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The UNITED STATES Corporation and Mr. Obama have a REAL BIG PROBLEM:

Mr. Obama could have a serious problem, and so could our elected representatives, the courts, the judges, court clerks, congress critters and Senators:

That problem is We The People are the Beneficiaries of the Trust and they are making us believe we are the Trustees; it's the old switcharoo!

The United States or rather (E)STATES are operating under Trust Law. The courts are operating under Trust Law. If you think I'm kidding show up in court and when they ask your name, just say "The name isn't what's important here", but the ROLES we are playing are, and I'm asking you (the judge) right now if you're a PUBLIC SERVANT? Watch them jump up and go ballistic and/or get real uncomfortable REAL FAST.

Watch it for yourself in this video:


And again here: http://www.youtube.com/wa...

Ask them if they took an oath of office, and if they did, they are the Trustee, period! You let them know that you are the Beneficiary/Executor and want to know what the hell you're doing there in the first place.

As soon as you walk into court and assume the "BAIT" they throw at you "the name" on the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, by saying "yes that's me", you just handed over your power as the Beneficiary to them, and you are now the Trustee.

Does a Trustee tell a Beneficiary what to do? .... NO!

The only way that happens is if the Beneficiary is to darn stupid to know his/her power in the Trust agreement, get it?

What's your proof? The BIRTH CERTIFICATE you are holding! That Birth Certificate is your RECEIPT that proves you are the Beneficiary of the Corporation, would it not?

The Trustee has "legal" title to the Trust property, but the Beneficiary has "EQUITABLE" title to the Trust property, otherwise known as "Separation of Control and Ownership".

They created it; they own it; it's theirs, not yours, but you are the Beneficiary and they are the Trustee, unless of course you don't REBUT that presumption!

The Constitution is a Trust that was created by us "We The People", in which we are the Beneficiaries/Executors, and they (The Public Servants or PUBLIC TRUSTEES)were appointed by us to protect it, not subvert it and start taking on the presumption that they are all of a sudden the Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust.

Ummmm, the last time I checked (someone correct me if I'm wrong), the Beneficiaries/Executors tell the Trustees what to do.

Government cannot be a Beneficiary, only a Trustee.

We were put here on earth as Beneficiaries of the Last Will and Testament of God. He is the Executor; We are the Beneficiaries; and government is the Trustee(s), it's the Holy Trinity.

If people are bringing lawsuits into court claiming Obama is ineligible; and the courts are saying "You don't have standing", what the hell is going on? I don't have standing to ask a man I (as one of the Beneficiaries of the Trust) put in office as a PUBLIC TRUSTEE to protect and oversea the Trust if he's got proof he's a Natural Born Citizen, qualified by the Constitution (the Trust) to hold that office I helped appoint him to?

Are you seeing the light yet?

Excuse my judge, but you are not the Beneficiary here, you are the PUBLIC TRUSTEE, you took an oath of office that agreed to it, did you not? Aren't I (one of the Beneficiaries of the Trust/Constitution) entitled to have a say here? If you say no, aren't you in BREACH OF TRUST?

People, we better wake the hell up in a hurry and assume our proper roles in this game and put those suckers back in their proper positions as Trustees, and rebut their PRESUMPTIONS that they are the boss, and that we are their servants or "Trustees", we are NOT!

That document, the Constitution, the Trust agreement proves it!

Here's what it says:

Article. VI.
Clause 2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

That states that the constitution is the supreme Law of the Land.

Clause 3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

This states who is subject to these laws, as these are under the Constitutional jurisdiction by way of Oath and Affirmation and under the rules of construction.

Whatever is not included is "EXCLUDED" and as you can see, The people are not included.

Why aren't we included? Because we wrote the Trust and appointed them as PUBLIC TRUSTEES to follow it and abide by it and do their jobs and protect our equity in title; our money; our liberty; our freedom; our ability to not be taxed for our income; our 2nd Amendment rights; our judicial remedies; our right to free speech and on and on and on and on!

We aren't subject to the same laws they are; we MADE the damn law for them to follow, and they signed an Oath of Office to abide by them.

Well if they signed an Oath to abide by that Document, and are not doing their job as the Trustees, don't we have a problem? Don't we now have remedy and the ability as the Beneficiaries to FORCE them to do the job?

You bet your a$$ we do!

Your birth certificate is your proof of equity in the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, it's your receipt to take to court and prove your standing as the Beneficiary of that corporation, and they are hiding this from us by presuming under Trust Law that we are the Trustees.

Trustees are SERVANTS, they are PUBLIC TRUSTEES, all of them: The courts, the judges, the Congressman and Senators, the Sec.of State (I mean ESTATE) and they have tricked us into believing we are the Trustees of the Trust agreement that WE created (The Constitution) and they signed an Oath of Office to abide by.

Just because Obama is the President doesn't mean he's the Beneficiary of the Corporation. We just voted him in as the CEO to oversee it and when we have elections we can vote them out if they aren't doing their job, right?

They only have the power we give them, nothing more, nothing less.

Some of us believe he is in breach of Trust by falsely claiming he's eligible to hold the Office we are allowing him to "Occupy". He's and Occupant of that Office we created, and if we believe he fraudulently took that office by way of deceit and fraud, don't we have the right as beneficiaries of the Trust to challenge him on it?

They've turned the whole damn system upside down on it's head and we were too busy playing Super Nintendo to notice what happened.

WE ARE THE BENEFICIARIES .... THEY ARE THE TRUSTEES! We've been fighting them under the wrong set of laws people!

