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35 Romney endorsers received contributions first

35 Romney endorsers received contributions first

Mitt takes the endorsement game "to a whole new level"

Money may not be buying Mitt Romney much Republican love, but it’s going a long way toward helping him buy the next best thing: endorsements in the GOP primaries.

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no integrity

It shows the lack of integrity in our elected officials. All as bad as Romney.

Romney Has To Buy Everything to Win Anything!!! Money, Money,

Money. That is how he accrues votes. He is either donating money to other candidates for their endorsement or he is giving away subway sandwiches for people to go vote for him (illegal, don't tell me he didn't know when he has been running for office for years now) He pays people to sign wave too! What else does he pay for? Bus loads to go vote in straw polls? Ron Paul does not have to pay us, his supporters because we do it for the love of Ron Paul. I even saw homemade signs being held behind Mitt when he was speaking that were all done by one person, same paint, same hand writing. It was obvious Mitt wanted it to look like his supporters made homemade signs when you could tell it was the campaign who made the signs. How sad is this that he is really not getting any people who are passionate about voting for him. His turnouts are small crowds compare to Ron Paul's rallys with thousands turning out to see and hear him. It is time for you to STEP ASIDE MITT and YOU KNOW IT. THE PEOPLE LOVE RON PAUL AND THE WORLD LOVES RON PAUL. THE PEOPLE WANT RON PAUL AS THERE NEXT PRESIDENT! Maybe election fraud is also in the works for you, like Iowa and Maine. You just strike me as the type to do anything to win at any cost. YOU SIR DO NOT BRING ANYTHING TO THIS CAMPAIGN, SORRY BUT THOSE ARE JUST THE FACTS! NOW BE A MAN AND SUSPEND YOUR CAMPAIGN.


Wow..so THIS is why he was

Wow..so THIS is why he was named FRONTRUNNER as he was just out of the gate..man, all these sellouts..all these people who would take cash over principle..it really throws me.. Once the guy offered them money for their later vote the "scam" should have been widely denounced. Instead, they gleefully took it, selling out their country. It truly sucks.


“He’s the only one who donated a sizable amount of money to dozens of elected officials,” Dennehy added. “Let’s face it. When no one else gives you money, you don’t think long and hard who’ll you’ll give your endorsement to.”

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I thought

the same thing!DISGUSTING!