entire thing along with the WHIGs....some of the WHIGs from the south, were secretly Democrats..

The Democratic Leaders are pure evil, that is why they setup the others as controlled opposition. To try to control them all as often as possible..to sing the same tune as them.

With their stranglehold weakened, they are admitting they are not the Party of Peace...
Either way, they're convinced they can smash the Republicans etc to dust. No problem to keep the brainwashed in line.

Proud Democrats have always been the party of war, corporate welfare and privilege like Bob Ney, Pelosi, Hoyer, Cantor and of course the rest including Kohl, Baird, Byrd, Holder, Schultz, Cheney, Rockefeller & Larkin. Not saying there aren't duped people, but its written on their very platform.

They fool you every time you enter a booth, by saying its the "other guy" - by just running a closet Democrat in the other party. Thus welcome to the New World Order!