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PLEASE write to Saturday Night Live & ask Where was Ron?


This is what I wrote:

Watched the opener last night in the bar. Where was Ron Paul? I thought you'd have him ride in on his bicycle & say, "See you suckers in Tampa! Try to catch me!!!!" But no, your writers are either too brain dead, or have been bought off by the corporate masters. You blacked out Ron Paul just like the rest of the media is doing. Guess you didn't see his rallies last week that drew more people than all the other candidates put together - EVER!

Well, I have something to say to you SNL, Ron Paul is going to ROCK the republican convention & you will be left with coke on your nose, wondering WTF?

BTW, just read of your wooing of Mitt Zombie as a host. Great move. Boy, do we need that POS for POTUS. If you were using your head, you'd book Ron Paul. Don't you have ANY idea of the millions of his fans worldwide & what a ratings hit you'd have? Of course you don't, because you haven't been relevant since the days of the disco ball. I'll let you get back to your studying your "lines" now.

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This stuff writes itself.

How can you NOT want a former obgyn presidential candidate on SNL? I mean, this stuff writes itself. We all understand the Mass Hysteria Congress is under. Who better to diagnose and treat than Dr Paul? Seriously, I actually wrote some jokes this very morning on the topic and sent it out.

You know Betty White got on there by a petition.

A Ron Paul presidency would mean at the least 4 years of awesome "medically based" jokes.

I already emailed SNL. Maybe I'll email them again with some of my material.

Ron Paul 2012!!!!

Write to Campaign to try to be more effective

and have them do the legwork thru official channels. I don't think emails to general email addresses will work. SNL is not the only show. All of media has considered Paul out of the race for several weeks. So you need to go thru official channels and hit the thousands of media outlets and media pundits.


Be careful what you wish for. If you give them grief, they may

come back with something much worse than "ignoring". Just sayin.....

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Maybe it's because I'm 58 & I will never forget the days of

Bobby Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon and the Vietnam war. EVERY Sunday, we couldn't wait for The Smothers Brothers show. Their writers had consciences & did everything they could to lambast the warmongers & prop up the good guys. Laugh-In did their part, too, but to a lesser extent. Nowadays, that whole ideology is in the toilet. If the Smothers Brothers were on tv, do you think they'd LOVE Ron Paul? Of course!! In fact, Ron reminds me at times of Pat Paulsen.

So YES, I'm going to SNL to task, esp. when they're truly considering having Romboid on there as a guest host. You don't think SNL can make any kind of difference? Of course they can. I still figure it's one voter at a time. When Ron is not even mentioned in a sketch about candidates, I'm FURIOUS! There are millions of people out there who don't know Ron exists & THEY VOTE!!!! Maybe on Saturday night, they kick back & watch the show?

A big deal was made out of the e-mail campaign to get Betty White to host. The same thing could be done for Ron.

I'm just not going to sit on my rear & settle for Ron being left out of popular culture that used to have some kind of political acumen. And yes, I know they did a wonderful piece on Ron awhile back, but they need to keep doing it if they want to have any respect for their profession.

You guys need to relax

You have gotten so used to being blacked out that now you actually want to be included when shows are laughing at (not with) the other republicans? Lol.. SNL goes out of its way to make fun of Republicans on a regular basis, why in the world would you want them ruining Dr. Paul's name? They obviously weren't dying to include him in the clip because he is the only GOP candidate that gets respect from everyone on the left.

It's the same exact thing that South Park did when they excluded Ron Paul from the clip at the end of the episode during the debate. Don't go looking for things to complain about... sometimes you get so caught up in trying to find the negative aspect of something that you completely overlook the positive aspects.

OH BY THE WAY, just to jog all of your memories, SNL IS the same show that featured the clip below not too long ago, and stated "Ron Paul, not going anywhere... Ideologically pure and tough as nails."


How soon we forget...

yeah so now they don't show

yeah so now they don't show him at all you see that as an improvement?

don't get complacent. the water is beginning to boil, its time to hop out.

