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Romney is lying again...his mouth is moving!



Don't let him forget his own voting record

Gun Owners of America ratings on the candidates

Ron Paul A+

Santorum B-

Gingrich C

Romney D-

Help me find and fill the news from the NRA

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The article should have read "Mitt Romney warns the NRA that he is no different than Obama and would likely flip again and vote for Gun Control"

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Had to open this just for the title


“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

No way! I'm shocked that a

No way! I'm shocked that a Massachussetts socialist who's further to the left than Ted Kennedy would get the lowest rating from gun owners.

Hint: I'm not really shocked.


I tried to post this on the la times link but can't get it to work.. if some one would like to post this there you can tweek it to be yer own. If you like . I'm not always good as typing what I really want to say!!! I would really like to tellthem how ignorant they sound. Thanks!

I am happy to say, we have states rights.. this means you get to vote on what type of gun laws or any law you have in your state. Both Obama and Romney have made or supported bills and laws that take our rights away, I don't just mean gun rights.. we are losing our constitutional rights by having people in office like these two men.. we need some one that is willing to respect our constitution. We need some who is not willing to bow down and apologize to terrorist families (Obama ) we need some one who will not take money from lobbyists (Romney and Obama) we don't need some one to force healthcare down our mouths (Romney and Obama ) we need some one like ron Paul who will let us live our free lives who is able to cut spending now (not just future. spending (Romney and Obama) we need someone like ron Paul who will let the states decided on what should be legal. We need ron Paul and his willingness respect the constitution and with this he will respect or gun rights...

Romney proven yet again to be the worst of the pack.

The guy is just down and dirty in all respects. The guy is so unfriendly that America is really in decline when you see people saying anything good or decent about him.