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CON of the CENTURY: Obama used the Trust against us: Trustees Have No STANDING to SUE!

Obama and his handlers knew we didn't fully understand the country was setup as a Trust "In God We Trust" by the Founders and that's why not one case has been heard to date on his eligibility, and not one redress to our grievances about taxation and the wars have been heard to date.

We don't have any right as Trustees to tell Administrators what to do and they are appointing us as Trustees by tricking us into contracting/submitting to the court as soon as they call out our "name" and we answer.

We are acting like Trustees of the UNITED STATES Corp instead of who we REALLY are, the Administrators/Executors/Beneficiaries.


It was hidden in plain sight, scribe'd in the concrete buildings all over DC and every State Capitol "In God We Trust".

The Founders setup the whole country as a Trust Agreement. We The People are the Administrators/Beneficiaries and the elected officials and Judges are the Trustees.

They have NO POWER, it was intended that way from the get-go!

It's the Holy Trinity, it's the Holy Grail of Political Power.

Executor-Beneficiary-Truste = God-We The People-Government.

Here's what happens in court when you immediately appoint the judge as the Trustee of the Estate/Corp.



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Side Note :

There is a fair amount of ballast in this contention. The circumstance whereby a beneficiary may sue to Seize the Trust Res is, "Bankruptcy of the Trustees". U.S. has been Bankrupt a very long time. Lots of provability on this.

Making the case is a long row to hoe. One or more of the (E)States in Union would have to make the move.

For our part, as individuals, we may charge Breach of Trust/Fiduciary Duty and Conversion to another Use. Bankruptcy need not be broached.

Just ask a "Public Servant" this. "Are you exercising an Office of Trust, or an Office of Profit." Watch the conniptions begin.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

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We the people have the power!

It's just a matter of reclaiming it. Thanks so much for posting this.

OBAMA Lawyer Admits: "The Birth Certificate is a forgery. We dec

Birth Certificate Forged


'So what this comes down to is legal tip toeing around the issue. Let me put it simply. Obama’s own lawyer admits that the birth certificate which was put out by the White House is a forgery. The forgery does not prove Obama is not a “natural born” citizen since it is a forgery. Therefore, the plaintiffs have not made their case and Barack Obama should be left on the ballot. I’ll bet Mr. “It depends on what is, is” was behind this bit of legal wrangling.'

Your "Birth Certificate" proves you were born near one of the twelve, treasonous Federal Reserve banks and that is the evidence they are using to validate you as a trustee!

However, if its in fact a forgery....AND YOU ARE NOT THE REAL TRUSTEE AT ALL.....THEN WHO IS?
Sovereigns over-take court and arrest Treasonous Judges!

THAT'S RIGHT!!!! Your "Public Servants" and "Judges" are the only Trustees. The Certificate was reprinted to FOOL all of you, but on the back is the # for an estate - that you are the beneficiary.

That means you aren't trustees. That means YOU are all Legal, only living Beneficiaries.
THAT MEANS YOU GIVE ALL THE ORDERS....YOUR STANDING IN COURT IS NOW NON-NEGOTIABLE! Your notarized affidavits can be used to arrest Nancy Pelosi for treason & breaching the trust, same for David Vitter, John Ashcroft and Judge Alvin Hellenworth. That means they're all on the hook now, once each of us enter court & re-claim our Beneficiary status! Why do you think the Judges try to bow & walk away? They're treasonous!! Bring them back in with the Sheriff & issue warrants for those who are complicit in killing the Trust!

Sam, these people are just blinded by the "simplicity" of their

own remedy ..... their ONLY remedy, and I'm busting my butt trying to wake everyone up, just like you. It's gonna click real soon, but until then our posts are going to stay in the "fringe" and "off topic" section, because there is just no way it could be this simple .. LOL

Why Is This Information Not On The Front Page?

