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Sheeple Encounters, a true story

One thing I do is make sure I spread the word about the NDAA. But when you encounter real fully brainwashed sheeple it makes your head spin. It’s shocking to the core. Here is what happened today. Yes this is a real and true story:

Me: Hi. Do you know what the NDAA is?
Them. Older folks: Blank stares
Me: The National Defense Authorization Act? Its the bill now law that allows the president to put a gun to your head, blow your brains out, all without a trial, jury, or lawyer
Them: Blank stares.

As I’m walking away I hear “That’s crazy. She doesn’t know we’re democrats”

As I’m sitting to eat, the older man comes by.
Them: “What was this again? When did it become law?”
Me: “The national defense authorization act. Obama signed it into law dec 31st 2011″
Them: “Oh Obama. We’re DEMOCRATS.” he smiles
Me: “This isn’t about being democrat or republican. In 1776 we fought a revolution for our freedom. Now it has been overturned. At any moment they can put a gun to your head don’t you care?”
Them: “No, we’re democrats”
Me: “Do you want to be a slave democrat or a free citizen?”
Them: “We support Obama” smiles and laughs
Me: (as they are walking off) “I hope they do blow your brains out. You people deserve it!”

Later in grocery

Me: Hi have you heard about the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act
Woman: (blank stare)
Me: Its the bill that lets the government blow your brains out on a whim, no trial, jury, or lawyer
Woman: really?
Me: Obama signed it into law dec 31st 2011
Woman: That’s like nazi germany
Me: Exactly! Do you know which candidate is the only one Against the NDAA?
Woman: no
Me: Ron Paul
Woman: Oh I think I’ve heard of him. Yes we’re headed towards nazi germany if these things don’t stop.

So two encounters. The first, a group of older people, couldn’t break their conditioning. Instead they had a smug sense of superiority. They laughed when their world view was challenged. Obama would gun down the republicans with the new law, not the democrats who supported him. And because of that they were safe. Actually I don’t think they believed any of it. They took me for a loon, a total crackpop nutcase. Someone to laugh at.

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Ah, that moment

Me: (as they are walking off) “I hope they do blow your brains out. You people deserve it!”

The moment when a thinking citizen has just had enough of the Obama Zombies. Like you said, it had little do with their party. If they're loyal Democrats, why don't they call their Democratic legislators and say, "whoa, I voted for you, and I don't like this!!"

You should have said, "well, Mitt Romney said he'd sign the law, too. You're a big Romney fan, right? You probably like your guy thinking like Mitt, right?" ...Conditioning malfunction would transpire ;)

I just got a headshake last night

From a longtime member of the Berdo H-A when he broke down on his bike. I mentioned Ron Paul and he just looked at me funny ,"like who is he". I then realized that in his world they do not watch TV or use the internet. They go from one party to another. Good thing,They don't vote one way or the other and cancel themselves out? Nonvoting colors standards.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Things that effect people individually

Their share and their children's share of the debt is $50,000 and growing.

If you have or see a baby, they owe $50,000.

Show them things that will effect their lives directly in their day to day lives as an individual.

Don't overwhelm them with too much info, that turns them off

Hey attack

Could you elaborate on this comment I lifted from your blog:

"It saddens me that this has now become a fight between Democrats – the sheep white people and the blacks and hispanics who endlessly want marxism, welfare, and free handouts from whites, sheeple whites in the republican party who are goaded into war and religious arguments ala Santorum, and free white people who want liberty and personal freedom. It’s sad that it has to be a racial argument but so many times we have seen our dreams dashed by blacks in power"

I was really interested in reading about your experiences to see if there were any techniques that I could incorporate til I got to this. This statement is what I would consider "conditioning" as well.

Have a good one

I disagree

It is your own conditioning that blinds you to the truth. Your PC world and mores are fabrications that shield you from reality.

did we indeed see our dreams dashed by blacks in Power? I'm speaking specifically as a texas, and I go on to cite the black congresswoman who blocked the texas sovereignty bill. So I do not speak emptily out of thin air I speak out of facts, history, and what is real. I do not make those statements lightly. She blocked texas soveignty because she claimed it would bring back "jim crow laws"

Where was the evidence of these. There was none. There was nothing whatsoever. But because she poked us and screamed RACIST RACISS RACISS like TRAYOYN Beating the shit out of zimmerman and screaming "Yo aint gonna fight back or your a raciisss" and when he did fight back the marches by blacks screamin "Shoot whitey" and the attacks by blacks beating up old white men goin "this is for travon" but dont you say nothin cause you be RACISS and holder stating "if the attack is against a white it isnt a hate crime" and you STILL WANT TO LECTURE ME!

