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money bomb idea

How about contacting all your friends and family that are hesitant to donate to this moneybomb that for your (Birthday, graduation gift, Christmas gift, etc) you would like a hat, Tshirt, hoodie, yard sign ,something from the ron paul store etc for that gift. Send them the web address, tell them what you would like, you're happy, they're happy, Ron is happy, everybody is happy!

You get some cool gear, they bought you something you really wanted, and the money bomb grows!

Sounds like a win win situation.

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good idea



if you know any romney, obummer, grinch, or santy supporters with an special occasion coming up, buy them some ron paul gear for their gift and tell them to either like it or lump it! You kill 2 birds with one stone

Ron Gear for Romney, Gingrich, Obama, Santorum Supporters

LOL! Love it! :D


Great idea!

Thank you!

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