The Lord said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children” (Hosea 4:6)

Understand something if you will: We The People (inspired by God) created a Trust agreement between God, Us, and those who wish to be public servants. That Trust Agreement is the US Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land on this (E)State aka America. That (E)State has many other (E)States that make up the entire (E)State known as America.

We are dealing with Trust and Estate Law, that’s it.

We The Beneficiaries vote those public servants into a position of “occupancy” of that office (ie: presidents/congressman/senators/judges, etc.) to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. When the people who came to us and asked us for their vote to represent us as public servants/trustees, and we as a collective group of beneficiaries decide to vote him/her into that trustee position, we have them sign and Oath of Affirmation stating they agree 100% to follow the laws of the Trust agreement we have setup; that Oath they sign takes ALL OF THEIR POWER away from them. They are no longer beneficiaries of the Trust agreement, they are now trustees that have ZERO power to do anything against the demands we’ve laid out in the Trust agreement (US Constitution).

So now you understand the power structure as it is MEANT to be.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government as seen here … http://www.werone.co/freedom/trust_law.html

Otherwise known as the Holy Trinity. Remember, the nation was founded on Christian principals and God; it’s carved in stone everywhere you go “In God We TRUST”.

We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God, the Holy Bible, rooted in Trust Law.

The people are the POWER houses in the Trust agreement; always have been, but our ignorance and failure to stay involved in our government has allowed the greedy Trustees (over time and trickery) to presume themselves into a position of authority (beneficiaries) and by word trickery and brainwashing through the public school system, news, etc. conditioned us, the people into believing we are the Trustees (servants).

They did it with the help of their attorneys I might add, and this is why we cannot use attorney’s to help us; they have a sworn allegiance to the Crown (BAR Assoc aka British Accreditation Registry); it’s a conflict of interest, and they do not have your best interest at heart.

The Lord said “Woe to you, lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered” (Luke 11:52)

That’s why they take all the land from us; get away with taxing us; take away our rights on a daily basis, is because they are playing the roles of beneficiaries of the united States of America Trust agreement (the US Constitution) and the roles of beneficiaries of the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES all at the same time, and if we’re stupid enough to let them get away with it, then they are more than happy to let you continue to believe YOU are the servant slaves (trustees) and THEY are the real masters (beneficiaries).

It’s just a simple presumption of role reversal that’s letting them run am-mock in the Nations Capitol and all the State Capitols in the country.

Know Your Roles and Govern Yourselves Accordingly, or you’ll someday end up being governed by your inferiors

Go to work people; study the information in the links I’ve provided and read all the comments under the articles; watch the videos, etc.

Dust yourselves off; stand up and rebut the presumption and trickery and force the public rats/trustees/slaves to do their jobs or we’ll kick them out of the office we are allowing them to “Occupy” right now.

If the judges in the courts don’t want to play their proper roles as public servants/trustees, then it’s up to us to educate our County Sheriffs and take them to court with us and demand they do their jobs and enforce the wishes of the beneficiaries upon the servant trustees.

Ask the Judge if their a public servant; if they took an oath; get the oath on/in the record, and as soon as they admit they are public servants (which they are), that’s where you’ve got-em!!! Because if they are public servants, that means they took that oath; and if they don’t abide by oath; we start working on taking their bonds.

Remember, this is the question:

By what authority do you the public servant/trustee/slave have to Administer this (E)State aka America in any way other than you agreed to by way of Trust (US Constitution) agreement you signed and took an oath to abide by, are you passing laws; running rough shod over us; taxing us (IRS); imprisoning us; hiding natural cures from us (FDA); creating new diseases (CDC); stealing our children (CPS); spying on us (CIA); building camps to put us in (FEMA); and basically destroying our lives by no legal authority to do so?