So let me be very clear on the history here. A black congresswoman canceled the rights and efforts of hundreds of whites by crying racism when all the white people wanted was a chance at freedom. And she did it citing race. And its the same bullshit thats been used over and over and over. Oh you are just criticizing obama and the NDAA because you are racist. and on. And on. and over. and over. ENOUGH! I AM SICK OF IT!

If you think you can discuss these issues without mentioning race you are mistaken. For too many years they have weilded our own sensitivities about race as a weapon of enslavement against us. If you believe in that path YOU ARE A FOOL

Going too far, but there is an ethnic diff in party loyalty

In most states 90% of blacks vote as a bloc.

Want to de-racialize it? 90% of Utah voted for Mitt Romney. Ron Paul established a "LDS for Ron Paul" in Nevada to pitch Paul, and engage in outreach. Most candidates will write them off. That's mainly intra-party.

Inter-party, many Republicans write-off black neighborhoods because the yield from campaigning there is so low (in statistical terms!)

Democrats in Louisiana were using darker pictures of Bobby Jindal to try to play to latent ethnic identity-politics (another example of who really plays on race in politics), but it may have backfired because he did better than most Republicans among minorities!

With all due respect

You sound disturbed... For your previous comments to be valid, you'd have to believe that a)"blacks" created the welfare system; I believe that was Roosevelt powerful "blacks" had nothing to do with it b)only "blacks" and hispanics receive entitlements; utterly false. Whites receive more, not to mention corp handouts c)"blacks" do not pay taxes; if you believe that you should really get out more d)Only white people are fighting for freedom; Well, that can't be true!

The only way race has been used as a weapon is to DIVIDE, which YOU and those exploiting the TM case seem to be very good at. Saying a prayer for your bitter soul. PEACE

"The only way race has been

"The only way race has been used as a weapon is to DIVIDE."

so is that why millions of 3rd world immigrants are being forced into 99% ethnic white countries around the world?

These are good points.

Again, taking it back to some factual basis. There are plenty of whites on welfare, and a lot of white people (most states), voted for FDR to ruin the federation.

Dr. Paul wants citizens of all colors and creeds to leave the realm of dependence, and have the freedom to develop virtue and realize their potential!

this is very sad--



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The wierd thing about this scenario is......

the revealing of how much insanity is actually out there.

It is a hard one to grasp and we consistantly have a problem attempting to respond to insanity on a "sane" level.

So the moral of the story is, "expect an insane answer or come back line from (some) people."

If it's too far out there, it's probably because of a defence mechanism and they really, at some level, just don't want to know the truth.

In the end it not only hurts them, but everyone else also....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Todays attempt...

white couple in their late 50s. me trying some psychology

me: do you know what the ndaa is?
them: no
me: Its the bill that lets the president put a gun to your head and shoot you all without a trial, jury, or any right to a lawyer. It passed into law on dec 31 2011
thm: havent heard of it
me: its the single most important law thats ever been passed in america why do you think you haven't heard of it
them: (a pause . a lightbulb) because they dont want me to know about it?>?? (meekly)
me: yes. exactly

They go away feeling like they have answered RIGHT not WRONG. I think thats important.

I will keep trying. and try to say it in a informative non combative friendly way

Good tactic. Like Rush says, you set up a scenario...

...where the respondent is answering, but is highly likely to arrive at the truth. It's partially Socratic.

Re: Todays attempt...

Good that you keep trying....

There is ways to handle all of this stuff but coming up with the answers "on the fly" is the hard part.

Thus, it goes to show, "if you want to be effective" in certain conversation talks, it helps to "role play" so you can learn some come back lines up front.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

fertile soil, productive time

as disheartening as the first response is, I've found there is a vast amount of people who are clueless, yet not closed minded.

I stood outside my local voting location in 2008 against Obama. You wouldn't believe how many people didn't even know who they were going to vote for once they got in there. The great thing about this indifference is that they weren't hard programed and rigid from the media. They were flexible and open to info.

Don't waste time on these glossy eyed folks, it's banging your heart against a brick wall. Plant the seed and go before they drain your energy. Invest and nourish the fertile soil, and you'll see some positive results.


If is see the smirking and glassy eyed stares coming back I know in the future to get the hell out of there.

I've updated the article. Added more about a path forward. the state sovereignty movement.

Ron Paul is a great hope but if that fails its the state sovereignty movement as all that's left.

Let them

I have been looked at and called a kook more than once, that's for sure. The only way to reach the minds of hard-core status qua is just to let the house of cards fall and their belief system maybe will crack, that's a big maybe since even at that point they will cry to the Government to save them.

The problem is here somewhere;

"It is essential to distinguish clearly the difference in thinking methods between two-dimensional and three-dimensional one. Whereas two-dimensional thinking allows us only to think a side of a thing, three-dimensional thinking allows us to grasp the whole figure. Indeed, when we unify experimental results already published, we need to think by three-dimensional thinking"

The pyramid is a big flat triangle, they would be more open to that.

