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My local Fox station emailed me back

So I wrote on here earlier this week that I wrote to my local station about their reporting that they basically crowned Romney the champ since Santorum dropped out. One of the hosts emailed me back.

Here is what I wrote:

I have to say that I am truly disappointed in your reporting of the news that since Rick Santorum dropped out you automatically gave the bid for nomination to Mitt Romney, by saying "then there were only two" referencing Romney and Obama. My suggestion would be to report the Primary accurately. The delegate numbers that the mainstream media reports are total guesses at best and total fabrications at worst. The truth of the matter is that nobody will know the real delegate counts until the National Convention in Tampa in August and there will be at least 2 people there fighting for the nomination, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Although it is not being reported by the mainstream media, reports are being brought forward that Ron Paul is doing exceptionally well in Washington State, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, Alaska, Missouri, Nevada, Maine, Colorado when it comes to delegates and that is what really matters, not straw polls. And things are starting to look good in Texas where he spoke to thousands at Texas A&M and in Dallas/Fort Worth and California where he had 6,000 people come see him at Chico State University, 7,000 see him at UCLA, and 8,000 at Berkeley. I guess my point is that saying that the Republican race is over and that we should all declare Mitt the winner is a disgrace to the process and you should feel ashamed as reporters. This thing is long from over. The truth is, Rick Santorum caught wind because people don't like Mitt Romney, so now that he has dropped out do you think his supporters are going to just go vote for Romney now? No, they are going to vote for Paul or Gingrich. I just please ask you to report this information fairly and if you need help Google or YouTube Ben Swann Reality Check. Thank you for your time.

And here was the reply:


Thanks for watching and writing.

You make a compelling argument for Ron Paul, but only if you are drinking the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. The Texas Congressman has not won ONE primary or caucus out of more than 35 held so far. It is impossible for him to become the nominee, a fact Ron Paul has all but admitted. Here's a link to Paul's interview.


Newt Gingrich has won only two primaries so far and has so little money his campaign bounced a $500 check to get on the ballot in Utah. He too has all but admitted that Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Here's the transcript from a FOX News interview with Gingrich from last week.

"HUME: Let's talk about you a little bit and where you see yourself going here. You seemed reconciled to the likelihood, if not the inevitability, of Mitt Romney as your party's nominee. GINGRICH: Well, I think you have to be realistic, given the size of his organization, given the number of primaries he's won. He is far and away, the most likely Republican nominee. And if he does get to 1,144 delegates, I'll support him. I'll do everything I can this fall to help him defeat Obama. The primary goal of the entire Republican Party has to be, to defeat Barack Obama. That makes this maybe the most important election of our lifetime. HUME: Now, you have indicated that one of the reasons you are staying in the race is to influence the platform. What do you hope to do with the platform? GINGRICH: I think platforms matter in the long run in the evolution of the party. And the party is more than just a presidential candidate. It's Senate candidates, House candidates, state legislators"

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-sunday/2012/04/08/gin...

Rick Santorum figured out that he didn't have the resources to continue to fight for the nomination and suspended his campaign.

These are not the actions of candidates who believe they can somehow pull together the delegates to win.

You are technically correct that Mitt Romney doesn't have the required number of delegates to get the nomination. But, none of the remaining candidates have the money, campaign organization, institutional support, or grassroots support to mount a credible challenge to Romney's campaign operation.

Our reporting reflects these facts.

Thanks again for watching and writing.


Jay Warren

I'll write my reply later tonight after I gather some thoughts and if anyone on here has any suggestions that they would like to add for Mr. Warren, feel free and I'll post my reply in the comments section for this post later. The first thing I'll point out is that Ron Paul did in fact win one contest and that is the Virgin Islands... and these people call themselves reporters...

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Here was my reply back:


Your second sentence is very telling and quite untrue. Ron Paul did win in the Virgin Islands, but it was never really reported. Oh wait, it was reported that although Ron Paul won the popular vote, Romney will come away with the most delegates, so the media crowned Romney the winner. How funny! Now this is interesting because the entire primary season it's been all about popular vote. When people talk (especially the media) about the delegate counts for the UNBOUND states(the ones that Ron Paul is doing extremely well in) everyone just assumes the popular vote will be representative enough and assign delegates in that manner. These are the assumptions that I mentioned in my first email. These are the numbers that you and the rest of the media report. This is not accurate, no matter how much you want to believe it is.