We didn’t put you there to run amok and do what you damn well please; we put you there by way of contract/trust agreement, that we made you sign away your power as beneficiaries and appointed you as TRUSTEES occupying that office to see our demands as the true beneficiaries are met. And if you fail or refuse to follow those demands, then we will, by way of the County Sheriff, force you out of those positions immediately and punish you with the laws you agreed to abide by AND the laws you agreed to be punished by in the Trust agreement.

People, they just turned the whole thing upside down and are now operating under the presumption that We The People are the Trustee/Slaves to them.

Now do you understand the power of the Constitution and Trust Law.
That document is not meant to enslave and punish and tax you and I. It’s meant to enslave, punish and tax those who agreed to follow and abide by it, the Trustees aka Public Trustees aka Public Servants.

They’re just holding a mirror in front of us, it’s that simple. Just a magic trick, a sleight of hand if you will.

Well, we’ve got news for our Public Trustees: The Gig Is Up!

Does anyone realize the significance of this Revelation?

If I'm not mistaken, now that we know the sham, if the Congress Critters are bringing Un CONstitutional bills to the floor and creating all these BS laws against our will, don't we now have standing as Beneficiaries of the Trust to impose all the punishments granted in the Constitution for treason and trickery against us?

Um, can't the county Sheriff enforce the wishes of the Beneficiaries upon the Trustees?

That's what they've been doing to us all these years "Sheriff Arrest This Man" or the "Sheriffs showing up at peoples houses and evicting them" because the pretend Beneficiaries told them too? How do Trustees have control over the Sheriff?

I mean they took the oath and swore they would follow the rules and protect the demands laid out in the Trust agreement before they took their jobs as PUBLIC TRUSTEES, does that mean anything?

This whole thing is just so logical it's scary. These bastards just switched places with us and we never knew it happened ... LOL

That's why they've created all these BS Alphabet Soup Agencies, because they were acting as the Beneficiaries of the Trust and us unsuspecting REAL Beneficiaries were treated like the Servant Trustees and never seen what happened.

You know the worst part?

The truth was carved in all those buildings and monuments in DC and every state capitol around the nation, it reads like this:

"In God We Trust"

The Holy Trinity! We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God himself, the Holy Bible, rooted in Trust Law.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government

It is Brilliant, and we never seen the "writing on the wall"

In God We Trust, the Founders set the whole thing up as a Trust so what we have now would NEVER happen, and the swindlers ended up tricking us anyway.

People, read the comments below too, there is a lot of good supportive information in them.

God Bless, we've got work to do!

Michael Cottrell LLC. & Leo Wanta, v. U.S.A sign as TRUSTEES....

Observe the following document.

When the alleged astute Michael Cottrell LLC. CPA, signed the above Lawsuit against the United States demanding remittance of Leo Wanta's stolen funds....Notice the signatory?

He calls him as well as the Defendant, the "Trustee" to the account.
Quite ironic that the very trillion dollar lawsuit which has 'brought down' the bankers, has used the signer's name as the Trustee!

Why did the media not inform anybody about this???

Here's the key point: Any court room in the country would utterly laugh this Lawsuit out of court, unless they were bought out. Trustees vs Trustees=settlement in FRNs & staged arrest. Because Leo Wanta has claimed himself as the sole "Trustee" when in fact we now know.....THERE IS NO TRUSTEE EXCEPT THE CRIMINALS RUNNING THE COURT SYSTEM!

Hmm, now I wonder? If all of them are Trustees, why are we even showing up in court. We are the sole Beneficiaries, NOT the Trustee! That is the real power, this means we all have real standing.

Actually it's a Beautifully Devised Scam if you think about it.

Allow me the Liberty of laying out for those who don't understand:

The Founders (inspired by God) drew up a Trust Agreement (US Constitution) that made the people the Beneficiaries of the Trust and anyone who wanted to be elected officials had to sign the Oaths of Affirmation agreeing to the terms of the contract (Trust) which made them Trustees of the Trust Agreement.

