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Johnson County, TEXAS -JCRP meeting Friday Night to interview to be a delegate to State Convention

Your may want to touch base with Ron Paul Meetup group in Cleburne TX BEFORE emailing or interviewing with Larry.

In 2007, there was only a few RP'ers.

I received the following email today, April 15, 2012:

Email from the Johnson County Republican Party:
Delegations Committee will meet Friday nite, 7 pm, Rep HQ, Cleburne.

IF you are a KNOWN ACTIVIST w/ JCRP or TPTP or JCRW & want to be a DELEGATE or ALTERNATE TO STATE CONVENTION (in Ft Worth, June 7-9th), please EMAIL Larry: Lawrence.Loveless@Ricoh-USA.com,

If you are a NEW ACTIVIST & want to be a DELEGATE or ALTERNATE to State (in Ft Worth, June 7-9th), you must interview w/Delegations Committee. EMAIL Larry: Lawrence.Loveless@Ricoh-USA.com to let him know you're interested, and BE AT REP HQ (210 S Main, Cleburne; 1 blk S of Courthouse under Elephant on right) at 7:30 pm Fri to interview. Bring photo ID and voter registration card. Those who cannot make Fri nite interviews will be interviewed during Convention, but will prolong already long meeting! PLEASE take opportunity Fri nite!

We have 68 Delegate slots and 68 alternate slots, and have almost 75 openings available at this point.

Oath of Affiliation will be administered Fri nite for those who have not done that yet, to save time Sat morning. Bring photo ID and voter registration card.

I suppose they mean Friday, April 20 since the County Convention is Saturday, April 21,2012.
Keep Campaigning!

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