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Bill Gates: How to Fix Capitalism LMAO

TIME Magazine editor Richard Stengel discusses creative capitalism with Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA1ioym5OYA&feature=relmfu

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Bill Gates is the Devil...

Bill Gates is the Devil...

Is it true that microsoft is

Is it true that microsoft is owned by the government? I heard Alex jones say that! And google right?

juan maldonado

Pretty dumb idea.

Lets just all return to Gold/Silver currency across the union instead, have some real competition.

jeffjeffjeff's picture

My interpretation of how Bill

My interpretation of how Bill Gates would run the government:
1. In a top down way promise that changes will come in the near future which will revolutionize the way things are done.
2. Push the ETA for these changes into the future as you scramble to get some semblance of what's been promised to the people.
3. Present your results and claim that these changes are the ones you have been promising all along and that it will fix everybody's problems.
4. When people rightfully complain that the solutions you've implemented are not working, completely ignore them as if they do not exist.
5. If enough people are still unsatisfied with your solutions conjure up from thin air another plan to solve everybody's problems and convince them they will have to pay for it all over again.
6. If competition springs up to legitimately challenge your solutions crush them with relentless force and use any dirty trick in the book - legal or not - to get the upper hand.

I'm actually a big fan of Windows and Microsoft but I can't help to be a bit critical when it comes to how these Billionaires think they could run the economy better than free markets.

Here is my simple advice about how to "fix capitalism" that I've learned over the years mostly from Dr. Paul. Get the government out of the way of over regulating and picking winners and loosers and instead focus on protecting individual liberties, enforcing contracts, and providing for a stable currency. As far as for companies, do what you do best but expect no special treatment in the eyes of the law!

Business people who try to

Business people who try to apply business principles to government would create efficient killing machines, like Nazi Germany. It cannot work at the Federal level. The only business principle that SHOULD apply to government is "cut, cut, cut"!

sounds just like the

Barry Soetero Model 1.0

He is clueless. This is a

He is clueless. This is a perfect example of the difference between being intelligent and true wisdom.

You're So right man!

You're So right man!

juan maldonado

Bill Gates is no genuis

Bill Gates was just a preppy rich kid (father had a "business", lawyer background) who himself invented and created nothing.

The DOS operating system was basically pirated technology, which only became something, after the total failure of IBM's PC Jr, only because smart guys at Compaq reversed-engineered the system bus technology, and began remaking "PCs", and also because thanks to Compaq after-market PC Clones were then being made and manufactured out in Japan and China in mass quantities at cheap prices.

It was just a lucky thing that this totally failed product, suddenly was magically reincarnated (by other people) and then became this niche geek toy (no real useful value back then) in spite of being a flop in the intended market place. Various geeks then also created applications using the primative Basic computer language, and then a completely different company Novell Networks made it possible to share files between two PCs.

But Bill Gates himself had nothing to do with any of that evolution. The first versions of Windows were also essentially a pirated concept and UI stolen from Apple (who also stole ideas from Xerox), but yet inferior to Apple, and it sucked (and crashed routinely).

All Gates did was violate Anti-Trust laws, and monopolize the market by forcing PC manufacturers to bundle DOS (and later Windows, and later IE) into their default setups. So everybody just got used to Windows.

So Bill Gates is no technologist, no rocket scientist, and no "inventor" whatsoever. He is just a shaddy business man who recognized the $$ in legally binding manufacturers to bundle his product, which was based on stolen technology, and which also typically sucked in the early days.

To his credit, he did not rest of his laurels but instead continued to build upon his little Empire, and hired a bunch of people to make Windows better and better over time.

Wow thank you for telling me

Wow thank you for telling me this! I had no idea

juan maldonado

While he might not be a

While he might not be a "genius," he is definitely quite intelligent to say the least. None of this means I agree with him on fixing capitalism or the world's overpopulation problems, though. Gates achieved a near perfect score on the SAT (1590 out of 1600). His business partner, Paul Allen, had a perfect 1600.

Just to put this into a better perspective, from Wikipedia:

"The older SAT (before 1995) had a very high ceiling. In any given year, only seven of the million test-takers scored above 1580. A score above 1580 was equivalent to the 99.9995 percentile."

So, while Gates is very highly intelligent he proved to be quite devious in business more than a few times.


They are both intellectuals,

They are both intellectuals, but that does not mean they have "street smarts". Paul Allen has made many boneheaded business decisions that have lost him millions.

Doesn't he want to get rid of...

...a chunk of the population? Can't remember where... but I heard something like that.

I think it was a year or two

I think it was a year or two ago when a bunch of the richest people in the world (or U.S.) got together & each had few minutes to discuss an issue that was of most importance to them. Gates talked about the world being over populated. Since that meeting, or around that time, there have been a number of articles about Gates discussing overpopulation & methods for dealing with that issue. I believe one method discussed was using vaccines which reduce fertility.



...I thought I heard something like that! What a sick thing! Why do people become so ill-minded when they get that kind of wealth & power? Another evil-minded part of the establishment pretending to "care" for those less fortunate. A cover-up for evil!

jeffjeffjeff's picture

Hmmm, lets see. Lets lobby

Hmmm, lets see. Lets lobby the government to force health insurance companies give free vaccines which have a side effect of reducing fertility and put a special clause within their insurance policies that the vaccines are only covered 100% if the patient prefers MacOS or Linux. Hey this is not to far fetched seeing that this is the guy who brought us Windows Vista.

Oh my...

Oh my...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

gotta love it! lol

gotta love it! lol

juan maldonado