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Colorado further evidence Ron Paul will challenge Romney in Tampa

TAMPA, April 15, 2012 — The Ron Paul campaign has consistently maintained that it has won far more delegates than is generally reported by the media. The Associated Press projects Romney’s delegate count to be well over 600, more than ten times their projections for Ron Paul. However, Colorado has provided some evidence that the Paul campaign’s demise has been greatly exaggerated.

Colorado completed its state convention yesterday. Under the headline, “Romney lost Colo. caucuses, gets most delegates,” Real Clear Politics reported the results this way.

“GOP has chosen 13 Romney delegates and six Santorum delegates. The remaining 17 delegates are unpledged, meaning they are free to choose any Republican candidate for president.”

That’s technically accurate, but it begs a question from anyone even minimally curious: Who do those 17 unpledged delegates support? Are they undecided, or do they intend to vote for a specific candidate at the Republican National Convention (RNC)?

According to the Real Clear article, “Many would-be delegates criticized Romney, and some dejected Santorum fans teamed with Ron Paul supporters to push what they called a 'Conservative Unity Slate' to look for a non-Romney presidential candidate.”

That is also technically accurate, but misleading. Not only did Paul and Santorum supporters “push” the Conservative Unity Slate, they got its delegates elected to go to the RNC.


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perception is everything

I know the folks in CO worked their butts off and hopefully won the day. On Fri it appeared that RP had accumulated 8+ delegates and should have picked up 4 or 5 more on Sat. Come the end of the convention Romney & Santorum were able to announce accumulated delegates. RP announced none.

I realize there is likely a national strategy in play here and I'm just trying to understand. But still, at this stage of the game, money is the life blood of the campaign. Donor's need a bone. I will be making yet another $200 donation to this money bomb, but the campaign needs to bring in new donors. A sense of winning will give this champion of liberty a bounce that will take this fight to a new level.

in Liberty, Peace, Prosperity



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