THEIR PRESUMPTIONS ARE KILLING US AND AMERICA !!! This is why the Founders set it up this way; it's Trust Law; it's an agreement, inspired by God's Law.

How did We The People (the true Beneficiaries/Executors) end up getting hoodwinked into believing we were the Trustees in this deal?

Go here and read this and listen to the videos; notice the Triangles; notice the proper Holy Trinity of the way it is supposed to work.

This is how the roles are to be played within Trusts/Corporation agreements ...


God made man and appointed us Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God himself, the Holy Bible; we now write up a document/trust agreement THE CONSTITUTION and appoint Trustees (elected officials and all public servants) the responsibility of protecting our rights in accordance to the Trust agreement, get it?

The courts are assuming we are dead (Look up the CESTUI QUI VIE Act 1666 ... http://www.legislation.go...)


All persons past, present and future were lost at sea; we were declared dead before we were ever born.

They (the government/state) are seeing us a dead in their courts; we are wards of the state; incompetent; bastard children (remember your Mother signed you over using here Maiden name)and they do not wish to directly deal with us. This is why this insist we have an attorney; one of THEIR attorney's who's allegiance is to the Crown (The BAR Association) to speak for us to them (the judges/state/government).

NOTE: We do NOT hire an attorney to represent us; that's admitting incompetence and showing the court we are not Beneficiaries, we are admitting we are the Trustee(s) by doing this, get it?

How can I prove this? Pick up a certified copy of your CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH and notice there is a Registrars Seal and Signature embossed on the document.

What is the Registrar? It's the Court of Probate, and Probate on deals with the Estates of the DEAD. Are you starting to see the light now? Read my other thread on the Great Birth Certificate/Trust scam.

We were cast out to sea; known as dead to the world, and if one day we were to ever come back from the sea and say to the world we are ALIVE, and here to now take our legal place in society as the Occupants of the Office of the Executor/Beneficiary, it would be acknowledged and abide'd by.

What does it say in the Corpus Juris Secundum say about the Estate/Executor?

BOOK 1, "ABSENTEE", page 340: Due process limitations upon governmental regulation of the estates of absentees are treated in CJS "Constitutional Law SECTION 1421.

That was a hint to lead you to here:

SECTION 1421. "Estates of Absentees and Persons Presumed to Be Dead." Under the constitutional guaranties against the taking or deprivation of property without due process of law, a probate court has no power under its general authority to administer the property of a person who is alive. However, a status conferring power on courts to regulate and to administer the states of absentees, presumptively dead, is valid, where the procedure satisfies constitutional requirements, as where provision is made for giving proper notice of the proceeding and adequate safeguards are provided to protect the absentee's interests in case of his reappearance, as by proving for the preservation of the estate for a reasonable period before permitting distribution.

Did a light bulb just go off in your head? Did you understand that?

You've got to satisfy the due process of law and make it known that the Executor is alive and well. They are looking after the Estate until it's re-occupied by it's true Executor/Beneficiaries:Office of, etc. This is how they are governing you! They are under the presumption that we are DEAD, and now we've got to rebut that presumption and put them back in their box as the Trustee(s)!!!

We were created by Sea/men; birthed (berthed) through our Mothers canal and delivered by a Midwife (aka the Settler of Accounts). A manifest was created in our name (The Birth Certificate)and we were to be the Beneficiaries of that Trust/Estate, but it's been hidden from us all our lives. They don't want us to figure out that they are actually the damn Trustees and SERVANTS. This is Trust Law, the highest form of law there is and we have been chasing our tails with this out of control politicians by playing their game of Topsy-Turvy, your the Trustee and we are now the Beneficiaries bull$hit.

Think it's time to wake up and assume our proper roles here?

I say this: Prove Up You Claim! If you can't rebut our presumption that you are the Trustee in this whole UNITED STATES Corporation fiasco and that we are actually the Beneficiaries, then we've got a real damn serious problem, what say you?

And if they claim this is not the case, then they need to prove it in court; the Supreme Court, or the district court of the United States.

People, we've been trained in ignorance all our lives by the news, public school system, church, etc. by willfully (some not so) ignorant people in hopes of us never actually finding out who we really are.

There is only ONE Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in this country, and that is the County Sheriff!

Why is there a Sheriff of one of his appointed deputies standing in court? Because the Sheriff is there to make sure the demands of the Executor/Beneficiary are met by the Trustee(s).

Now you know why Biden want's to do away with that pesky County Sheriff; so you have no one there to enforce the will and demands of the Beneficiary, which is YOU!

He's the ONLY law enforcement officer in the country who can see that our demands as Beneficiaries are carried though, because WE THE BENEFICIARIES of the Trust agreement (The Constitution) voted him into office. He's the ONLY law enforcement officer named in the Trust/Constitution, period!

You can't vote out the IRS, CPC, PSS Employees, DEA, FBI, CIA, KGB, OSHA, FEMA, etc.

Do you see what's happening now?

Please get this out to the Sheriffs, we need them to know what's happening!!!

You took the bait by acknowledging the "name" they appointed you on that birth certificate when you walked into court, and by doing so, you just handed over all your power as the Beneficiary/Executor to the Judge who is really the Trustee, get it?

The name is not important, it's the roles that are played that's important, and we aren't playing our proper roles in this corporation, and they are capitalizing on it.

That's why when the Executor/Beneficiary (this is the judge now because you just gave them that power) slams that hammer and says "Arrest that man", and the Sheriff does it. That's his job to enforce the demands of the Executor/Beneficiary.

