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"How could we possibly lose?" - GOP '12=DNC '04

Just saw this on facebook..

‎"How could we lose? The president is unpopular, our base thinks he is the devil incarnate, and was illegitimately elected. There is no policy arena that our base considers a success. The wars are going badly, we've lost respect of allies oversees, the jobs lost in the recession that occurred early in the president's administration have not come back, and while the economy is 'growing,' the folks at the bottom can't feel it yet. We just have to run a candidate that appeals to moderates; a candidate that shares similar views to the president but has a better track record on areas where the president is weak. Perhaps a moderate from Massachusetts? How could we possibly lose?"

Democratic thinking in 2004.

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I don't think that the GOP is

I don't think that the GOP is thinking that this year though. At least not anywhere NEAR as badly as the Democrats did in 2004. They really thought that it was a shoe in for them. Whereas the Republican party just thinks they have a good shot. Maybe about 50-50. Very good for a party trying to take out an incumbent..but not so much that they think it is in the bag.