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Just spent 7 months on the road! Spreading the word of Liberty!

My "Ron Paul Road Warrior" "Transition Tour" "to end the War" has come to an end. I just published my report on my brief say in D.C.:


Now I am back in Northern California. Unfortunately I don't have a car. The buses work out here, but are very infrequent. Additionally I am broke, so bouncing around on the bus is not even in the budget. I can't even participate in the Money Bomb today. I'm looking for some farm work I can do during the day so I can continue to be active in the evenings and on the weekends.

In the mean time I created this "The r3VOLution Is Not Being Televised" t-shirt (the lettering is TV Static - hard to see in the thumbnail).


And I always have a chip-in going for folks that feel extra generous.


Thanks everyone! Had a great time, now it's time to win California!

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Sold a second shirt!

This time I had it set to actually receive a commission! Winning!

Jack Wagner

Thanks from Australia

For Promoting Liberty!

I like the shirt too. I might have to buy one when Ive got some cash.

Thanks from America

I still haven't been to Australia, or the southern hemisphere. Need to make it out there at some point.

Jack Wagner

Sold my first shirt!

Woot woot! A poster on Ron Paul forums bought a shirt of mine!

However, I just noticed that I never marked up the shirt, so no commission on that sale. But at least my shirt is now getting out!

Jack Wagner

On the RP Forums


Help bump there as well if you can! Thanks!

Jack Wagner

Thanks for all you do..I

Thanks for all you do..I can't give u money but can give you that..:)


That works! Thanks for the props!

Jack Wagner

reedr3v's picture

Thanks for your effectiveness. I hope you are

having fun working for liberty!