Think this one through again

It's a comedy show, what are you expecting them to throw a compliment to him in there again? Get over it, it's hardly something to get worked up about.

You guys making a huge deal and going overboard with e-mails about something as stupid as this is what gives all the rest of us a bad name. Get pissed about something that actually means something and is worth getting pissed about, hit up the Georgia GOP and ask them why they are railroading our delegates. That would be a lot better of a use of your time than b*tching at SNL for not making fun of Ron Paul.

"its a comedy show" Every

"its a comedy show"

Every channel is a comedy show. Every commercial, sitcom, and nowadays news station is entertainment.

Why draw the line at comedy? Why discredit one medium over the next when our entire culture revolves around overwhelming amounts of noninformation?

I understand your problem, but to me it comes off a bit unproductive. Where is your post on your letter to the Georgia GOP?

It is the pervasive clutch of apathy that we are facing and your only response was to belittle someone who is actually upset about the current state of the media.

Less put-downs, foulness, and muckraking needed.

Let's try more solutions and reasonable discourse.

You seem to be missing the point entirely..

SNL is created entirely for satirical purposes. No one tunes in to SNL to figure out who to vote for, they tune in to laugh. You will argue that they "subliminally" communicate information, and thus belittled RP by not including him in the GOP bashing. If you want me to point out 10 reasons why this is irrelevant when done by a show like SNL I will, but I am confident you can figure it out on your own if you think about it really, really hard.

Their skits are designed around what generates the highest comedic value for their audience, and they use their limited resources to maximize it. Why draw the line at SNL? Well, it seems blatantly obvious, because no one in their right mind tunes in to SNL for an update on current events. You draw the line for what constitutes a "comedy show" at what your instincts tell you are comedy shows. This seems obvious, but since you don't seem to understand, I will give you an example: Saturday Night Live - Comedy, South Park - Comedy, Fox News - information, 60 minutes - information.

No one is saying to become apathetic, there are certainly more than a handful of media outlets that are withholding information regarding Ron Paul to keep him out of the public eye, but I can assure you SNL is likely not one of them. Based on their history of saying positive things about RP, it doesn't really add up.

You assume that people are apathetic if they don't want to attack SNL for not making fun of Ron Paul, but your conclusion is based on the flawed premise that SNL excluding RP from the GOP bashing skit is something that we need to take action on. Your second conclusion is based on the false premise that because I haven't posted my letter to the GA GOP, I never wrote one or contacted them. Based on your logic, only a few dozen people have actually contacted them, which likely is not the case.

Less trying to look smart, more actually using your brain.

Try thinking more and logical reasoning.

Just like Jon Stewart

Just like Jon Stewart continues to say nice things about Paul?

Oh wait, he doesn't.

This isn't worth the time. If you want to disregard what I am proposing and continue attacking your fellow Ron Paul supporters go ahead.

Otherwise maybe its time to lead by example.

I watched SNL last night and

I watched SNL last night and saw the skit. I too was shocked that Ron Paul was not included. But, I think the entire skit was making fun of Republicans. SNL portrayed them all in a very poor manner. Perhaps I am reading this wrong, but after thinking about this for a moment, I became glad they didn't lump Ron Paul into the GOP circus.

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Playing Ron Paul must have gone against his


What do you expect NBC is run by the Federal Reserve

Sill write to them, I still do

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Thanks ausscyn; when your put your mind to it,

you can write an excellent zinger!

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...watching again.


They are out of there!!!

And...love to the trolls. :)


All the Republican candidates who can't beat Obama were in the

sketch, hence the omission of Ron Paul. Romney has lost, he just hasn't realized it yet.

No one watches TV anymore, Ron Paul doesn't need MSM. We are.

He has you and me. Just ask Oprah if people watch TV anymore. We are more powerful here, than complaining what the MSM is or is not doing.


they knew Dr. Paul wouldn't frequent bars.

Probably not, just more blackballing.

Live Free Or Die