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Ballot Entitlement Laws Should Disqualify President Obama In Texas

Can someone in the know check this out please.....I found this posted at one of the blogs I visit daily....

BALLOT ENTITLEMENT LAWS should DISQUALIFY PRESIDENT OBAMA in TEXAS http://jbjd.org/2012/04/16/ballot-laws-disqualify-bo-tx/

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Under Texas law, by failing to file with Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade the rules adopted by the Texas Democratic Party (“TDP”) to determine that the party’s nominees for President and Vice President are federally qualified for the job; Attorney Boyd Richie, Chair of the TDP, has forfeited the entitlement of the party to have the name of its nominees for those federal offices appear on the 2012 TX ballot. In fact, by failing to provide the candidate qualification rules of the Republican Party of Texas (“RPT”), Attorney Steve Munisteri, Chair of the RPT, has similarly forfeited the entitlement of his party’s nominees for President and Vice President to appear on the 2012 ballot, too.

It’s true; look at the law….

Please, can someone post this at FreeRepublic? Just because I have been banned from that site does not mean the Texans there should miss out on this news.

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Can someone tell Ron Paul...

if the Texas Republican Party state chair is challenged as to whether a candidate is constitutionally eligible for the job as required by Texas law; the RPT chair is responsible for certifying the candidate as the nominees must “possess the qualifications for those offices prescribed by federal law”. If challenged, be sure to tell Ron Paul not to put up one of those silly images resembling a birth record on the internet only good for political advertising projecting a political message against a national controversial issue, a point of view by the use of legal political speech whether the ad information is true, false and/or misleading as was designed to counter the controversial issue.

Texas has the best ballot eligibility laws and even requires the state political party chair to be accountable to the public; the same as being a public official in answering requests from citizens of Texas.

If you are a citizen of Texas, you may want to know more (also read the informative comments) and get in on the action... http://jbjd.org/2012/04/16/ballot-laws-disqualify-bo-tx/#com...