We know they are the Trustees because we can see from the videos above, they get really mad when someone who knows what they're doing walks into court and appoints the judge as the Trustee right off the bat, so the judge (public trustee) doesn't take it upon himself to presume he/she (the judge) is the actual Administrator of the Estate they are bringing you into court for.

You see, there's TWO Constitutions; one for the living people "The Constitution (for) the united States, and the other one: The Constitution (of) the UNITED STATES for the dead :)

Could be the other way around, I don't feel like chasing it down.

One of those Constitutions is for the Corporation and all it's employees; that is the one they are using to pull the dead people on the birth certificates in under their authority by deceit and fraud.

That birth certificate is proof there is and Estate, they've just hidden from us. That Estate is a Treasury Direct Account in our names that's supposed to pay off all our public debt from HJR-192.They stole our gold and had to give us a remedy; and the did; they just forgot to tell us about it (wink-wink). our remedy was that all public debt was pre-paid in advance (cars, homes, utilities etc.)

But the greedy boogers wanted that money too, so they hid that from us, you see? That's why some people have success with the A4V process, etc. The account is there, they just don't want us to find out about it.

All these people getting thrown out on the street because they can't make a payment on a house that they paid off with their promissory note/signature which actually created the money in the first place.

So then, to add injury to insult; the bank tricks you into paying a 30 year note at 6%; payments of $1500.00/month on a house you paid off the second you signed the note.

Explained here: http://www.myprivateaudio.com/WHERE_DOES_THE_FRAUD_BEGIN.pdf

Source of pdf is here ... http://www.myprivateaudio.com/Bank-Fraud.html

Okay, back to the main discussion:

Trustees own legal title of the Trust property, but Beneficiaries have "equitable" title to the Trust property. This is known as separation of control and ownership.

The Founders wanted to form a government of, for, and by the people. The people were the BOSS, and the government employees (elected officials, judges, congressman, etc.) were the SLAVES to the people, that's why the document is drawn up the way it is: The Trustees have NO power, they are just there to make sure all instructions in the document were followed to a "T" and if anyone ever tried to do anything against the WILL of the people wishes (IRS,DEA,CIA,PSS,CPC, Wars, etc.)the people still reserved all the equitable title to the Trust agreement, there for they could kick the varmints out.

Well, somewhere along the way once upon a time (1933) someone didn't like the people having all this authority and control, so they devised a little scheme to get around that pesky Constitution.

So, what they did is picked up the old CESTUI QUI VIE Act 1666 where it left off and started issuing these shiny new birth certificates. What the people didn't know is the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was proof of an Estate. The reason we know there is an Estate, is because there is a Registrars Seal embossed on the document, and a Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate only deals with Estates of the dead.

Are you dead? Apparently you are, they sure are treating you as such.

Now they trick our mother into signing her little precious joy away by having her sign her "Maiden" name on the document, handing over total control of the future labor of the little rascal over to their new Daddy ... BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!

I think Patrick Devine is saying our remedy is now hidden in the "Ship Mortgage Act of 1920" found in section 30 aka "The Merchant Marine Act of 1920" aka "Public Law 261.

He says by filing some paperwork you are Resurrection'd from the DEAD in 3 days and take back ownership of the name.

I don't know if all that is necessary though; we don't need to jump through a bunch of hoops to get out of the fraud. All we have to do is stand up in the courts of the dead and assert our proper authority as the Beneficiaries of the Trust.

See, they couldn't take over our souls and labor with the all the provisions in the original Constitution, and they could never get the living/breathing people to go along with it, so they devised a scheme that made us all a bunch of fictitious corporate entities (name on birth certificate) and sucked us into their nice new corporate UNITED STATES, but the one thing they never thought we'd figure out, was that the birth certificate is on bond paper; there is Registrars Seal proving it's dead, and there are a series of numbers on the front or back that are actually numbers that ties the bond into which ever branch of the Federal Reserve bank you were born closest too.

The number on the Social Security card somehow ties you to the Fed Bank as well.

