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Hit Piece on Ron Paul at Sott.net

The Hero-Worshipping American Voter: Ron Paul & the 9/11 LitmusTest

Lisa Guliani
Sun, 15 Apr 2012 16:11 CDT
Let's say, for argument's sake, there's a politician out there with a conscience, who genuinely wants to change things in the U.S. for the betterment of the People. He presents well, speaks to the heart of the working class, to the disillusioned, to the cynics, to the politically jaded.

Let's also say this refreshing gust of political WHOMP is oh-so-savvy, articulate, successful, and gives ALMOST every appearance of being "just the guy we need to lead the nation". He's an all-around-nice-guy, to boot, at least from what we see at his speeches, press conferences, from what we read in his writings and hear during his interviews.

Let's go further. Let's say he's well-informed on numerous issues. We hear him going after institutions like the FED, and his finger occasionally palpates the public pulse on controversial issues like 9/11 truth - in SELECT venues before CERTAIN audiences. "Wow, he's our Man!", you might say. You're not used to hearing a politician speak so openly, so forcefully, even if the language shifts before certain audiences - Wow, you say - this guy is cool!! He thinks so like YOU on these hotbutton topics. He's refreshing. Exciting! Hope makes your blood burn. You BELIEVE.

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Rather silly article,

implying that there is no reason to try to extricate ourselves from the spider's web, because we should know that the spider won't let us, and so we just shouldn't try.

Got that off his chest.

This article, clearly show that Ron Paul's camp has a clear strategy to attract a broad range of voters, he has stated his beliefs, and is now focusing on the main messages of out of control government, his is the face of a revolution, with a very smart,motivated army of people in place behind him. These guys have a PLAN.
Instead of spouting because the Paul camp isn't beating your drum,use your passion to Promote Paul..he is the only chance of an independent inquiry into 911, because it is your Constitutional RIGHT to demand one.

Lisa Giuliani= NWO shill, how much silver did you sell out for!?

Lisa Guliani = Rudy Giuliani's sister?

Ron Paul has only ever said one thing re: 9-11 - it deserves an independent investigation possibly.

He has said over & over again there might be something off about 9-11, but the most important part was blow back. Ron Paul wasn't going to breach that topic ever, given how fast the media would pillory him.

He is a very, very wise strategist. If the 9-11 topic gets breached, it will be in court after certain members of the media resign. Why would he ever even mention it while campaigning & waking others?

Ron Paul's refusal to discuss 9-11 conspiracy theories, the annexation of Middle Eastern waters, chemtrails or CAFTA has absolutely nothing to do with him covering these things up. There's a time & place for any subject.

You calling him as a pro mad zionist shill is beyond hilarious, given that is exactly what you are!


Their so called investigation on SOTT is lacking any credibility. He already stated 911 should have an independent investigation. Guess she left that part out on purpose.

Was it just me or was he a bit