Wake the hell up! You are the Beneficiary; the Constitution is the Trust agreement; the elected official/judges/congress critter/senators, etc. are the Trustees of the Corporation; the Trustees are PUBLIC TRUSTEES, SERVANTS to the people who created the Trust and we have let them trick us all this time into believing it's the other way around.

Do you feel like an idiot yet? I sure as heck do, but we are going to set this back where it's supposed to be, and we need to do it in a hurry.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-Man-Government = The Holy Trinity

Watch Dean Clifford explain it: http://www.youtube.com/wa...

It's time for us to stop playing in the road and pony show people, and start bringing some Trustees in for breach of fiduciary duty.

Think they won't honor that oath? Watch the videos above again. If they don't honor it, there goes that public servant bond (wink-wink)!

It matters not if they cheat Dr. Paul out of the pony show, this is our true remedy and those jackals know it! We just keep appointing idiots to look over our interests and they just keep on pretending we are the Trustees in this shell game.

When Has The Truth Ever Been Complicated?

K.I.S.S ... Keep It Simple Stupid, because it really is.

It's time to set the record straight fellow Patriots and Beneficiaries; it's time to put our Trustees back where they belong as the servants they agreed to be in the Trust we created, The Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

The same goes for the IRS and the other Alphabet Soup Agencies: The Trustees have appointed them without our permission. Do you see a conflict of interest in our Trust agreement yet?

Now do you believe that document was inspired by God? I sure do!

In Liberty, take you battle stations and prepare your court documents, it's time the real Kings of the Land assumed their Crowns, and it's time the real SERVANTS aka PUBLIC TRUSTEES heard from their bosses.

The Law is the Law, and if we don't enforce our own written laws that they agreed to, it's our own darn fault.

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Big Bump!!!


Time to BUMP this up :

It's regrettable, but none of the politician breed will broach the Trust subject. Even Mr. Paul. At least not that I'm aware of.

This subject is avoided like a plague by them. From "Elected/Appointed Officials" down to the petty bureaucrats and their "Legal Departments". ALL run away and hide.

The Primary Beneficiaries were originally the individual Estates themselves, as representative of the Body Politic within a given territorial boundary. The People were Beneficiaries of their respective Estates first and the General Union second. Hence Senators in DC being appointed/elected and recallable by the Estate Trustees ( legislatures ) up till the 17th. "Amendment" breached our Trust by commanding direct election of Senators via popular vote. By ostensibly placing Senate Offices on a par with House Members, the racketeers orchestrating this conversion removed any direct oversight and penalty ( recall ) authority from the individual Estate Trustees over their specific representatives. The Estates were no longer properly voiced in Congress. The "Political Will" of a readily sway-able populace took place of Estate priorities at a National Level.

Over the years ( since 1994-ish ) the Wife and I have claimed Our Rights as Personal Property specifically exempt from the Trust Res of any of the Estates in Union, occasionally Charging Breach of Trust and Conversion of Property to another Use. We're not bothered with Bureaucracy unless we wish to be. We don't "teach" paperwork or proselytise any so called "new technology". Just do it when need arises. Not to denigrate any others working to put a nuts and bolts approach together.

Visit http://www.the-legacy.info/Inheritable%20Property.html to get an idea of what your Rights actually are. It's a short one.

Rights are Personal Property inheritable by descent. Incorporeal Hereditaments.

All the Best.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

It's also avoided like the plague by Administrators on this site

for some Unexplained reason. I guess things like this Trust topic are just not mainstream; not well enough understood; haven't heard of it before now, so it must be complete and utter BS.

When this finally 'clicks' with Michael and the site administrators; the entire Trust topic and how it directly effects our freedoms, it will be very difficult to keep it off of the front page.

The public servants ARE the trustees of the public trust, and as soon as people wake up and realize, all they have done is pulled the O'l-Switcha-roo on us, the political and judicial climate will do a complete 180 in a very short amount of time.

Imagine just 20 or 30 high profile cases that were almost a certain win for the STATE, get turned upside down on their head by a few people who actually walk into court and act as the Administrators they actually are; or the Shareholders/Investors/Beneficiaries they actually are, instead of getting kicked around like dogs by these people.

Again, thank you for your input and well studied information. It is difficult to continue the fight sometimes when no else seems to understand this Trust topic, and quickly jump on my threads and clutter them with junk opinions and snide remarks, with nothing of substance to add.

The Holy Trinity:

Executor - Beneficiary - Trustee = God - The People - Government

It will catch on Heir; eventually the light bulb will go off.

Thank You for your time and input, it is very much appreciated.

One Wonders :

Yes indeed. There is more to the Public Trust than some conversational turn of phrase or expression of ideal. Shouldn't be that hard to understand even to the Public Schooled. It's saddening the subject is not treated with greater interest among even the self professed politically active on this board. Post responses and lack of clink troughs from DP to The-Legacy.Info tell me as much. Consistently moving this to Off Topic is a head shaker. Consider the source and pity the fool I suppose.

What's funny is The-Legacy receives more interest from Commonwealth countries than political forums in the US. Go figure.

I admit to not being thoroughly versed in the concepts espoused by the more recent proponents of court tactics employing Trust understanding. Mr. Clifford among others. I am studying however.

I currently lean toward being in the position of Grantor with Appointment Powers rather than Administrator/Executor, yet I am seeing some merit in the overall contentions.

