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15 TRILLION reasons NOT to vote for Obamney 2012

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Great video! Btw, does

Great video! Btw, does anyone else see this comment by Rosen being shouted by every network as a convenient way to try to rally everyone behind Romney now that Santy is out? Also it counteracts the "war on women" narrative. Everything is so scripted by the msm that I've finally just started tuning it out as much as possible. It is really sad how the networks use a random statement to manipulate the debate, instead of allowing the issues to drive the debate.

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Best I've seen yet!

Great video!

I don't know if it is my speakers, but the sound seemed off. Too much treble or something. I tried adjusting, but didn't get a change. His voice seemed off. Tell me if it is my speakers.

The sound was ok

for me. The soundtrack was outstanding. Anybody know where it's from?




This need to go directly into VIRAL MODE!

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