When you signed the Social Security card or when you turned 18 or of legal age, they put a Maritime Lien on the vessel (the dead you on the birth certificate) so they would maintain total control over their fictitious slaves and use that document to trick us into other adhesion contracts like the Drivers License, etc.

Rod Class, David Clarence, Patrick Devine and a few others have figured out the scheme, but it wasn't until now that the truth came out about the Trustees masquerading as Beneficiaries and doing what ever they damn well please with our country.

Now you know why the Gov't claims to own all this land and water; why they are pillaging the Treasury; starting wars, stealing our money (IRS) and throwing us in prison, etc. Because they never thought the people would actually discover the fact that pesky Constitution was a Trust agreement; still is a Trust agreement that makes the people the Beneficiaries and the elected slaves the Trustees.

Yep, it was the old switcharoo!

And they've been tricking everyone in the country every since, into showing up in their courts and getting raped by their BS corporate/fictitious entity UNITED STATES, and the people never knew their government was usurped by a bunch a greedy Trustees who didn't like the original arrangement and figured out a way to take our power by making us believe (the living people) that we were the DEAD corporate entity our Mothers unknowingly signed away with her Maiden name on that fictitious/dead birth certificate.

You're walking into court and as soon as you get there, the judge calls out that name on the birth certificate and you jump up and down waiving your hand saying "ME ME ME, That's ME Your Honor" and that's where they gotcha! You just agreed that dead/fictitious person on the birth certificate was the living-breathing YOU. That's how they trick you from coming from the "living" side of life where you are the Beneficiary of the Trust, over to the "dead" side of life where they (UNITED STATES Corp.) is the supposed Beneficiary and you are the unknowing Trustee/Slave.

Fraud is Fraud; we need to wake the hell up and set the record straight and shut this monster down, quick!

Now it's our turn to throw some criminals in prison!

It's a whole new ball game now, let the chips fall where they may.

Question: When they summons you to show up in their FICTITIOUS court of the "dead", and you show up, isn't that just admitting they have jurisdiction and authority over you by the very act that you showed up in the first place?

That's why these judges go Ape $hit crazy when someone who knows the con shows up and immediately refuses to contract by answering the "name" and says "The name doesn't matter, it's the roles we're playing here that's important" ... Are you (the judge) a public servant? Did you take an Oath? If so, I'm sorry to tell you judge, but I'm appointing you as the Trustee of this "dead" fictitious person you think you're talking to, and now I've got one question for you: Why am I here? And who in this room has my written authority to Administer this Estate?

Your proof that you're the Occupant of the Office of Executor to the Estate, is your sole/legal ability to get a certified copy of the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH without a court order.

You don't own the Estate; it's theirs; they created it; but you are the Beneficiary of it. You own nothing, but control EVERYTHING!

Game on!

Boy are the Moderators of this forum going feel like burying their head in the sand when they finally have that OH-CRAP moment and the light goes off.

It won't be OFF TOPIC for long ... LOL

I wonder what all the people in prison because of this scam are

going to think when they find out they were thrown in jail by a bunch of Trustees masquerading as Beneficiaries to a Trust setup by the Founders and God to protect us from that exact thing?

How about all the people in prison from the IRS? What are people going to do when they find out they were thrown in prison by people who usurped their real power of nothing more than a bunch of Trustees masquerading as Beneficiaries to the Trust?

Every single person in this country that's rotting in prison because of this scam could have stopped in it's tracks by showing up at court and appointing the judge as the Trustee right off the bat.

Of course we shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that, because our PUBLIC TRUSTEES would never overstep their authority by deceit and fraud and trick the actual Beneficiaries of the Trust into thinking they were the PUBLIC TRUSTEES aka SLAVES TO THE PEOPLE!

This is unbelievable !

This stuff needs Prime attention...Get to Adam Kokesh right away

Can you get a hold of Justin Amash & get him to bring this up too?

