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72 Delegates Are Up For Grabs in PA on April 24th 2012

URGANT!!!! Romney is hoping that the PA delegates will push him over the top. There are 72 unbound delegates up for grabs. I don't know much about all this. All I know is our Primary is on April 24th 2012. Who do I talk to in order to help fight for Ron Paul delegates in PA? We just won Colorado by Santorum and Ron Paul supporters making a "unity slate". Let's make sure this happens in Pennsylvania as well! HELP!!!!!

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We win when the santorum supporters and all the anti romney vote

votes for us!

The problem is: they dont know about Ron Paul(Is he still in the race?)

The solution is:

distributing comparison sheets Romney vs. Ron Paul near the voting places.


If we dont do this then they will just vote for santorum who is still on the ballot!

If we manage to channel the protest vote to the Dr. then we win. Otherwise Santorum who dropped out will gain more votes then us :(

I would suggest printing out

I would suggest printing out the free Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney Comparison Handouts to help sway people. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0oRX5D16N4XcnFNUGtCem1ZNE0/...

And there's also the Pennsylvania Voters' Kit to reference: http://www.dailypaul.com/227552/pennsylvania-primary-voters-...

lol same idea same time ;)

see my above post ;)

Please help!

My sister's mother in law will vote for Ron Paul delegates at her convention in Penn. However, she will do this as a favor, so won't work hard at it. She does however, need to know who to vote for. Please email me via dailypaul if you want to keep this secret. Please, someone help.