Thanks for keeping the topics here in these hostile or indifferent midsts.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

I think if you could condense the above into 2 paragraphs we

could start circulating it. I think the reason it goes to "off topic" is it looks forboding as it is quite long and sounds at first like a foreign language and seems strange to our ears.

I am interested in helping get this to key people who can act on this. Even perhaps the lawyers who have already presented the case and lost due to their plaintiff supposedly not having "standing".

I see the significance of this and am very confused about why the attorneys are not gaining standing as they bring these suits into court as they are supposed to know what garners this standing and what does not.


I think the Attorneys must have a decent idea that they do not

and will not have standing, but hey! My client want's to bring a suit; I'm going to make $8,500.00 off the client over the next 4 months, and I've got a family to feed, so lets' do it.


I wish I could condense this subject down, but it's nearly impossible. People need more than 2 paragraphs to finally grasp this.

This is an older post of mine; I've learned a lot more about this Trust subject since and have written more on it. Click on my name and see my other posts; hopefully it starts coming together for people soon.

Why Is This Information Not On The Front Page?

The Lord said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children” (Hosea 4:6)

Understand something if you will: We The People (inspired by God) created a Trust agreement between God, Us, and those who wish to be public servants. That Trust Agreement is the US Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land on this (E)State aka America. That (E)State has many other (E)States that make up the entire (E)State known as America.

We are dealing with Trust and Estate Law, that’s it.

We The Beneficiaries vote those public servants into a position of “occupancy” of that office (ie: presidents/congressman/senators/judges, etc.) to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. When the people who came to us and asked us for their vote to represent us as public servants/trustees, and we as a collective group of beneficiaries decide to vote him/her into that trustee position, we have them sign and Oath of Affirmation stating they agree 100% to follow the laws of the Trust agreement we have setup; that Oath they sign takes ALL OF THEIR POWER away from them. They are no longer beneficiaries of the Trust agreement, they are now trustees that have ZERO power to do anything against the demands we’ve laid out in the Trust agreement (US Constitution).

So now you understand the power structure as it is MEANT to be.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government as seen here … http://www.werone.co/freedom/trust_law.html

Otherwise known as the Holy Trinity. Remember, the nation was founded on Christian principals and God; it’s carved in stone everywhere you go “In God We TRUST”.

We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God, the Holy Bible, rooted in Trust Law.

The people are the POWER houses in the Trust agreement; always have been, but our ignorance and failure to stay involved in our government has allowed the greedy Trustees (over time and trickery) to presume themselves into a position of authority (beneficiaries) and by word trickery and brainwashing through the public school system, news, etc. conditioned us, the people into believing we are the Trustees (servants).

They did it with the help of their attorneys I might add, and this is why we cannot use attorney’s to help us; they have a sworn allegiance to the Crown (BAR Assoc aka British Accreditation Registry); it’s a conflict of interest, and they do not have your best interest at heart.

The Lord said “Woe to you, lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered” (Luke 11:52)

That’s why they take all the land from us; get away with taxing us; take away our rights on a daily basis, is because they are playing the roles of beneficiaries of the united States of America Trust agreement (the US Constitution) and the roles of beneficiaries of the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES all at the same time, and if we’re stupid enough to let them get away with it, then they are more than happy to let you continue to believe YOU are the servant slaves (trustees) and THEY are the real masters (beneficiaries).

It’s just a simple presumption of role reversal that’s letting them run am-mock in the Nations Capitol and all the State Capitols in the country.

Know Your Roles and Govern Yourselves Accordingly, or you’ll someday end up being governed by your inferiors

Go to work people; study the information in the links I’ve provided and read all the comments under the articles; watch the videos, etc.

Dust yourselves off; stand up and rebut the presumption and trickery and force the public rats/trustees/slaves to do their jobs or we’ll kick them out of the office we are allowing them to “Occupy” right now.

If the judges in the courts don’t want to play their proper roles as public servants/trustees, then it’s up to us to educate our County Sheriffs and take them to court with us and demand they do their jobs and enforce the wishes of the beneficiaries upon the servant trustees.

Ask the Judge if their a public servant; if they took an oath; get the oath on/in the record, and as soon as they admit they are public servants (which they are), that’s where you’ve got-em!!! Because if they are public servants, that means they took that oath; and if they don’t abide by oath; we start working on taking their bonds.

Remember, this is the question:

By what authority do you the public servant/trustee/slave have to Administer this (E)State aka America in any way other than you agreed to by way of Trust (US Constitution) agreement you signed and took an oath to abide by, are you passing laws; running rough shod over us; taxing us (IRS); imprisoning us; hiding natural cures from us (FDA); creating new diseases (CDC); stealing our children (CPS); spying on us (CIA); building camps to put us in (FEMA); and basically destroying our lives by no legal authority to do so?

We didn’t put you there to run amok and do what you damn well please; we put you there by way of contract/trust agreement, that we made you sign away your power as beneficiaries and appointed you as TRUSTEES occupying that office to see our demands as the true beneficiaries are met. And if you fail or refuse to follow those demands, then we will, by way of the County Sheriff, force you out of those positions immediately and punish you with the laws you agreed to abide by AND the laws you agreed to be punished by in the Trust agreement.

People, they just turned the whole thing upside down and are now operating under the presumption that We The People are the Trustee/Slaves to them.

Now do you understand the power of the Constitution and Trust Law.
That document is not meant to enslave and punish and tax you and I. It’s meant to enslave, punish and tax those who agreed to follow and abide by it, the Trustees aka Public Trustees aka Public Servants.

