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Idea To Surge The Money Bomb!

If we can protect these donors' privacy AND FIGURE A WAY NOT TO CONTACT THE SAME ONES OVER AND OVER FOR THIS MONEY BOMB, there's a place to find Ron Paul Supporters to let them know there's a money bomb today.

We can look up their contact information online or in paper white pages, and say something like:

"Hello. I am calling to inform you that Ron Paul is having a donation money bomb today to fund his 2012 Presidential campaign in the remaining 20 United States yet to vote and continue his delegate surge on to win the nomination at the Tampa national convention. He requested a minimum of $2.5 million from his supporters and we're hoping that you would help us reach that goal by midnight pacific time tonight, or in the next few days, by spreading the word and donating at ronpaul2012.com. Would you be willing and able to help us?"

FEEDBACK to make that briefer?

We can provide them the following contacts for more information or to get further updates:

email: "SaveAmerica2012" saveamerica2012@mail.com
phone number: any volunteers who have time to take calls?
website: dailypaul.com

Locate donors here:


Enter a zip code or state, in "Recipient" box put Paul (last name only), check box 2008 and 2012, check box Name of donor, enter query code, then submit.

If you submit your contact info and the donors contact info before and after contacting to "SaveAmerica2012" saveamerica2012@mail.com, we can cull a workable list without duplication.

***Please only phone at respectable hours! Know the time zone you're calling (time.gov). Suggestions for times to call or not call?

What do you think?

Thanks for your help and support.

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...and ye shall receive.


I bought a lot of gear today and this idea struck me

How about contacting all your friends and family that are hesitant to donate to this moneybomb that for your (Birthday, graduation gift, Christmas gift, etc) you would like a hat, Tshirt, hoodie, yard sign ,something from the ron paul store etc for that gift. Send them the web address, tell them what you would like, you're happy, they're happy, Ron is happy, everybody is happy!

You get some cool gear, they bought you something you really wanted, and the money bomb grows!

Sounds like a win win situation.


if you know any romney, obummer, grinch, or santy supporters with an special occasion coming up, buy them some ron paul gear for their gift and tell them to either like it or lump it!

You kill 2 birds with one stone

Gifts for Money Bombs

Great idea! Thanks! :)

This Shouldn't Be Necessary

Hopefully the campaign automatically sent e-mails out to these donors, they would have a database. I looked up donors in my zip code and came up with names, but not contact info. Then I used a reverse lookup and still couldn't pinpoint a person. This would take hours of effort. Good luck with it!


Thanks for trying. One would think the campaign would notify people, but I never receive notices, nor do other people I know (from this election cycle and the last one.)

If you go here:

and enter name, city, state, zip on find people tab

if their phone is listed, it should pop up

I know it's very time-consuming, but we need to get Ron Paul the money he needs.

Just trying to be enterprising. And we can use the info again later.

I appreciate your time and interest. Thank you!