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Obama~ Who's your daddy? This is a hoot!

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Well that was tasteless.

Well that was tasteless.

Tasted darn good to me..! I

Tasted darn good to me..! I loved it! Some of the lines were priceless! I liked "Now this nation's got a lot of problems and the biggest one is you.." LOL good song.



Excuse me,

if this is a false assumptions.

I don't like this because it sounds like a bush-lovin-neo-con.

Onward, march!!!!!!!!

We have to STOP the Democrats for our future's sake & for the entire nation!!!!!

Dont forget the Republicans

Or those that think they are Republican when in fact they are Neocons, they are all a part of the one big group being led astray.

Remeber, - Two sides of the Same Coin.