They’re just holding a mirror in front of us, it’s that simple. Just a magic trick, a sleight of hand if you will.

Well, we’ve got news for our Public Trustees: The Gig Is Up!

Does anyone realize the significance of this Revelation?

If I'm not mistaken, now that we know the sham, if the Congress Critters are bringing Un CONstitutional bills to the floor and creating all these BS laws against our will, don't we now have standing as Beneficiaries of the Trust to impose all the punishments granted in the Constitution for treason and trickery against us?

Um, can't the county Sheriff enforce the wishes of the Beneficiaries upon the Trustees?

That's what they've been doing to us all these years "Sheriff Arrest This Man" or the "Sheriffs showing up at peoples houses and evicting them" because the pretend Beneficiaries told them too? How do Trustees have control over the Sheriff?

I mean they took the oath and swore they would follow the rules and protect the demands laid out in the Trust agreement before they took their jobs as PUBLIC TRUSTEES, does that mean anything?

This whole thing is just so logical it's scary. These bastards just switched places with us and we never knew it happened ... LOL

That's why they've created all these BS Alphabet Soup Agencies, because they were acting as the Beneficiaries of the Trust and us unsuspecting REAL Beneficiaries were treated like the Servant Trustees and never seen what happened.

You know the worst part?

The truth was carved in all those buildings and monuments in DC and every state capitol around the nation, it reads like this:

"In God We Trust"

The Holy Trinity! We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God himself, the Holy Bible, rooted in Trust Law.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government

It is Brilliant, and we never seen the "writing on the wall"

In God We Trust, the Founders set the whole thing up as a Trust so what we have now would NEVER happen, and the swindlers ended up tricking us anyway.

People, read the comments below too, there is a lot of good supportive information in them.

God Bless, we've got work to do!

Here's Your Proof America, this is the BIG secret you were never

supposed to figure out: SimpleSam posted this below, but I don't think people are seeing the light yet ... LOL

Here it is from David Clarence himself and as you start reading through the document, you will all of a sudden have an OH $HIT moment slap you silly and roll you across the floor.

This is it folks, this is the ONE thing that's kept us running around scared of these toothless rascals.

It was right in front of us all the time, we were too busy chasing our tails and playing their election game, we never even seen it.


Michael Cottrell CPA & Leo Wanta, sued U.S as Trustees....

Michael Cottrell (alleged) C.P.A and Leo Wanta sued the U.S. Corporation Government as signed notarized Trustees....


That means Leo Wanta, a known CIA asset or whatever alphabet of the day happens to be.....just signed away his title & power because literally any court room would dismiss him. Any court except one bought by a Trustee it turns out!

Ironic or what? This guy's trillion dollar lawsuit brings down Elizabeth Windsor, who decides to do jail-time in the U.K. (read http://exopolitics.blogs.com) and the people think they "won". All the while, Leo Wanta & Cottrell are signing the affidavit as Trustees!!!

The thing is, according to the Queen's own records all of us died and were lost at sea. THERE IS NO TRUSTEES AVAILABLE. Oh but wait, apparently they all have legal standing right?

Nope! Leo Wanta et. all have NO legal standing at all, since everyone in the circus are simply trustees v. trustees. Irony is a doubly held wouldn't you say? Whenever you or I enter a court room, we are automatically declaring ourselves Trustees. Signing it in blood. But on the back of your Live Birth Certificate is an estate #, for paying any sort of "debt" so as a matter of fact...YOU AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN TRUSTEES TO THIS FRAUD!
We are the Beneficiaries of the Trust. WHICH MEANS ALL THE PUBLIC OFFICIALS ARE THE TRUSTEES! We have weapons and Sheriffs right? Well by reclaiming our Beneficiary status on Camera, we can now arrest virtually ALL OF THESE LIARS ACROSS THE BOARD.......BY SHOWING UP IN COURT! What else? We can cancel the Patriot Act, we can hunt them down like rats....literally.....Read the doc, you are only alive Beneficiary, NEVER Trustee!

In Honor of Pete Hendrickson's "Cracking The Code"

I'd like to say HOT DAMN NILLY, we REALLY cracked the code this time... lol

I wonder how old Pete and his family are going to feel when they find out he got thrown in prison by a bunch of criminal/gov't gangsters running around masquerading as Beneficiaries of the (E)STATE known as the united States of American, by way of a Trust Agreement (US Constitution) that the PUBLIC TRUSTEES/PUBLIC SERVANTS signed onto, agreeing by Oath of Affirmation that has absolutely no binding elements by us the people, because we aren't required to take the Oath actually usurped their powers and made us believe we were the Trustees/Slaves of the Trust ... LOL

What about Irwin Schiff?

Even if they want to say, it's not the united States as you guys thought, it's actually the UNITED STATES as in our new ponzi scheme Corp we created to trick all you dumb ass citizens into believing you were actually part of by way of the Birth Certificate scam, we've still got them by the short hairs.

Because they created that birth certificate and that DEAD fictitious corporate name for us, which is an Estate by proof of the Registrars Seal that's embossed on the document that's actually the accessing bond to our pre paid Trust accounts thru the Treasury because of the 1933 bankruptcy and HJR-192, and have been tricking us every since into showing up in their courts; stealing our money (IRS) tracking our every move (Pick you Alphabet Agency of Choice) because we thought we were citizens of the United States, when in all due actuality, we were the Beneficiaries and they just devised a wicked little, evil plan that's had us jumping through hoops for decades.

