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Sheeple Encounters, a true story

One thing I do is make sure I spread the word about the NDAA. But when you encounter real fully brainwashed sheeple it makes your head spin. It’s shocking to the core. Here is what happened today. Yes this is a real and true story:

Me: Hi. Do you know what the NDAA is?
Them. Older folks: Blank stares
Me: The National Defense Authorization Act? Its the bill now law that allows the president to put a gun to your head, blow your brains out, all without a trial, jury, or lawyer
Them: Blank stares.

As I’m walking away I hear “That’s crazy. She doesn’t know we’re democrats”

As I’m sitting to eat, the older man comes by.
Them: “What was this again? When did it become law?”
Me: “The national defense authorization act. Obama signed it into law dec 31st 2011″
Them: “Oh Obama. We’re DEMOCRATS.” he smiles
Me: “This isn’t about being democrat or republican. In 1776 we fought a revolution for our freedom. Now it has been overturned. At any moment they can put a gun to your head don’t you care?”
Them: “No, we’re democrats”
Me: “Do you want to be a slave democrat or a free citizen?”
Them: “We support Obama” smiles and laughs
Me: (as they are walking off) “I hope they do blow your brains out. You people deserve it!”

Later in grocery

Me: Hi have you heard about the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act
Woman: (blank stare)
Me: Its the bill that lets the government blow your brains out on a whim, no trial, jury, or lawyer
Woman: really?
Me: Obama signed it into law dec 31st 2011
Woman: That’s like nazi germany
Me: Exactly! Do you know which candidate is the only one Against the NDAA?
Woman: no
Me: Ron Paul
Woman: Oh I think I’ve heard of him. Yes we’re headed towards nazi germany if these things don’t stop.

So two encounters. The first, a group of older people, couldn’t break their conditioning. Instead they had a smug sense of superiority. They laughed when their world view was challenged. Obama would gun down the republicans with the new law, not the democrats who supported him. And because of that they were safe. Actually I don’t think they believed any of it. They took me for a loon, a total crackpop nutcase. Someone to laugh at.

full story

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Yah..tho true..saying it

Yah..tho true..saying it gives government the right to "blow your brains out with no trial" does sound a bit radical. Using those words makes them put on tinfoil instead of thinking caps. But, still, you are courageous and I think you are cool..:)

The NDAA does not just apply to so called "arabs"....

It applies to anyone, and they are really really being foolish if they think it wouldn't matter to them.

What if they stopped drinking the Obama kool-aid, or started questioning the government?

What if they said something or "heard" something that the government including Homeland Security felt was a threat? They're on the hook, regardless of who they claim to be.

Brainwashed is right. I have no question there is a LOT of evil *Democrats* who would enjoy shooting/arresting Republicans, but the majority of the voters are just brainwashed sheep in the field.
Look up what these laws allow anyone to do to someone for no reason:

Apathy IS Treason!

Apathy IS Treason!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

"blow your brains out"

might make them take you less seriously. Try saying 'arrest you and hold you indefinitely without any trial and your family members have no legal actions to take to get you back.' That engages them intellectually more instead of getting in their face to begin with. But keep up the good work!