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The Iron is Hot

Greetings. This is my first forum post. I recently joined after coming daily to the DP for the last six weeks.

The PA primary is next Tuesday. You must be a registered Republican to vote, and voter registration closed last month. Therefore, I knew that I didn't have much of a network (only registered Republicans) or much time to make a difference. I donated money to RP, educated myself, made a huge sign with the kiddos for the front lawn, emailed organizations, and bought my hemp t-shirt.

I then read Allen Stevo's book, "How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012," for a second time this weekend. The first time I read it, I could not see myself doing what he suggested. It was too far out of my comfort zone. I would casually mention Dr. Paul in the past, but I was not assertive when speaking to others about voting. Today that changed. I contacted people that I have not spoken to for many months (well over a year in some cases) and asked them to consider voting for Dr. Paul. Listen, the iron is VERY hot right now since Santorum is out. Today I contacted my Christian friends and the response could not have been more positive and quick. I know for a fact, that Dr. Paul has three more definite votes because I asked people to vote for him. AND it was so nice to catch up with old friends. I sent the video below to my Christian friends; one said she was "furious seeing Mitt Romney oscillate over his stance on abortion," and then had her husband watch it. They told me they will now vote for Ron Paul. I sent the attached comparison sheet and video link.



Some on the DP indicated that they have no more money to give; however, you can give your time and effort. Everyone, even if you are busy raising young children, has the time to contact others. Please, find your friends, family and acquaintances and send them a video and information that speaks to them. Many Christians don't know where to go without Santorum. People want to do the right thing, but they need the information to do it. I also asked my friend who responded positively (and is well connected in the community) to send the links to other friends.

The DP is great. I've really enjoyed all the news, thoughts and ideas. Dr. Paul will win in Tampa, followed by a victory in November. President Paul!

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Welcome aboard

What a great and wonderful splash you've made... Great to have you on our team!

Good for you!

Great job talking to your friends and getting them to vote for Ron Paul. Something else you might want to consider, find out when the delegate selection process is taking place for your district and those of your friends so you can go vote for the delegates that support Ron Paul. They may have different deadlines to vote for delegates than they do for the public vote. Make sure you hook up with the local Ron Paul office to find out who to vote for. This is a big component of how RP will win.

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Thanks for the advice. After

Thanks for the advice. After several hours of searching, I found out who the delegates are for my district. Since it is a primary, shouldn't we post the names for RP delegates so that everyone knows who to vote for?

Posting delegate Names

My understanding is that names should not be posted. This invites counter strikes by the opposition who can then mount a campaign against them. Better to keep in close contact with your local groups. They will know who is really working for Paul and who is a mole and will make sure only the right people get the slate of candidates that should be voted on. Then you can pass along the names to those you trust.

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I see what you are saying.

I see what you are saying. However, how does the common, busy Joe on the street know who to vote for if they want to vote for RP and his delegates? In PA we have a closed primary; no caucus.

PA Election Process?

Hi JustLiberty4US

I'm not sure what the actual voting process is for you in PA. In NY, we just vote for Paul on primary day. As I understand it, the delegate process is not voted upon by the public here.

Does the public actually vote for delegates in your state during a primary vote? I knew that was the case for caucus states, but did not know that could happen in primary states as well.

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Right, we vote for the

Right, we vote for the delegates during the primary. We did okay; got five.

Excellent advice!