How can the Trustees of a Trust or a Corporation imprison; torture; steal; ignore the Beneficiaries of the Trust?

Unbelievable! When this gets out, the whole systems going to turn upside down on it's head and you're going to see a MAJOR reset of power structure, the way it was originally intended to be and still is if we just learn who we REALLY are and start acting accordingly and showing up in court as Beneficiaries/Investors that actually have standing, instead of a bunch of little girs who's scared of BIG BROTHER Gov't who's tricked us into believing we were Servants .. LOL

Oh boy, this is going to get real good, real fast!

Actually it's a Beautifully Devised Scam if you think about it.

Allow me the Liberty of laying out for those who don't understand:

The Founders (inspired by God) drew up a Trust Agreement (US Constitution) that made the people the Beneficiaries of the Trust and anyone who wanted to be elected officials had to sign the Oaths of Affirmation agreeing to the terms of the contract (Trust) which made them Trustees of the Trust Agreement.

We know they are the Trustees because we can see from the videos above, they get really mad when someone who knows what they're doing walks into court and appoints the judge as the Trustee right off the bat, so the judge (public trustee) doesn't take it upon himself to presume he/she (the judge) is the actual Administrator of the Estate they are bringing you into court for.

You see, there's TWO Constitutions; one for the living people "The Constitution (for) the united States, and the other one: The Constitution (of) the UNITED STATES for the dead :)

Could be the other way around, I don't feel like chasing it down.

One of those Constitutions is for the Corporation and all it's employees; that is the one they are using to pull the dead people on the birth certificates in under their authority by deceit and fraud.

That birth certificate is proof there is and Estate, they've just hidden from us. That Estate is a Treasury Direct Account in our names that's supposed to pay off all our public debt from HJR-192.They stole our gold and had to give us a remedy; and the did; they just forgot to tell us about it (wink-wink). our remedy was that all public debt was pre-paid in advance (cars, homes, utilities etc.)

But the greedy boogers wanted that money too, so they hid that from us, you see? That's why some people have success with the A4V process, etc. The account is there, they just don't want us to find out about it.

All these people getting thrown out on the street because they can't make a payment on a house that they paid off with their promissory note/signature which actually created the money in the first place.

So then, to add injury to insult; the bank tricks you into paying a 30 year note at 6%; payments of $1500.00/month on a house you paid off the second you signed the note.

Explained here: http://www.myprivateaudio.com/WHERE_DOES_THE_FRAUD_BEGIN.pdf

Source of pdf is here ... http://www.myprivateaudio.com/Bank-Fraud.html

Okay, back to the main discussion:

Trustees own legal title of the Trust property, but Beneficiaries have "equitable" title to the Trust property. This is known as separation of control and ownership.

The Founders wanted to form a government of, for, and by the people. The people were the BOSS, and the government employees (elected officials, judges, congressman, etc.) were the SLAVES to the people, that's why the document is drawn up the way it is: The Trustees have NO power, they are just there to make sure all instructions in the document were followed to a "T" and if anyone ever tried to do anything against the WILL of the people wishes (IRS,DEA,CIA,PSS,CPC, Wars, etc.)the people still reserved all the equitable title to the Trust agreement, there for they could kick the varmints out.

Well, somewhere along the way once upon a time (1933) someone didn't like the people having all this authority and control, so they devised a little scheme to get around that pesky Constitution.

So, what they did is picked up the old CESTUI QUI VIE Act 1666 where it left off and started issuing these shiny new birth certificates. What the people didn't know is the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was proof of an Estate. The reason we know there is an Estate, is because there is a Registrars Seal embossed on the document, and a Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate only deals with Estates of the dead.

Are you dead? Apparently you are, they sure are treating you as such.

Now they trick our mother into signing her little precious joy away by having her sign her "Maiden" name on the document, handing over total control of the future labor of the little rascal over to their new Daddy ... BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!

I think Patrick Devine is saying our remedy is now hidden in the "Ship Mortgage Act of 1920" found in section 30 aka "The Merchant Marine Act of 1920" aka "Public Law 261.

He says by filing some paperwork you are Resurrection'd from the DEAD in 3 days and take back ownership of the name.

I don't know if all that is necessary though; we don't need to jump through a bunch of hoops to get out of the fraud. All we have to do is stand up in the courts of the dead and assert our proper authority as the Beneficiaries of the Trust.

See, they couldn't take over our souls and labor with the all the provisions in the original Constitution, and they could never get the living/breathing people to go along with it, so they devised a scheme that made us all a bunch of fictitious corporate entities (name on birth certificate) and sucked us into their nice new corporate UNITED STATES, but the one thing they never thought we'd figure out, was that the birth certificate is on bond paper; there is Registrars Seal proving it's dead, and there are a series of numbers on the front or back that are actually numbers that ties the bond into which ever branch of the Federal Reserve bank you were born closest too.

The number on the Social Security card somehow ties you to the Fed Bank as well.

When you signed the Social Security card or when you turned 18 or of legal age, they put a Maritime Lien on the vessel (the dead you on the birth certificate) so they would maintain total control over their fictitious slaves and use that document to trick us into other adhesion contracts like the Drivers License, etc.

Rod Class, David Clarence, Patrick Devine and a few others have figured out the scheme, but it wasn't until now that the truth came out about the Trustees masquerading as Beneficiaries and doing what ever they damn well please with our country.

Now you know why the Gov't claims to own all this land and water; why they are pillaging the Treasury; starting wars, stealing our money (IRS) and throwing us in prison, etc. Because they never thought the people would actually discover the fact that pesky Constitution was a Trust agreement; still is a Trust agreement that makes the people the Beneficiaries and the elected slaves the Trustees.