Adam Kokesh show - Tell him we all want to know the truth about the "Trust"!!

Folks, their plans are going to go on no matter what...you'll see the figure heads, the idiots like Carlos, Rice, Rockefeller, Bush, Pelosi, Bernanke, Rutgers, Ratzinger etc all be arrested.

In fact, Ratzinger was just arrested & resigned the Vatican.(So he's out) http://exopolitics.blogs.com

This final "PLAY" by the smoke & mirrors show, is the real Zion carriers will come out of the woodwork to establish Global Bank.
The ruse about the Trust dissolves the whole sham, however!

Who wants to fight it out of FEMA camps & all this other garbage, when we can expose the Dog & Pony show in court FIRST THING which proves literally all of them, all of them, are the Trustees?

Why are Trustees taxing and abusing Beneficiaries of a Trust?

This is our problem with the IRS too:

Why are the Trustees of the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES sicking their hell hounds (IRS) on the Administrators and Beneficiaries of the Trust?

Because we were too busy playing X-Box and never realized that We The People were the true Beneficiaries of the Trust.

As soon as we walk into court and the judge calls your "name", every one has this BAD HABIT of jumping up and down-waiving their hands saying "ME-ME-ME-ME, That's ME Your Honor" ...... when you do that, you've just contracted with the court and submitted to their authority. Now you're an incompetent fool that has no business Administrating the (E)STATE and they knock you down into the Trustee position just like that.

That's why we have no standing in court; that's why we can't win against the IRS or anyone else; that's why Congress doesn't pay a hill of beans worth of attention to us: Because they know we are too stupid to figure out that WE are the true Beneficiaries .... LOL

Pretty slick little slight of hand, wouldn't you say?

Time to wake up folks!

Pass those links far and wide people, the elections are a side show ............ do matter in the least ......... the REAL story is the Constitution is a Trust and we aren't playing our proper roles in court.

Also, that link above is going to the wrong place.

Here's the correct link.


Right, contact media...See if you get through to Lew Rockwell...

Facts are, we need to have this debate. Get John Stossel to speak up.

The Beneficiary vs the "Trust" is the key element....

This exposes the whole fraud, while the rest of these circus shows like Tim Turner, Freedom Network, Fulford etc. all go off twisting in the wind!

They are the Trustees. They were never the beneficiaries, so every one of us should simply expose their ugly sham in Court.

If I may South, seeing as how this has sound legal basis.....

Can you get in touch with the actual prosecutors who keep trying to 'address' the Birth Certificate issue?

If they vet this, then a real coordinated campaign can start to dissolve the false agreement across the nation.


According to this false "Trust" we have not been sworn in, therefore we have no standing. We actually are Beneficiaries of the fraudulent trust and need to only show it in Court. If enough people initiate an ironclad Class Action suit & put it on camera, with the "People" as Beneficiaries then that would toss a wrench into the entire scam and Obama might even have to respond in Court.

I'm posting this everywhere I can think of, but I need some help

This keeps getting moved to off topic, they don't seem to fully grasp the concept of what's going on here yet, but very soon the moderators and Michael will read my initial post and it will click.

Do you think these thieves can come out and tell the country they have no standing because they made a secret/fraudulent trust behind closed doors that made us all slaves?

This is the key to our success: It's the Trust!

Nay, they realize the vital importance of it...

But next to getting Ron Paul in the White House, this doesn't stand a shot in hades of being the main issue yet.

That's the only reason it keeps getting moved off....it can't help anyone right now. (But compared to the known frauds fooling people for book sales, the Beneficiary argument holds real teeth as it gives you standing)

But, can you get this information to the wider lawyers and individuals screaming about the "Birth Certificate" and start vetting it by getting it attention across all the various blogs?