The GOP is actually coming out and saying that Ron Paul could win ALL the delegates to the National Convention for the state of Missouri, yet he only received 12% of the popular vote. And now reports are coming out of Colorado(4th in popular vote with 12%) that paint a better picture of just how well Ron Paul is doing:


This is what you and the rest of the media is failing to report. The Republican establishment is fighting hard to nullify the impact that Ron Paul is really having on this election, just look at how the process went down in North Dakota. Texas, California, and New York are still all in play and account for over 400 delegates.

And just out of curiosity, what grassroots do you speak of with Romney? Goldman Sachs and Citibank and the rest of Wall Street isn't exactly "grassroots." Ron Paul has the grassroots support that the other campaigns lack. This is the reason he is doing so well in the caucus states. The people that support Ron Paul, really believe in what he talks about. So, Jay, who is really drinking the Kool-Aid?


Fantastic response, please

Fantastic response, please post his reply, if he indeed responds.

Will do!

Will do!

Just say "BAM"

.....and slap this in his face. IN THE FACE!


As you can see I used this

As you can see I used this article in my reply! Thanks!

great article!

great article!

Tell him you will expect an apology

In a couple of months and leave it at that.


Point out factual errors and incompetence in reporting

He sums it up as:
You are technically correct that Mitt Romney doesn't have the required number of delegates to get the nomination. But, none of the remaining candidates have the money, campaign organization, institutional support, or grassroots support to mount a credible challenge to Romney's campaign operation.

Our reporting reflects these facts.

I would tear this apart. (But be polite)

You mean well but...

Why waste your precious time reminding satan that he's evil?

What a bunch of fools...

How are they going to explain to the country that a big chunk of the Republican delegates won't want to support Romney in Tampa?

What if they all suddenly vote for Ron Paul in the brokered convention in Tampa?

These scenarios are very possible...

They're putting themselves in a box which will further reduce their viewership/ratings...

The old media is basically self destructing before our very own eyes. Good.

The fact that he responded says a lot about him...

I like him. This is our Shawshank moment. Instead of sending a letter a week, we should all send him an email a day with more and more Paul news. Eventually he'll have to send us a check for our library...I mean acknowledge Paul.

this Jay Warren

apparently is very confused about how the process works. His reference to the 35 contests is very telling.

However, he may very well know how it works and is hoping to keep you confused.

Ask him for a breakdown of a particular state - say Missouri or Colorado. See what happens then.

Good luck, keep up the good fight.

What exactly is "institutional support"?

Is it a code-word for you mainstream reporters who shill for Romney and attempt to ignore Paul? Or is it all the Kool-aid marketers?

was wondering that myself

sounds very patriotic ;) must have been lifted from the star spangled banner or something;-)

"... the land of the free and the home of the institutional support?"

What About...

what he closed with... "money, campaign organization, institutional support, or grassroots support to mount a credible challenge to Romney's campaign operation."

It's true that Paul doesn't get the money that Romney does. He also lacks the "institutional support" that could only come from being a "team player", one who kisses rings and doesn't rock the boat. But "grassroots support" is probably the most important of the items listed and Mitt Romney has absolutely none of that. Ron Paul has the type of grassroots support that politicians can normally only dream of. You can't force it and you can't buy it. Paul had to earn it the hard way--decades of fighting for what's right and honoring his oath of office to the Constitution. It would be a tragedy if a clown like Romney, who got rich by using his father's name to draw in investors and then making money by buying up companies, pillaging them of their pensions, burdening them with debt, and then closing them down. He has not even put forth a budget plan and yet he has so much money that people are brainwashed into thinking he's the only one who can beat Obama, by news types like you. You should be reporting objective facts, like the latest Rasmussen poll that shows Ron Paul as having the best chance to beat Obama.

Tell him to watch Ben Swann

to learn how to be a real journalist.


Go back to journalism school!


response to reporter

I hear local tv news and papers are doing quite well.

Oh wait, the person who told me was a kool-aid swilling neocon.

Reality check. TV news and papers are dying. The information age is re-routing around kool-aid dispensing fabricators of newspeak like your organization. Hope you have some backup skills. Your career isn't long for this world.

The only response he deserves

The only response he deserves is to tell him he watches too much Faux News.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Drinking the Ron Paul Koolaid?

Really? As if it's LSD or something? Liberty, Sound Money, Free Markets, Secure Borders, End of Wars, Friends among nations, Cut a Trillion Dollars out of the budget year one, End the Fed? I'd say someone is on a real trip and it ain't Ron Paul or his supporters! It won't be long, the entire system will collapse from within. And you state subsidized money grubbing media war mongers - your time is almost up as well, everyone is beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes.