Yep, it was the old switcharoo!

And they've been tricking everyone in the country every since, into showing up in their courts and getting raped by their BS corporate/fictitious entity UNITED STATES, and the people never knew their government was usurped by a bunch a greedy Trustees who didn't like the original arrangement and figured out a way to take our power by making us believe (the living people) that we were the DEAD corporate entity our Mothers unknowingly signed away with her Maiden name on that fictitious/dead birth certificate.

You're walking into court and as soon as you get there, the judge calls out that name on the birth certificate and you jump up and down waiving your hand saying "ME ME ME, That's ME Your Honor" and that's where they gotcha! You just agreed that dead/fictitious person on the birth certificate was the living-breathing YOU. That's how they trick you from coming from the "living" side of life where you are the Beneficiary of the Trust, over to the "dead" side of life where they (UNITED STATES Corp.) is the supposed Beneficiary and you are the unknowing Trustee/Slave.

Fraud is Fraud; we need to wake the hell up and set the record straight and shut this monster down, quick!

Now it's our turn to throw some criminals in prison!

It's a whole new ball game now, let the chips fall where they may.

Question: When they summons you to show up in their FICTITIOUS court of the "dead", and you show up, isn't that just admitting they have jurisdiction and authority over you by the very act that you showed up in the first place?

That's why these judges go Ape $hit crazy when someone who knows the con shows up and immediately refuses to contract by answering the "name" and says "The name doesn't matter, it's the roles we're playing here that's important" ... Are you (the judge) a public servant? Did you take an Oath? If so, I'm sorry to tell you judge, but I'm appointing you as the Trustee of this "dead" fictitious person you think you're talking to, and now I've got one question for you: Why am I here? And who in this room has my written authority to Administer this Estate?

Your proof that you're the Occupant of the Office of Executor to the Estate, is your sole/legal ability to get a certified copy of the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH without a court order.

You don't own the Estate; it's theirs; they created it; but you are the Beneficiary of it. You own nothing, but control EVERYTHING!

Game on!

Boy are the Moderators of this forum going feel like burying their head in the sand when they finally have that OH-CRAP moment and the light goes off.

It won't be OFF TOPIC for long ... LOL

Look at this document in Court, people. He's right...


Wake up, smell the fire. I don't think any of us should care about having a "central leader", a clown show or throwing a pow-wow anywhere to restore some entirely fraudulent government.

Let all the circus actors do that, the Tim Turners, Meldys, Rohers and all the rest - what you and **I** should pay attention to instead: is what all these neo's have hidden from us.

We are the beneficiaries to the "Trust" as outlined above.
That means each & every one is not Trustee, they are administrator.

And folks, if each and every one entered court & taped this on the record.... the phony "Trust" would literally go up in smoke.
We don't need a central "leader" to do any of this...
We don't need a bunch of liars, or cons, or even a group to do this..

All we need to do is get it debated in the national media, especially on Stossel, and every one of us bring a camera & start taping this in Court while we show as fact - we are the Beneficiaries.

Thank You Sam, these people are too busy watching the birdie

as in the elections, when they need to WAKE THE HELL UP and come to their senses and realize we've been hoodwinked into believing we are the Trustees of the Trust Agreement (The US Constitution).

Now you know why they are trying to get rid of the Sheriff; he's the only LEGAL law enforcement officer named in the Constitution who can carry out the demands of the Beneficiaries onto the SLAVES, the Trustees!

They are the PUBLIC TRUSTEES in this whole dog and pony show, and We The People are the Beneficiaries of the Executors (GOD's) Last Living Will and Testament, the Holy Bible, rooted in TRUST Law.

It was Brilliant !!!!!!

It's the Holy Trinity!

Why is this not making it to FRONT PAGE YET?

Now you know

For those who remember Robbme saying "corporations are people", now you know why.
Read this: http://www.yourstrawman.com Robbme's statement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2h8ujX6T0A

Ron Paul 2012

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

What Trust?

Don't know who "The South" is, but s/he sure has a lot to say. This trust business has been going round and round and going nowhere.
So much confusion, what should be believer?
1. Tell the judge you are the Beneficiary.
2. Tell the judge you are the Executor.
3. Tell the judge you are the Occupant of the Executor Office for the XXXX X XXXXX estate.
Who knows which is correct or if ANY is right? When the judge sends you to the slammer for this foolishness, which you cannot even prove or explain, you will have a lot of time to consider your stupidity.

Did you watch the videos of people appointing the judges as the

Trustees in court above?

They are PUBLIC TRUSTEES or PUBLIC SERVANTS ... Trustees are the servants in a Trust agreement.

Look at a Certified Copy of your CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH and tell me if you see a Registrars Seal and Signature Embossed on the document.

The Registrar is the Court of Probate; Probate only deals with Estates of the DEAD.

Why is there a Registrars Seal Embossed on our Birth Certificates?

Read the article and start to piece it all together.

I think I understand what you

I think I understand what you are saying a little. The difference between a Republic and Democracy. We have a law. The government is under the law. They do take an oath of office swearing to obey the constitution. Dr. Paul says we have a right to our life and liberty, not given by the government but by God. The government are servants of the people appointed by God. However, the people elect corrupt officials who change the law and turn the rule of law on its head. In the mind of our current government we are a democracy, a dictatorship of sorts. How can we go about changing this when those in power are bent on keeping their power?

