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I'm Ecstatic!

Let me set this up.

I'm driving from Jackson to Memphis Tennessee and listening to some propagandist "tool" named Ben Ferguson (cause he's the ONLY thing on talk radio) and he's taking this call from a guy who doesn't like romney. Actually, to be truthful, a LOT of callers had a bone to pick with romney but this one guy was awesome. He was stealth. Romshifter wasn't a conservative, he said. He's misunderstood, ferguson explained. Romney is too much like obombya, the guy says. He's nothing like obombya, the tool says. He's a flip flopper, the guy says....uh-oh! The jig is up, fergo claims the guy advocates a third party candidate or he is a Ron Paul man? Which one is it, he INSISTS the question be answered. The guy never does. So fergo demands, "If the election were held tonight, WHICH would you vote for? Romney or Obombya?" I have a problem with romney the guy says. WHICH is it, the media puppet insists the question be answered.

I'm saying to myself...I don't vote. I'm begging the guy to say it. I don't vote. Say it! I don't vote. And then, like magic the guy says, I don't vote!


The tool then says, "Then you're not helping...i'm out of time folks, goodnight!"


You will eventually get it!

I am NOT helping and I hope you choke on obombya!

I'm loving it!

Ron Paul or obombya...get it?

ALL the way to the bank!

You think we're joking? Try us!

Ron Paul

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EVERYONE should vote.

Just because you vote doesn't mean you have to vote for one of the two major parties. Write yourself in if you want, but everyone should let their voice be heard in some manner at the ballot box.


If you dont know the issues i would advise you not to vote.

I'm in Memphis.

And I loathe Ben Ferguson. I can't listen to his nauseating voice for long. I've never called in to any of these shows but I love hearing when other people do this kind of thing. Good post.

Problem, though. I'm still not sure people understand that the neoconservatives have no real problem with Obama. The entire goal of the supra-national bankers is to get Obama re-elected. Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) has openly declared his admiration for Obama. Santorum's role was to be a fake challenger to Romney. He accomplished that and they pulled the plug on him. He wanted very badly to keep going, but he had no choice. They threatened him and he had to drop out. Both of these guys are unwitting pawns. Romney is scheduled to be beaten by Obama once he wraps up the GOP nomination.

However...I'm not totally convinced he can do that without blatant fraud and underhanded tactics either before or at the convention in August. Ron Paul, the dark horse, is the first since Andrew Jackson to foment a populist uprising against the central bank in this country.

John F

Don't be so sure that they

Don't be so sure that they did not promise him to be the nominee sometime in the future, and a cushy job for now. The guy is truly a whacko..

Can you direct me to information about Murdoch's

admiration of Obama? I would love to show my folks who are completely taken in by Fox and don't seem to have noticed the changes over the years or the problems to begin with. Any help showing them would be appreciated. Thanks!


Ha! I found that one too.

Check this out:


Unbelievable. Don't miss the other post below this one.

John F

Here you go:


He said this at a fundraiser for Hilary Clinton!!

His daughter also gave a fundraiser for Obama!!

Is that flaunting it or what? It's basically admitting that they don't care, they control both parties. Murdoch loves Obama. I wish I could find the place where I read that Hannity, O'Reilly and Murdoch were sitting together at a cocktail party--two sheets in the wind--laughing at how stupid Fox viewers were.

John F

I have made that trip many

I have made that trip many times. You from Jackson or Memphis?

ecorob's picture

I work in Memphis.

Just passing through Jackson.

Will pass through again, this weekend going home, Lord willing.

Ron Paul

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

If you don't vote for someone

If you don't vote for someone who implemented an individual mandate on an entire state, you are apart of the problem? That would be my answer.

Not to mention Romney is pro fed, pro ndaa, pro patriot act, pro fiat money, pro wallstreet bailout, and pro "talking to attorneys" when deciding where his authority should come from
to use military force.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

The Campaign Should Hire You

To help them make an anti-Romney ad.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

:)..glad you heard it and

:)..glad you heard it and told us..made me smile..

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The may have to learn the hard way; I hope not