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Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

As is being said over and over again, be aware of how fast things can change overnight, and prepare for the storms you can see on the horizon.

Here is a real story about a real issue that is being covered up by the lame stream propaganda media. It will not matter who is President if this continues to get worse and worse as it has been doing since it happened. This is a Extinction Level Event!!!


If you do not have Potassium Iodide and understand well how to protect yourself from radiation fallout and over time poisoning, get it now before the rush happens again and it is all cleared off the shelves. Educate yourself now while you can do it in non-stressful times. Ask for help of info if you need it.


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Hey thanks to all...

...except the supportive energy for the nuke industry.

So we live and learn.

Perhaps this story was as has been said, not well vetted enough.

Still, it does not allow the alert to escape the truth that this stuff is coming. What we take into account more than anything is our own experience. Today, much to our shock, we were getting counts of over .400 uSv/hr from the soil out there.

That is pretty high and as much as in some places in japan. It has been going up since last year and perhaps it was because we were directly under the jet stream today.

So, say what you will, one who has watched this fukushima ELE since day one can easily see it is going to only get worse. How to gradually accept this truth for most is still on the plate to be served.

Study radiation poisoning and how to prevent it.

Thanks again for the positivity in the corrective comments.

We ALL live and learn every day!


We are living in perilous times

I don't want to discourage people from posting incredible news stories for fear of ridicule. Places like the DP are the ONLY place some news stories are going to show up. We all try to vet our posts as much as we can before posting, but sometimes there just arent any supporting sources. I would rather see a story that could really make a profound impact on our lives get vetted here at the DP rather than being ignored for fear of ridicule. Posters should not consider negative comments as a bad thing. We are all about educating. "Debunking" a news item with good sources helps to inform us when we see the same stories in other places. Id hate to get rounded up in a FEMA camp because someone was afraid to post the warning with a story not yet vetted. Keep the posts coming, vet them when possible and post them in the appropriate category and we all win : )

EU Times

is a bogus site.
It's Sorcha Faal, who is a known disinformation provider, who makes up sensational stories like this, and puts them out on the internet.

Don't get any info from EU Times.
It's a site for people to get suckered with BS.
It's hard for me to believe that after all this time to figure it out, people are STILL falling for the EU Times crap.

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We are growing as we help each learn from our experiences and education.


UNSUBSCRIBED three years ago

from that site as they often run stories that prove disinfo and
frequently feature Sorcha Faal the CIA shill writers
that twist headlines into FEAR tales.

This article is from AJ but its the same shill people.

Using some of a headline but adding lies into it to instill horror and panic. Sorcha Faal has been going on for 7-8 years and been exposed often but still gets mileage from unsuspecting people
EUTIMES is a shill supporter. Be aware,

It reads like a standard diplomatic, indirect threat

Work with us because we're willing to work big with the Chinese.

Defend Liberty!

This article is full of crap

I have been living and working in Japan with the Navy since before the earthquake. The Navy has gone way overboard with radiation control measures and the only problem we have is that work gets stopped when we find radiation measurements that are about as high as you would find in a bunch of bananas. We have had a lot of nuclear trained officers and testing equipment on site since day one because we operate our own nuclear power plant on USS George Washington and the impact has been totally overblown. An "unprecedented" level of radiation can still be insignificantly low but just higher than normal.

The only reliable news source for everything Fukoshima


November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Been following the Fukushima story closely

since day one of the earthquake in 2011.

The mainstream media is not reporting the seriousness of this issue.

I used to think nuclear energy was safe.

I changed my mind.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

You took the words right out of my mouth

MSM has lied to us for years. The more you dig the more bodies you find.

Patriot News
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Nuclear power is the safest we know of

We've had hundreds of nuclear plants since half a century now. We know now that it is the safest way to produce electricity. Only military use of nuclear power, like the 1,000 bombs detonated above ground and the experiments in Tjernobyl, have proven to be dangerous. But much less so than other governmental activities. And much less than for example hydro electric power plants which has killed 100,000s of people.

Fukushima proves that even a 40 year old nuclear power plant is fail safe. Even after a level 9 earth quake and a tsunami destroys everything around and kills 20,000 and leaves the power plant without electricity and causes multiple melt downs, no one is killed! Actually, the reactor buildings were the safest place along the entire coast and they saved the lives of everyone inside. Nuclear power plants create safety and rescues lives wherever they are. More of them in tsunami areas would save more lives!

Plopper you just dropped a turd.

I blame the fact you have been brainwashed as I. Front loaded profits and the high cost of shut down of old plants (1 trillion). Is it self an accident for every plant.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Interesting news source you found

Thanks for posting. Very

Thanks for posting. Very informative. Indeed Nuclear Energy or any forms must be stopped. Basing upon the situation humans are doomed to get extinct.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Not to be a negative Nancy...

but do we know the quality of their sources? one of them is "According to the Prison Planet News Service:... " Now I loves me some Alex Jones as much as the next person, but before I call my parents and tell them 40 million people are about to be evacuated I need to make sure it isnt some "performance piece" starring Charlie Sheen. It could very well be true, but does anyone have a corroborating source?

LOL! I had to sign in just to

LOL! I had to sign in just to give you a thumbs up. You took the thoughts right out of my head....

That is beyond insane if even close to true....

Thank goodness we have all the natural colloidal silver & what not we can get our hands on. I take such things for a living.

This is almost too bizarre and horrific to even believe.
Why would the Globalists of Israel enable such a stupid, possibly suicidal plot?

Are they even using their heads anymore?? Do they not realize this will infect them all with serious disease, kill people, etc even in their bunker? Maybe they are just all insane.

Oh Lord God be merciful, that's all I'll say! Back to drinking extract.