Even though we elect them into office as "Occupants" of that

Office, doesn't mean we have to wait 4 years until the next election to call them out on their deceptive trickery and slave racket.

We hold equitable title in the Trust, our birth certificate is proof of that. It's our receipt that proves we are INVESTORS in the UNITED STATES Corp, and if we are investors (Executors/Administrators of the Trust) and the Trustees are not doing what we tell them to do, we can walk into court and stop them on the spot.

We now have standing; we are the investors, as long as we don't screw up and contract with the court when they call our "name", ultimately submitting to the court and giving up our status as Executors/Administrators/Beneficiaries and getting bumped down to incompetent Trustees.

Go watch Dean Clifford's videos on YouTube, it's really very simple.

Where is your evidence?

Dean Clifford? What happened to freemanitoba.com? It went belly up like others pushing error.

The South has a lot of rhetoric but no black ink on white paper to prove all of this.

AND is it Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth?


Did you watch the videos? Did you read the post and study it?

Did You pull out a Certified Copy of the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH and see the Registrars Seal Embossed on it?

Do you know what a Registrar is? It's the Court of Probate; Probate only deals with Estates of the Dead.

Where's my evidence?

Right in front of your face if you open your damn eyes!

Read the article and put it all together.


This is why they won't follow our demands or hear us in court:

As soon as we walk in the door and the Judge calls our "name" and we jump up and say "Yes you honor, that is me" ... you just contracted with the court and submitted to it's authority and THAT is what bumps us down to the Trustee position of the UNITED STATES Corp!

We have no standing or right to say anything to them as Trustees of the Corp, but when we walk in the door of the Federal Court and approach the judge as Administrators/Beneficiaries/Executors by appointing him/her as the Trustee, we make the orders; we make our demands met; and we enforce those demands with the County Sheriff.

The Sheriff is there to make sure the demands of the Beneficiaries or carried out by the Trustees.


Why do you think the Founders inscribed all over those

building's in DC the words "In God We Trust"?

Because the whole damn country was setup as a TRUST!!!

We are the Administrators of the Trust, the elected officials are the Trustees !!!


Now we have standing, do you get the significance of this?

This is a Game Changer people !!!!

We now have STANDING in the courts. The CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH you have in your dresser drawer is your receipt that you are an investor in the corporation, do you get it?

You have a financial interest and now you can prove it. You are the Beneficiaries and they (elected officials) are the Trustees!!!

Do you see what is happening?

These bastards are working day and night to DISSOLVE THE TRUST !!!

The election doesn't matter, whoever wins is just "Occupying" that Office of President for us.

He's the Trustee or should I say "head trustee" that still has to answer to the Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust (The Constitution).

We now have STANDING! It was the Trust all along that they've been trying to dissolve, holy crap!!

Please God let Michael see this and put it on the FRONT PAGE!

We can stop them now; we are the Executors to the Trust Agreement; they can't tell us no; they can't dictate rules and regulations on us; they are helpless if we exert our authority now.

The courts can't refuse us standing against these scumbag Trustees anymore, the cat is now out of the bag. If the judges try, we get the bonds!

Game on !!!


This need to be out there on the first page.. it is very intriguing! ! I understand you point about not getting lawyers involved however I have a friend who is a fellow ronpaul supporter and lawyer I want to ask him about this from a legal stand point what steps need to be to implemented. I would be thrilled to chop our government down to its original size and power.. no one but do gooders would want to be in office :-)

YES, it does need to be FRONT PAGE !!! Why isn't it??????

I can't believe someone moved this to off topic.

This is the ONLY TOPIC! The election doesn't matter, it's enforcing the Trust Law that's our remedy, not who we appoint to "Occupy" that office for four more years.

We are the Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust/Constitution. The Founders were brilliant; we've been hoodwinked all our lives into thinking it's the president/congress/senators, etc. who are in control, and it is NOT!

We can legally enforce the laws set forth in the Trust agreement if we assume our proper roles as the Executors/Beneficiaries.

We can do in court; their BAR infested courts; it doesn't matter, it's the Trust!!!

JACKPOT BABY !!!!!!! It's the Trust Agreement !!!

They thought we'd never figure it out; it's not the elections that matter, it's the Trust!

The US Constitution is a Trust agreement, the founders were BRILLIANT!

It took us long enough to figure out, now it's time to make it happen.

God Bless the United States of America and God Bless the Founding Fathers!

This is the ticket, this is the ONLY way to take back control!

Public Beneficiaries.....


Hmm....Maybe we need to all enter Court and exclaim our "REAL" name and accounts, no matter what, and let the chips fall.

Fact or Fiction?

Wilcock has been saying this for quite a while, but his prognostications are just more fictional rantings and ravings. Much like the White Hats Report. Just a lot of blow that the gullible fall for. Where is the proof?

My being from the Show-me state... show me the evidence.

Good point, this looks plenty real to me since its in court....

Take a look to all of this. You tell me where those came from. These are all genuine documents in court, so some example was already set..

Beneficiaries is what we "are" regardless of what any of these 'circuses' do who co-opt the fictions & run off to create their own fictitious sunny day cares.

Our rights are in being the Beneficiaries that execute the "Trust", enough of us showing up & taping this in court would bring the fake account to fall to pieces.

*IF* we all got on the page, agreed the Trust is fake and declare it their scam would fall apart in front of the whole body.

-Not electing central leaders, movements, shim shams and pow wows & all the other frauds that are the Tim Turner circus, nor being concerned with what any of these frauds do.