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Holy Crap! They are trying to dissolve the Trust (Constitution), we are the Executors!

It doesn't matter if they steal the election from Dr. Paul; that's a side show.

What's really happening is: They are trying to dissolve the Trust agreement.

That's right, the Constitution is a Trust Agreement; we are the Executors/Beneficiaries and the scumbags pushing us around are nothing more than the PUBLIC TRUSTEES !!

They've duped us into believing we were the Trustees of the (E)STATES.

It's not States, it's ESTATES !

Why do you think the judges go frigging ballistic when someone walks into court and appoints the judge the Trustee and takes over the Administrative role?

Go read this and you'll understand what's happening; it's the TRUST!

It's the Holy Trinity.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government.

The Founders setup a Trust Agreement, inspired by God.

We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God, the Holy Bible, that's rooted in TRUST LAW!

We've been fighting the wrong fight, go read it here! and help me get this on the FRONT PAGE ASAP !!!

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Why do you think the Founder's

have "In God We Trust" all over those buildings in DC?

Because the whole country was setup as a TRUST!

It's the Trust (Constitution) they are hiding from us, do you get it?

Go read the link above; see my other post in OFF TOPIC (can't understand that for the life of me), I put it in Current Events, it got moved to OFF TOPIC, I put it in the Liberty Forum, it got moved to OFF TOPIC.

THIS IS THE ONLY TOPIC AT HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!