Someone should, in fact, start the fact reconciliation process. Like Ben Swann should report this on the news for once, you need to get their attention - because before such an action can be taken we need each of the lawyers to agree the "Trust" is a fraud. Can you get them all to agree to debate on this?

LOL ... I know, everyone is blinded by the sideshow (election)

and getting Dr. Paul into office, they just can't grasp the importance of what I'm trying to explain.


It doesn't matter if Dr.Paul or whoever gets' elected; what MATTERS is us waking up and realizing we now have standing to shut them down.

What happens after Dr. Paul leaves office (if they are not successful of cheating him out of it), and we get another dictator in there?

Are we going to just keep going along with the lie that we are the Trustees?

It's going to click in these moderators heads soon and this will be FRONT PAGE NEWS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ... Maybe we should all send this link to Drudge?

Good point....Ron Paul will reveal the phony "Trust" of course..

But the real work.....the real scam dissolves in Court.

Can you get the Beneficiary argument on the John Stossel show, and to other producer outlets like Ben Swann?


We need them to start discussing the beneficiary/trust....soon.

Thanks for the links!

Everyone needs to send this to Ben Swann and John and Adam and Drudge, etc.

This is the BIG story of the century; the election is a side show.

Why do you guys think it's the same old BS every year?

Because we are acting like Trustees in the Trust Agreement, and Trustees do NOT tell Administrators/Beneficiaries what to do.

They don't listen because we don't matter; we are the slaves because we don't know what the hell is REALLY going on.

Michael, if you see this PLEASE take notice, this is the ONLY way to make them abide by the Constitution/Trust!

I can tell this will be of vital importance soon....

So my suggestion is get it onto all the media you can reach, as above and get the debate going full ahead.

Really, this is key.
They are accelerating their plans **in all ways** to bring in the Global Central Bank.....which will appear absolutely harmless.

Even when they "finish" each other & are arrested(since lets face it, all these splinter groups are working towards NWO goals)that will be the key time for them to bring in the deception.

Global Banking Cartel!! Total "golden age" because the so called *first* zion carriers are arrested, but as Ron Paul says the real ones will merely replace them and deceive everyone watching the Idiot Box.

Our only alternative to stay away from the Global Fed is to carve up the phony "Trust"......that SS# *IS* the beast marks, cut out of it and get everyone organized..debate the Beneficiary agreement. If we all enter Court & video tape this, they're screwed. We will restore gold/silver and their "Global Banking Utopia" above you know where will be short lived!!

4 Post's in 2 days on essentially the same topic that is going

nowhere. Why are you doing this distracting stuff? Do you not realize this has been rehashed here a gazillion times? We have a race to win. Focus on that because we are getting one chance at freedom without bloodshed. Please focus your energy on that and that alone for the next 4 months.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

I'm trying to get everyone to wake up and realize

this is our ANSWER to it all, I mean ALL of our problems as a country are because we are not operating in our legal capacity as Executors/Beneficiaries of the Trust.

They know we don't understand the Constitution is a TRUST agreement.

We now have standing to sue and stop them. Our standing is the fact that the our birth certificate is our proof we hold equitable title in the Trust.

It's our proof as investors/beneficiaries that we have the authority to shut them down.

We The People are the Investors in the UNITED STATES Corp. The people who are running us into the ground are the Trustees. They are using the fact we don't understand the business/corp relationship against us.

We have to show up in court and hold up that birth certificate of ours and say "Here's my Standing" ... "I'm an investor and I have a problem".

If this was so important it wouldn't be getting moved

to off topic. That's about as strong as a hint you are going to get. But I can tell already you do not understand what is going on so you will continue to self bump and create different posts with different titles all on the same topic and whine and moan about it when they get deleted or moved to off topic to no avail.

If they didn't get it over electronic voting machines that are responsible for Ron Pauls losses in this election here why would they even bother with this?

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Your bump is

Your bump is self-defeating...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Time to SUE the

Time to SUE the corporation....they have been abusing us slaves long enough!!!