Ask them how many sides the Great Pyramid has, if they say 4, you will have your work cut out for you ;)

Don't waste your time with everyone in the general public, you will know in less than 10 minutes which ones will listen.

Maybe choose one talking point a day, could just be a simple picture to make them go home and think.

Print out an article and staple it onto another article showing Ron Paul was right all these years.. etc

how many sides?

two: the inside and the outside ?

The pyramid

has 8 sides

Maybe Try Softer Approach....

if you came to me speaking against NDAA and talked about Prez being abe to "blow my brains out" I would not take you seriously.

I disagree BECAUSE

The softer stuff is dismissed. as just political rambling. more business as usual. This just isn't business as usual anymore.

Split difference?

I think you need passion and a direct approach on serious issues like NDAA, but perhaps "blow my brains" sounds too much like the chicken with the severed head running around. He probably meant to convey urgency.

Definitely want to avoid rambling (I'm bad at that), but maybe paint the picture, "this means if you disagree with the government, they say arbitrarily you're a friend to terrorism and vanish you, which is just like how the regime makes people "disappear" in Latin America, and not what America means to me."

The thing about human nature is...

that people tend to want to stay within their comfort zone. So, when confronted by an unknown, passionate person speaking uncomfortable truths the quick and easy solution for them is to assume you are bat crazy. I'm an old fart that has been at this for a while now and my patience wears thin when I see the "antennas growing out of your head" look from people, but I have noticed over the years that some people that I had written off years ago have actually woken up. Sort of like planting seeds and allowing them to take root on their own. An infertile mind may never bear fruit but the fertile ones will if you don't drown them by over-watering. Unfortunately, the growing season is nearly over, so water those seeds with care. Good luck man!

i hope one day in the future they will remember my words

as they shackle them in cuffs on their way to the fema camp "gee that nice young lady I think she was trying to tell me somethin about all this what did she say again? "

I agree

The fact that he HAD to come by and talk to me MORE indicates something happened. He won't just shrug it off. Maybe the SECOND time he hears about it he will go "whats going on?"



Hey everyone. Thanks for your comments

I first wanted to say... This is the first time I've ever gotten pissed off at people. I normally come across as just very sweet and nice and friendly. There was something in their brain pattern that just made me want to shriek. . but I moved quicky back into my nice mode.

Secondly, for the people who argue a simpler quieter approach passing out flyers, well.. I disagree. These issues ARE that big. That disturbing. This issue IS frightening. I think to approach it SO calmly and matter of factly is wrong.

I would say overall, just about everyone I've talked to has never heard of the NDAA which only encourages me to go out more and more to talk to people.

I DO think its shocking that they say "I'm a democrat" and smile a glazed over smile. It's quite shocking and looks like something out of a insanse asylum. I really never expected that. And here's what I think is happening.

Them: You're only telling me this because you are a political radical for the republicans. There's little to no truth in what you are saying. I'm too smart for you to be persuaded from my comfy lounge chair beliefs. If it were true it would be all over the media and it isn't. My truth comes from television.

In the end the internet is there with tons of information about Ron Paul. They just need to hear the words. But like in the second woman, I think she WILL go now and look for more.

By the way this is my HUNDREDTH encounter. Most people are stuck in this glassy eyed I dont care about politics kind of view and totally unaware.

I wanted to make one more correlation. Most people in this state appear physically sick. I'm battling a personal illness and I don't look as sorry and bad off as these people. These are the flouride drinking processed food munching masses.

Well anyways. I'm sure we can all debate what is the best way. Each way will reach different people. The NDAA is the issue I care most about. so I will continue trying to wake people up. The way the bill went down scared the crap out of me. It points to pure evil in the hearts of men.

It's hard to maintain composure

in the midst of, not just the mind blowing stuff going on in DC, but the complete lack of response or concern by so many even after explaining it to them. Or, even worse, the idea that they are so beholden to some myth of man that they are untouchable. It's hard not to just grab people by the ears and shake their heads violently back and forth while screaming in their faces, "Don't you get it, they are destroying our country you idiot?" But, we must maintain composure or they'll start picking us up on the streets and locking us away forever in some unknown place...I know I'm sane now, but I don't know for how much longer if Paul doesn't win.


has been running mind control programs for a very long time. It's because mind control works very well. The proof is in the pudding.


Should have told them about the 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point bullets that the DHS bought and their tax dollars paid for.

I hope all here that gave the person who posted this hell. Well I hope you can stay absolutely calm when you watch a friend get a limb blown off or a head exploded with a 40 caliber hollow point round. Offputting.. ew.. like we care about people who laugh smugly about a tyrannical government who is making it absolutely clear they intend to use all necessary means to stay in power up to and including massacring citizens as well as indefinite detainment.

Sorry but my life supersedes peoples comfort level in their delusions any day.