It's pretty laughable

when we expect reporters to somehow know more than the average Joe and find out that they are just as clueless. I too was pretty clueless about the whole Primary delegate process until as of late, and I'll admit, I always thought winning the popular vote was what counted, but this is a crazy year and a crazy election process it seems like anything can happen!

Jay Warren's Facebook Page.


Says he works for NBC in Roanoke VA Either way is this the same guy?

Yeah that him

but here is the email that I sent my letter to:


What does this mean? I'm not sure.

Looks like a plastic.

Douche Bag.

The Presstitutes

are at it again. Proving once again they have no clue how the delegate process works. I love how they use a term "drinking the Kool-Aid" that is used to describe people that are still asleep to what is really going on in government/monetary system/globalism etc. Perhaps they will see it when the bottom falls out on the dollar, but I doubt it. People need to turn off the television and quit being so hopelessly brainwashed by these media whores that sell their soul for a move up the crony corporate ladder. NEWSFLASH: It matters not who wins the election between Romney and Obama, they are already bought and paid for......but yea, WE are drinking the Kool-Aid......

"But, none of the remaining candidates have the money, campaign organization, institutional support, or grassroots support to mount a credible challenge to Romney's campaign operation." and "Our reporting reflects these facts."


HAHA the video sums it up

HAHA the video sums it up nicely... need to start using that one :)

When You Have A Dream....

....he 'facts' don't count.

Go ahead man, drink that Kool-Aid. The good news is, it's a totally different flavor from what BO's supporters were drinkin' back in 2008. Lotta good that stuff did them, as it turns out.

Just a suggestion

Let the msm believe (report) what they want. We are doing fine without them. I say let's keep going like we are and sneak up on them and not give them the time or info to prepare against us.

Too much info is being let out (delegate names, strategy, etc.) I think we should keep them OUT of the loop.

It just seems to me that some are trying very hard to let these guys know what our plan is and I don't think that we should do that.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Kudos for engaging...

your local press.

If and when you write back, I'd encourage you to think outside the box the reporter has put you in here. (And, it must be said, the box you put your self inside when you wrote.) Why not fault this reporter on failing to dig into the issues that separate the candidates or the character divisions. You have limited yourself to chastising horse-race reporting rather than chastising the reporter for choosing to report as a horse-race reporter.

Try approaching this reporter from the perspective that you're betting he didn't get into political reporting to act like a sports reporter, laying odds and chirping plays. Encourage him to test his metal, do some real reporting. Seems like you both fell into the trap of arguing superficial drot, rather than what both the reporter and you should be interested in -- the meat, not the sport. You're both arguing about odds, like a couple of bookies. Media coverage of the competition to be our next leader demands more of reporters than acting like bookies laying odds. Remind this reporter that his calling is much more important. And stop engaging reporters on that level. You stunt the real discussion before it even begins.

itsallaboutbalance's picture

My reply:

"You are technically correct that Mitt Romney doesn't have the required number of delegates to get the nomination. But, none of the remaining candidates have the money, campaign organization, institutional support, or grassroots support to mount a credible challenge to Romney's campaign operation."

Ahem... Ron Paul has the money (just today he is well past halfway to gathering another million dollars as I write this), he by far has the best campaign organization of ALL the candidates, he has BY FAR the most (I would dare say the ONLY) grassroots support unlike any seen EVER. Institutional support... The institutions are definitely fighting Ron Paul...

There ARE two stories here Mr.Warren that need to be reported on (if you are allowed by your bosses).

1) Ron Paul is gathering a number of delegates that can and will be significant. He is gathering support and amassing crowds in the thousands FOR A PRIMARY not even the Presidential race yet! He is getting all his money from small donors across the US rather than from big banks. Essentially the point is, there is PLENTY of people that are supporting Ron Paul and most of all his views and with all that support there IS a story that needs to be talked about by you the media as hundreds of thousands of american and I would say millions around the world support his views and what he is bringing to American and world politics.

2) The actual ISSUES! Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that is still significantly in the race and moving forward that is against every single war and occupation we are in and he is the only candidate that brings solutions to balance the budget and work to prevent the total collapse of the dollar and US economy. Add to that the fact that Ron Paul is the only candidate that has beaten Obama in certain head to head polls. All this does speak regarding the people's stance on the ISSUES. In my humble opinion, rather than making a spectacle and hollywood show out of the elections themselves, I believe that the ISSUES Americans care about should _always_ remain at the forefront of the news and conversation. Romney and Obama basically have identical stances on the ISSUES even if they demagogue differently.

Hopefully you will see the stories here and then be allowed to report on them fairly.


"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."